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How To Prevent Your Balls From Chafing And Itching When Manscaping

A lot of guys who forge their own path into the world of manscaping quickly learn the same lesson: it can hurt. We don’t want to discourage newcomers out there, but cutting the pubes can have negative side-effects. For the clumsy out there, those side-effects mostly include a few cuts and scrapes. For the more deft, there’s still the problem with chafing and itchy balls. It’s enough to drive some men away. But! There are solutions to these problems. What we’re presenting to you today is a holistic approach to eliminate the itch and chafing forever more. Here's how to prevent your balls from chafing and itching when manscaping.


We’re going to cover a few methods to help with this plague on mankind, but it really all starts with technique. There are definitely a slew of potential causes for ball chafing and itching, but the chief culprit is stiff pubes. Thankfully, you can eliminate the bulk of that issue with a little bit of foresight during your manscaping sessions.

This starts with a trimmer. The beauty of The Lawn Mower 2.0 (among other virtues) is that it has an adjustable guard. Yes, this does protect you from cutting your skin, but it has a more versatile function: it lets you pick how closely you crop your pubes. Many men, before they get enough experience under their belts, assume that this is about aesthetic and preference. While true, the real value here is in keeping your pubes from being short enough to bristle. You’ve had a five o’clock shadow on your face before. Even with good skin and hair care it can feel like sandpaper. You don’t want that on your balls. Always start with the longest possible trim and slowly scale down from there. That will enable you to achieve a pubic length that looks good and feels better.

That said, there’s still going to be some shaving happening downstairs. When you bust out The Plow, you need to use it intelligently. If you shave willy nilly -- which is easy to do when you’re awkwardly moving junk around and things get a little weird -- you’re going to end up with razor burn. That will compound with itchiness as the hairs push back through the skin. You’ll be irritated, raw and chaff like a mother. So, even though things get a little tricky at times, always pay attention to the grain and go with it. This prevents the razor from creating sharp hairs that poke a lot more when they grow.

The last bit of technique is to focus on short strokes. No, this isn’t a dirty joke in the making. The Plow is a double-edge safety razor. It’s designed to work best with small, controlled motions. If you go for longer strokes (like you might with a three-bladed razor), you’re going to get unevenness. Often, that will translate to nicks while you’re doing your business. Even when it doesn’t, it will create varying lengths of hair that increase irritation and make it last longer. Stay under control and you’ll be better for it. This is why it's important to know how to prevent your balls from chafing and itching when manscaping.

 how to prevent your balls from chafing and itching when manscaping


A little technique goes a long way, but it won’t fully cure these issues. For that, you need better weapons. We already mentioned The Lawn Mower 2.0 and The Plow, and how they can help. Rest assured, there are plenty of other tricks in the bag. The most powerful among them is Crop Preserver. This is a ball deodorant that is designed as the centerpiece of your manscaping destiny.

The first thing you need to know about Crop Preserver is how it combats chafing. In a word, it comes down to is formulation. Many man-friendly products use powder to keep things smooth down under and minimize friction. Our deodorant does this on steroids (not literally, that would be weird). Instead of a just powder, we utilize an advanced powder gel. This offers a few advantages. For starters, it absorbs into the skin better and lasts longer. It also improves on the benefits of powder by better enabling it to maximize moisture control. A powder might actually reduce moisture levels by too much and cause dry skin. If not, it’s going to turn into a messy paste. You can see how gel solves these problems.

The next advantage is that a gel is able to soften pubic hair. When your freshly shaved giblets are starting to produce a nice shadow, Crop Preserver takes some of the sting out of the process by softening the hair at the follicles. Powder has a hard time penetrating deeply enough to offer the same effect.

But wait, that’s not all! Seriously though, Crop Preserver is more than just a dry powder gel. It’s also a pH control solution. When you shave (and to a lesser extent trim), you scrape away the skin’s hydration layer. It’s a slightly acidic combination of oils and water that sits on the surface of your skin. It helps combat infection, and it also keeps things soft and pleasant. Scraping it off is an easy way to turn flesh red and make it more irritable. While talcum helps overcome that irritation, restoring the moisture level and managing the pH are methods that eliminate part of the problem before it manifests.

Lastly, this is a deodorant. It will keep you smelling good and help you control sweating. Even when hair isn’t a problem, excessive sweat creates bad friction. Don’t lie, we’ve all had swamp crotch before. Keeping the sweat under control is the final pillar of protection that manages chafing and itching. 

Well, that might be all that Crop Preserver does, but it’s not the extent of your arsenal. There are two other tools that will make your junk sing for joy: Crop Cleanser and Crop Reviver. We mentioned technique before, and it matters a little here. Namely, Crop Cleanser is an all-in-one body wash, and it works best if you use it correctly. We know, you’ve been showering your whole life. You don’t need a lesson now. Be that as it may, there are two tidbits a lot of guys overlook. First, shower after you trim and shave. This enables you to remove itchy hair fibers and moisturize your now damaged skin right away. It’s a simple thing, but it makes a big difference.

Second, be sure to exfoliate. This is key in how to prevent your balls from chafing and itching when manscaping. Some guys bristle (pun intended) at the term because they have masculinity issues. We’re manscapers. We’re beyond such silly notions and gender stereotypes. Exfoliating is simply a process to make sure you remove the dead, outermost layer of clumped skills. This enables your technology to reach the hair follicles and do their softening, chafe-reducing work. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

The very last thing you need is Crop Reviver. It’s a unique formula that we created, and it really is an original thing. Still, to help you wrap your head around it, you can kind of think of it as an aftershave for your balls. There are some important distinctions. Namely, this is designed for your junk, so you don’t have to worry about a harsh burn. We wouldn’t do that to you. Mostly, Reviver is a spritz that has the final components to fully revitalize your skin. You just spray a little after Crop Preserver is dry. It’ll fully ensure that your pH is restored to a healthy level and minimize any recovery time for damaged skin.

 how to prevent your balls from chafing and itching when manscaping

The Total Package

You now have the answer to the age-old plague of itch balls. Manage your pubes correctly, and you’ll never face that discomfort again. You’ll be genuinely surprised when you notice how much it improves your daily life. To that end, we’re going to recap the ideal manscaping session.

Grab your Magic Mat and spread it across the floor. Stand over it (drawers removed), and start with a trim. Follow the trim with your shaving routing and then you can chuck the mat to make cleanup a snap. Then, you shower, using the exfoliating technique we described and a reasonable dose of Crop Cleanser. Once you pat dry, rub in a little deodorant (probably not the best time to rub anything out). When it dries (and it doesn’t take long at all), finish your session with a spritz or two of Crop Reviver. That is enough to keep you manicured, fresh and feeling great. Best of all, you can get it all in a consolidated carrying case with the Perfect Package 2.0.


Of course, itchy balls are only one problem that faces mankind. There are plenty of other challenges and questions that arise when you really delve into manscaping. We have spent no shortage of effort to compile the resources you need into a convenient, single location. You can find it all at And, it’s updated with new jewels of wisdom regularly.



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