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How To Keep a Penis Clean and Attractive

The digital age is an amazing thing. Having trouble with your car? You can learn to fix it with a 15-minute YouTube video. Want to explore new foods that used to be reserved for the super-rich? You can find a recipe and cook it yourself. There’s no limit to what we can do, as long as you know how to search for information.

The problem with the digital age is that none of us spend time learning the things that matter most. You probably think that you do a great job of keeping your own penis clean and attractive. You’re probably wrong. While you were wasting the amazing resources of the internet debating whether Sasquatch or the Abominable Snowman would win in a fight, you were ignoring glaring weaknesses in your hygiene game. Never fear. As always, we’re here to set you straight. You’re going to learn exactly how to take care of your penis and how wrong you’ve been about everything. We’ll start with the basics, but this is an in-depth look at penile care and cleanliness. Ignore this advice at your own risk.

Penis Skin Care: The Basics

Wash your penis. You might think that this is obvious. You might assume that modern men in an industrialized world understand that they have to wash their penis every day. You would be surprised. There are so many guys out there — some of you are reading this right now — who put as little effort as they can into hygiene. We’re not talking about people who face legitimate challenges to staying on top of the problem. There are guys who really think it’s enough to get in a shower, splash a little soap around, and then call it a day. Everyone has a cause, and apparently, this is ours. Bad hygiene has to stop, fellas.

So, we all agree that you’re going to shower on a daily basis. Hopefully, we can agree that you should spend a little dedicated effort to wash your penis every time you shower. That’s the basics. Warm water and a little soap go a long way (especially when the soap is Crop Cleanser). If you’re looking for something more specific, keep reading. We’re going all the way with this one.



As much as some of you like being rough on the little guy, there’s a limit to how much scrubbing your member can endure. Yes, being clean is important, but scraping away the outer layer of skin isn’t the way to get there. Put the steel wool and sandpaper down. Scrubbing a penis is about gentle exfoliation, not intense agitation.

For the most part, loofahs are designed to be gentle while still removing dead skin, dirt, and other things that you don’t want on your dick. If you have any mental aversion to owning a loofah, get over it. They exist for a reason. That said, not all penises are the same, and some of you are more sensitive than others. If a loofah is too rough, shop around for something gentler. There are some pretty fluffy washcloths in the world that can get the job done. As an absolute last resort, you can learn to exfoliate with your bare hands, but it’s nowhere near as effective.

The easy trick to exfoliation is you know you’re doing it when you create suds with the soap. That means you’ve applied enough energy to dislodge anything clinging to your skin, and that’s really enough. Be careful with the tip (we’ll talk more about this in a minute) and, of course, you need to wash more than just the member. Scrub the balls, chode, and everything else between the legs. Do be careful of the butt hole. Getting soap up there can burn.

If you are thorough with your daily genital washing, you’ll smell a lot better (even on the hottest and most stressful days), and you’ll feel cleaner. This is a habit worth developing.

A Pleasant Surprise

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. Scrubbing your penis requires you to rub it, and we just established that it shouldn’t hurt. That means the little guy is going to respond. It’s his purpose to rise when touched, no matter what, so don’t blame him for doing his job. Now, a lot of you think that it’s a perfect time to rub one out. As much as we hate cock blocking — even in these circumstances — you want to think twice about gratification in the shower.

We get it. With the running water, cleanup is convenient. That’s to say nothing of the abundant sources of lube. Why not go for it? Well, the lube is actually the problem. If you try to give yourself a low five with a bunch of soap, you’re in for an unpleasant experience. It’s pretty much impossible to keep any of the soap from getting up into the peep hole. Remember how you just read that soap up your butt burns? The same is true for your penis. 

Oh, who are we kidding? You’ve already learned this the hard way. Still, some of you might not have figured out that the soap itself is the problem, so you’re welcome.

The other obvious issue here is cleanliness. If you just scrubbed yourself and follow it up with a little self-gratification, you’re undoing your work. You’re going to have to clean off all over again. It isn’t that hard (pun intended), but it’s still something to remember. Conversely, if you take care of a little self-love before you scrub, it might be a little too tender. You’re an adult. You can figure all of this out, but at least consider the idea that not masturbating in the shower could be the better choice.

how to keep a penis clean and attractive

For Those Who Are Circumcised

Let’s get a little deeper into the mechanisms of cleaning your penis. Guys come in two camps: circumcised and uncircumcised. We’ll cover both camps, and we’re going to start with those of you who had the helmet removed. The good news is that you have it way easier in terms of cleaning your dick. There’s not much to know, but, the lack of foreskin can actually make it even easier to get soap up the hole. Just be careful. Otherwise, you don’t need any special lessons or ideas to keep your penis clean.

Oh yeah. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly when you’re done. Soap, left on the skin, actually causes problems. Even if the soap is designed to hydrate or restore skin, if you don’t rinse it, it’s going to interfere with natural processes that are good for your skin. Get a good rinse on after you scrub.

Dealing With Foreskin

There are a lot of advantages to having foreskin. Cleanliness is not on that list. If you’re uncircumcised, you need to do everything above to keep your penis clean, plus the most involved step. Cleaning the foreskin is extremely important. Start by pulling it back. That exposes the flesh underneath so you can get some soap and water in there. Once you’ve scrubbed, rinse thoroughly. If soap can be bad for skin, it’s doubly bad when it’s trapped under foreskin. After you’ve rinsed, put everything back in place. You don’t want to experiment with stretching the foreskin. It gets bad fast.


Some of you have seen this word when playing Cards Against Humanity. You had no idea what it meant, but you’re finally about to learn. If that’s you, it means you’re circumcised and only reading this out of curiosity. We don’t really want to consider the other possibility.

