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How to get rid of smelly feet

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to get rid of smelly feet

Sometimes, your feet stink. It’s a simple fact. Everyone is subject to smelly feet, but in this modern world, we’re expected to smell nice all of the time. It might feel unfair, but it’s what we face. If you’re ever worried about the particular aroma coming from your feet, you might want some tips to help combat the bad smells. These four tips will provide everything you need to know.

Wash your feet, obviously

If your feet smell bad, wash them. Everyone here can probably agree on that plan, but we can go a little deeper into the topic.

Hopefully, you shower on a regular basis. So, that means your feet are regularly cleaned, right? Unfortunately, that’s not exactly clear. How you wash your feet in the shower matters a lot. You can imagine that there are some younger guys out there who might think that feet don’t need special scrubbing. When you shower, the soap runs down your body and swirls around your feet. It’s self-cleaning, right?

While that might seem like an extreme take, the truth is that most guys probably aren’t washing their feet properly. Feet need to be exfoliated on a regular basis. That’s important to really clear the pores and get the whole thing clean.

Additionally, feet need good soap that washes them and helps with skin care. For that, you want Ultra Premium™ Body Wash. It’s filled with ingredients that get you clean and fresh. It also has hydrating elements and nutrients that are great for your skin. When you wash your feet better, you won’t have as many issues with B.O.

ultra premium body wash

Moisturize those bad boys

In fact, skincare is kind of a theme for this. Feet smell bad for a couple of reasons. The biggest is that they excrete smellier sweat than most of your body. Skin care doesn’t really fix that problem (although it does help some), but other sources of stench come from microbes and skin conditions.

It’s easy for feet to get dry and calloused. Typically, we associate wet feet with worse smells, and for good reason. But, dry and rough feet can also smell worse than healthy feet. It often comes down to calluses and corns. When you get a big growth of excess skin, it can block your sweat glands. That causes your feet to overheat more, and interestingly enough, it increases the total sweat coming out of them. The unblocked glands have to work overtime to keep your feet from getting too toasty.

When your feet sweat too much, it can lead to a condition known as Bromodosis. The signature symptom of Bromodosis is very stinky feet. So, a little bit of daily lotion can do a lot to keep your feet smelling lovely.

Apply foot deodorant

Your main pro tip for the day is to use foot deodorant. It seems kind of obvious when you think about it. Deodorant is the key to battling sweat-based odors, so why not put some on your feet? Before you get carried away, it’s important to know that traditional armpit deodorant might not be ideal for your feet. It can create some weird friction scenarios that can lead to blisters and other problems.

Instead, you can use Foot Duster®, which is specifically designed for your feet. It’s packed with natural ingredients that keep your feet cool and reduce sweating. The tea tree oil provides a cooling sensation, and the peppermint leaf oil is a natural source of menthol. On top of that, coconut oil keeps your feet moisturized throughout the day. Top it with the MANSCAPED™ signature scent, and you have a recipe for defeating foot odors.

Using Foot Duster® is really easy. Apply it before you put your shoes and socks on for the day. It works best on clean and dry feet, so after you shower, towel off and let your feet dry completely. Use the sprayer to hit the top and bottom of each foot with a few spritzes. Let the deodorant dry for two minutes before you stuff your feet into your socks (or other footwear). That’s it. You just defeated foot stench.

foot duster

Wear better shoes and socks

The shoes and socks you wear are also a part of skincare. Let’s talk about shoes first. The most important thing about your shoes is that they are kind to your feet. They should fit properly, and they shouldn’t cause pain, tension or friction in your daily use of them. Shoes are supposed to protect your feet. When any of these factors are off, the shoes are causing harm.

Additionally, shoes need to be able to breathe. You can imagine how shoes that don’t breathe contribute to foot odors.

As for socks, they also need to breathe. Arguably more important is that you want socks that wick moisture. It’s unfortunate, but primarily cotton sock blends are the norm, and they’re the worst for foot odor. Cotton holds onto moisture and keeps your feet wet throughout the day. That makes it a lot easier for microbes to grow and contribute to the overall stink.

If you can get away from majority-cotton blends that still feel breathable and comfortable, the improved moisture wicking will go a long way.



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