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How to Relieve Itching After Shaving Private Area

You understand the value of manscaping. You know how it’s expected of you. You get that it makes you look better below the waist, and perhaps you’ve experimented enough to understand how much it can make you feel great. All of that said, you have a powerful reason to avoid it. Shaving is itchy, and having an itchy groin is no fun. You want to manscape more, but you have to beat the itch for that to become a reality. Well, brother, we’re going to solve that problem for you, and we’re doing it right now.


They always say that the best way to solve a problem is to never have it in the first place. Can you think of a case where this applies more than groin itch? You definitely want to avoid the experience altogether, and these tips and techniques are perfect for avoiding the problem and never feeling that fiery itch.


You’re not going to believe this, but drinking a lot of water can help you itch less. Your body can naturally deal with dryness, and that helps with itchiness (but it only works preventatively, not retroactively). It’s pretty crazy. That’s also not what we really mean by hydration. We’re really talking about external skin hydrating agents, and they’re an amazing thing.

One of the leading causes of itchiness, anywhere on your body, is dry skin. Shaving tends to exacerbate dry skin because it peels off a layer of flesh and destroys the acidic layer that helps you retain moisture.

To keep this short, moisturizing body soap helps your skin stay hydrated in general (assuming you shower on a regular basis). Add a direct hydrator to the mix (something like Crop Reviver), and you have a formula that prevents some of the worst itches, even when you do shave.

how to relieve itchy skin after shaving


Right alongside hydration is hygiene. This will sound a little contradictory, but stay with us for a moment. Even though you want moisturized skin, excessive moisture is ultimately a formula for itchiness. You have to walk a tightrope to win this game.

When you shower, you wash away the excessive moisture, and that moisture is full of microbes that can make you itchy — especially the fungi in there. The shower dries you out a bit, and it resets your lower body biome. Then, you make sure you maintain a healthy level of moisture, and you’re in good shape.

But, good hygiene extends beyond just showering. Scrubbing your junk on a regular basis is important, but a few other things can help. Using crotch deodorant can help you prevent excessive moisture, and that leads to better hygiene in the first place. That’s how Crop Preserver can save you from itching.

Hair Care

In addition to hygiene, a little hair care goes a long way, and it comes in two forms. The first is trimming excessively long groin hair. That stuff is wiry and scratchy, so if you shorten it a bit, that will limit how much it causes you to itch downstairs. It’s pretty simple stuff.

But, when you shave, your body hair becomes the primary source of the itching. This is because it has to poke back through your skin. That process is itchy, and too-short pubes are so much stiffer than long pubes that it turns your crotch region into sandpaper.

You can prevent this with a little hair care. You use shampoo and conditioner on your head to keep that hair soft and nice. You can do the same thing for your manly parts; you just need to use the right stuff. Crop Cleanser is designed specifically to treat the hair on your body as well as you treat the hair on your head. It helps to soften everything, and after you shave, you’ll find that your hair is less miserable than it could have been.


Sometimes, you try your best and you still get the itch. This is a learning process. We’ve all been there. These tips can help you soothe the problem.


DO NOT go putting standard aftershave on your sensitive areas. That will hurt. A lot. Instead, you can get aftershave for the private parts. It helps with hydrating your skin directly after a shave, and it does some other good stuff. We’re circling back to Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The deodorant has a talc-like base that will soothe the goods and help you feel good. Crop Reviver has aloe as part of the formula. That will help your skin recover from the rigors of shaving, and it takes the edge off of razor burn, itchiness, and other irritations.

How to Relieve Itching After Shaving Private Area

Loose Underwear

The time right after you shave is when you want to ditch tight clothes (so don’t manscape right before a date if you’re planning to wear skinny jeans). Keeping it loose is important. Tight clothes press into irritate skin and can force your short, itchy pubes to rub against you. It’s unpleasant, and it’s extremely easy to avoid. Loose underwear and loose pants are the way to go. 

Improving Your Shaves

We could have filed this under “prevention,” but shaving technique is so pivotal that we want to spend some time emphasizing it. The key to defeating a post-shave itch is to shave better. The key to shaving better is to not actually shave; trim instead. This isn’t just because trimmers are easier on your skin than razors (which they are, and that’s important). It’s also because you’ll leave the hair a little longer. When done correctly, this will skip right past the spikey hair stage.

How to Trim

This is simpler than a lot of guys make it. You’re using The Lawn Mower 3.0, so trimming is easy and safe. You can trim dry, and it won’t be a problem. You’re going to use a cutting guard. This trimmer can get super close haircuts, but that’s not what we’re really after. Instead, you’re going to achieve a clean, sexy look that feels good, but you’re not going to go down to being bald. You get the advantages of manscaping and you get to ditch the itch.

If you’re not sure how long you want your hair, start with the longest guard and work your way down. If you accidentally go too short, it won’t be by much, and it should grow out pretty quickly. A little conditioning of the hair should stop the worst of any scratchiness.

How to Relieve Itching After Shaving Private Area

Shower Second

Just as important as your shaving technique is the order of operations. Showering after you trim is the most important part of all of this. It gets rid of the little hair clippings. They’re one of the chief sources of itch, so washing them off is vital. Keep in mind that this means scrubbing where you groom. Granted, you don’t need to scrub roughly or vigorously. You just need to be thorough and use soap. You’ll be fine.

Treat Your Meat

Now we circle back to some of the first tips. Do you remember everything we said about hygiene and hair care? The ideal time to do it is right after your shower (although these need to happen more often than just after a male grooming session). You’re combining treatment and prevention into a single routine, and it keeps itching at bay in a way that is consistent and easy.

That should be enough to keep you out of trouble. If you run into particularly troublesome itches, you can always bring out the big guns. Aloe Vera gel (or lotion) can take the concept of Crop Reviver and dial it up to 11. When that’s still not enough, you can use topical anesthetics to ease your suffering. If you’re going that route, involve a doctor or pharmacist. You want to make sure your treatment won’t cause unexpected problems for Mr. Peepers. Other than that, stay on top of your manscaping, and regularly check back in with for the latest news, goods, and knowledge.



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