Smegma is the fatal curse that can afflict men with foreskin. A lot of guys don’t know this, but your penis is designed to produce natural lubricant. It very much is for the purpose of improving sex. The thing is, circumcised penises have a hard time containing the lube, so it doesn’t really do anything. When you have a foreskin, that lube gets trapped underneath. That’s all good and well, but if you don’t clean that lube regularly, it gets nasty.

Bacteria love to eat this stuff. As they do, it transforms from a harmless, natural oil to something truly foul. There’s a good chance you’ve smelled this stuff go wrong at some point and seen the cheesy discharge that comes with it. Clean that shit up. If you wash your junk every day, you’ll never get this buildup. If you don’t, you can kiss your sex life goodbye. Partly, it’s because no one wants to go anywhere near smegma. The other reason is that if you leave it long enough, you’ll get a penis infection. The swelling and pain will definitely keep you from having sex.

how to keep a penis clean and attractive


Hygiene should be reason enough to keep your junk clean, but you guys can be so darn stubborn. Here’s a little extra motivation to shower and wash every day. There are a number of STDs and infections that can be entirely prevented with basic cleanliness. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everything. The big stuff, like herpes (which you already have, so who cares), the clap, and HIV will never be stopped by cleaning your penis. For that stuff, you need to use protection.

There are other issues, still transmitted by sex, that are a matter of hygiene. This is stuff like crabs. Every issue is unique, and if you do catch it you might need to do more than take a shower, but basic hygiene helps you maintain natural barriers in your skin that protect you from a lot of surface-level infections. If you would like to go your whole life without understanding the intense, burning itch of athlete’s foot on your dick, learn to wash it.

Male Grooming 

With all of that above, we haven’t covered everything. There’s an element to penile cleanliness that has nothing to do with the shower. If you want truly great hygiene downstairs, you have to learn to groom below the waist. Trimming the bush and learning to maintain a healthy ecosystem around the crotch can further prevent bad things from taking up residence in your shorts. Learning a basic manscaping session is enough to get you on the right track.

Trim Your Pubes

There’s some debate as to whether or not pubic hair helps prevent STDs. We won’t get into that much. The truth is that condoms are what you should really trust when it comes to that stuff. Outside of STDs, pubic hair can easily cause more problems than not. Pubes are amazing for trapping gross things that bacteria love to eat. They’re also pretty essential for catching crabs.

Regardless, trimming the pubic hair makes it easier to wash downstairs and apply skin treatments that are good all around. It also makes you less itchy, sweaty, and smelly. There’s no question that, at least socially, trimming the pubes is a good idea. After all, a trimmed penis is more pleasant for everybody involved.

It’s also easy. If you have The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer, all you need to do is drop trow and work through the bush. For bonus points, use a Magic Mat shaving mat to make cleanup easier. We recommend starting with the longest trimming guard. This gives you more leeway to decide how short you want things. Once it’s all trimmed, you can move on to the next step.

To Shave, or Not to Shave

When it comes to hygiene, shaving is a lot less important. It’s kind of a mixed bag. Getting the skin completely smooth has its benefits, but shaving pretty much always causes at least minor damage to the skin in the process. Deciding where to shave downstairs is a lot more about lifestyle than cleanliness. With that in mind, pristine manscaping can do wonders for your love life, so don’t overlook shaving too dismissively.

If you decide to shave, you’ll want to do it after trimming. That should be pretty clear. Take advantage of the safety design of a safety razor and shave the areas you’d like with short, controlled strokes. Also, don’t forget to use some type of lubricant first.

Shower After Grooming

We talked about showering at length, so this will be pretty short. We recommend showering after you groom. It’s easier on the plumbing.

Treat Your Skin

Here’s the part where newbies and amateurs miss the mark. Manscaping doesn’t stop when you put down the razor. That’s actually only the beginning. Even showering is part of your manscaping routine. Still, the part everyone seems to miss is what comes after the shower. This is when you apply your skin treatments. On your face, it would be aftershave. On your balls, it’s Crop Preserver ball & penis deodorant. 

This is a deodorant designed specifically for use below the belt. It has a formula that helps control moisture and maintain a healthy pH balance on the skin. It reduces friction, keeps you feeling cool, and most importantly, keeps your balls from smelling like balls. After you shower, towel dry and rub a little Crop Preserver into the skin between your legs. Let it air dry (which takes virtually no time), and you’re done. 

how to keep a penis clean and attractive

After you apply your deodorant, there’s a final step that takes your manscaping to the highest level. You’re going to apply Crop Reviver toner. This is a toner spray that does a few things. For one, it has an aloe formula that will soothe skin after it’s shaved. You want that. It also complements your deodorant to maximize the effectiveness of the Active pH Control. Finally, it serves as a pick me up throughout the day. If you’re getting a little musty despite your deodorant, this can keep the reek at bay. It’s super gentle, so you can use it as many times as you need. If you think you need more than a little spray, a Crop Mop wipe can completely restore your balls at any time of day.

Ok. By now, you understand how to keep your penis clean and attractive. You should be able to avoid the grossest things that can happen to a guy, and you even know how to utilize a little grooming to really improve your penis health and presentation. The best part is that you can put all of this together pretty easily. The Perfect Package 3.0 has everything you need for male cleanliness in one place. It’s conveniently housed in a travel case that ensures you’re ready to stay clean no matter what life throws at you.

From here, the only place to go is up, and we’re here to help you do just that. You can complement your amazing manscaping tools by expanding your knowledge. We have a lot more to offer than a few penis-scrubbing tips, and you can find it all at


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