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How to get and maintain a stubble beard

Posted by Quinn L.



How to get and maintain a stubble beard

How to get and maintain a stubble beard

This one’s for the stubblenaughts, the men brave enough to journey into unfamiliar territory and to face every day with a smolder. The stubble exudes rugged charm, gives an air of casual sophistication, and requires less maintenance than a full beard. While this beard style will remain forever fabled, achieving one is decently easy.

Many men think they can just flex one onto their face, but the perfect stubble takes a little more time, a little more patience, and a little more care. With grooming techniques, tools, and beard formulations from MANSCAPED®, you’ll breeze through every step of the process without a stumble.

Assess your facial hair growth.

Start the process like I start my day, with a long hard look at yourself. Take a moment to assess your facial hair growth. Not everyone's beard grows at the same pace or thickness. If you've never sported a stubble beard before, let your facial hair grow for a few days to see how it fills in. This will help you determine the best length and density for your stubble destiny.

Get your length right.

The key to a perfect stubble beard is finding the right length that suits your face shape and hair growth pattern. Then you can craft your style in a single swipe with The Beard Hedger™. Ditch the half-dozen clipper attachments—use our intuitive zoom wheel to choose from 20 different lengths settings (ranging from 0.5mm-10mm) so you can trim your stubble with ultimate accuracy. For an even and balanced cut, we recommend going against the direction of growth.

Define your neckline.

Past your lip, beyond the chin, on the outer reaches of your stubbleverse, you'll find the neckline. Your instinct might tell you to shave up to the jaw, but that may leave you looking like a head without a body. A vital part of beard maintenance is the transition from face to neck. Once you’ve located your neckline, (typically the width of two fingers above your Adam's apple) trim a crisp line across with the lowest setting on The Beard Hedger™. After you’ve trimmed, you can throw on some shaving cream and switch to The Plow® or The Handyman™ for a smooth neck and more well-defined beard. This creates a distinct boundary between your neck and your stubble beard, giving it a refined and polished appearance.

Routine maintenance.

Don’t let your stubble get scruffy. Keeping a trim in your routine not only gets your head straight, but your face too. It starts your day with precision, gets your beard in order, and gives you that extra confidence boost. With a stubble style, your trim is all about weight and thickness. Trim your stubble every 2-3 days with a consistent comb setting to maintain the desired length and avoid a disheveled look.

Embrace patchiness.

We’re all human, and that means we’re going to encounter a few rough patches. We’re here to reassure you that you don’t need to sweat the small spots. The stubble beard is all about effortlessness, and a few gaps can add character to your look. A consistent routine also gives those slow growers a chance to catch up to the rest of your face.

Daily cleansing and moisturizing.

Maintaining healthy skin is essential for a perfect stubble beard. Our catalog of formulations was created to keep your beard looking fresh and feeling soft. Beard Shampoo and Beard Conditioner from MANSCAPED® get to the root of your hair. When used in succession, these hydrating products wash away dirt and pamper your beard with nourishing oils that leave your hair feeling silky-soft. Finish your beard routine with a few drops of Beard Oil, since this sweet almond-infused serum restores moisture and gives your look a little extra shine.

Precision edging.

At the end of the day, effort is respected. You could simply mow and go, but the job’s not finished until you get into the details. Use The Beard Hedger™ precision trimmer to sharpen the borders of your beard, giving it a chiseled outline.

Avoid over-trimming.

Remember, the charm of a stubble beard lies in its ruggedness. Avoid over-trimming or making it too uniform, as it can make your beard appear artificial. Instead, allow it to grow naturally and only trim to maintain the desired length.

Visualize and sculpt.

If you’re here, you already have the vision of your perfect stubble. Now it’s all about action. With the proper tools, making the idealized you a reality is only a few steps away. And remember that timeless looks take time. Embrace your unique facial hair growth, keep your routine, and trust the process.



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