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How to relieve itching after shaving your private area

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to relieve itching after shaving private area


An itchy crotch area is not fun, so let’s see if we can help you out a bit. 

We want to start out with the fact that we’re proud of you, though, for giving that area some attention. At MANSCAPED™ we believe in the power of a solid pubic hair maintenance routine, so we want to help the men of the world do this successfully and itch-free.

Let’s understand a bit about what’s going on down there first. Are we talking about having just shaved the entire man bush? Or are we talking about shaving the shaft and balls? 

First and foremost, a full-out pubic hair shave is NOT recommended. Pubic hair is there for a reason and that area can get real raw and sensitive fast, so a little bush cushion is still necessary. We are a fan of the pubic hair TRIM and then a closer shave of the shaft and balls. Don’t worry though and keep reading; we’ll dive into this shortly and get you back on the right track.  

Before we get too much into the pubic hair weeds, let’s discuss the situation of, “Whelp, I just shaved the entire pubic area, like…it’s all gone, and please help me!” first…


the crop shaver

Oops, I shaved the whole thing

Just so we’re clear, this section is for the unfortunate soul who just shaved the meat, the potatoes, and the whole enchilada. Like we’re bare down there like before you hit puberty. Like full out, you-took-a-razor-to-everything-with-nothing-left pubic hair. 

If you’ve misunderstood the bit about what groin area hair to shave vs. trim and just went for the full shave, you’re going to have to learn a hard lesson. Yes, you’re going to have to wait for that beautiful pubic hair bush of yours to regain some of its former glory. 

Pubic hair is curly, it’s thick, and it’s a little more rough and tough than other head and body hair, so it’s going to itch like a mother as it’s growing back. New hair follicles are sensitive, they are pokey, and your skin down there is exposed and irritated which all leads to itchiness. 

The best set of advice we can offer while this unfortunate growth stage is happening is the following:

  • Be patient! It’s going to look a little odd and patchy down there for a bit while everything grows back in. Do not give in to the temptation to shave the pubic patch while this annoying stage is in progress. Depending on your type of hair and hair color, this might take a few weeks.   
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dry skin is subject to itchiness, so the more hydrated your entire body is, the more hydrated your skin is in turn. Get that super cool, environmentally friendly water bottle of yours out with all the stickers and drink the damn water. And no, we don’t care if you don’t like water, put some lemon in it and suck it up, buttercup. It’s recommended that men should drink 125 ounces a day, so get to it and stay with it. That’s 3.7 liters for those of you needing some math help.
  • Moisturize. While keeping your body hydrated is step one, there is some additional oomph that moisturizers can add to the equation. Make sure you are using body products that add moisture, not take it away. It might seem counter-productive, but there are many soap and body wash products that strip away so much of the body’s natural oil with the dirt and grime that they actually contribute to dry skin. This is why at MANSCAPED™ our products like UltraPremium™ Body Wash are infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera which keep skin balanced and hydrated in addition to sparkling clean. 
  • Keep it clean! An accidentally fully-shaved crotch is very sensitive, so you do not want to add to the sensitivity. Keep your junk and groin area clean and let it dry completely before putting on clothes. You want to avoid further irritation or something worse like jock itch while your pubic hair region is repairing itself. 

UltraPremium Body Wash

We do want to note that if you shaved everything down there and like it, which some people and their partners do, do NOT shave it again. At this point, your best bet is to try waxing, hair removal products, or just go and spend the money on permanent hair removal through electrolysis. 

Ok, now onto those of you who got the pubic triangle trim down-pat, but are dealing with the freshly shaved, but itchy ball scenario…

My freshly shaved gonads are itchy

For this group, let’s talk about those itchy nuts, my man. If you just freshly shaved your balls and are feeling itchy there are a few potential causes:

Smaller issues (no, no, the issues are small)

  • Dry skin and lack of moisturizing products
  • Irritation or razor burn

Larger issues

  • Jock itch
  • Crabs (yup…the STD kind)

Your skin needs moisture 

For some reason, men in general have trouble remembering to hydrate and moisturize. For women, it seems like their almost obsessive relationship with lotion and daily moisturizing products comes naturally. For men, we need a little more reminding. 

Just because a specific area of the body gets sweaty does not mean it cannot dry out. 

Keeping your skin hydrated starts with adequate fluid intake on the daily. This is even more important if you are more active or live in a hot, dry, or higher elevation area. 

The next step is making sure you are using the correct moisturizing products for your hygiene routine. This means making sure everything from your body wash to your shampoo and conditioner is actually adding moisture. Then topping everything off with additional moisturizing products that really revive and hydrate your skin. 

If you’re looking for a place to start in this area our MANSCAPED™ products have you covered:

  • UltraPremium™ Body Wash not only cleans, but is made with naturally cooling and hydrating aloe vera 
  • Hydrating Body Spray for your non-groin areas will not only leave a subtle cologne fragrance behind, but is made of ingredients like red algae from the Pacific Ocean which locks in hydration after a shower 
  • Crop Cleanser® has been designed especially for the more sensitive groin area and is made with ingredients like Vitamin E which is praised for its hydration properties 

hydrating body spray

Irritation and razor burn

Shaving your shaft and nuts for the first time can be a little intimidating and it’s normal for guys to actually over-shave those bits if they are nervous. Even if you’re feeling comfortable shaving those more sensitive areas, you might not be using the correct products or tools for the job and that might be causing the issue. 

If you over shave, shave too aggressively, and do not take care during the shave AND after the shave things like irritated skin, ingrown hairs, or rashes called razor burn can occur on and around the boys.  

At MANSCAPED™ we recommend shaving your shaft and balls once a week or so (this might vary a little depending on how fast your ball hair grows, but you do not and should not need to shave every time you take a shower).

Here are the steps to get a sleek and smooth shaft and balls.

  1. Always to make sure you have a clean and sharp razor. We even recommend having a specific ball-shaving razor for the job and we have a beauty in The Crop Shaver® that was designed with balls in mind. How many other razors out there can say that? This is why we’re awesome and you should trust that we have the right tools for your man bits. 
  2. Always wet shave. Do not dry-shave those nuts of yours. Get in the shower and take your time. Lather up with soap and water to wash everything and then use our amazing Crop Gel® to lubricate the balls and shaft for smooth sailing. By smooth sailing we mean smooth shaving and that’s exactly what you want down there. Crop Gel is clear so you can see what you're doing and you want to shave in smooth strokes. With a clean, sharp razor and the proper shaving gel, you should not have to revisit and re-shave an area to get it smooth in the same setting. 
  3. After you’re done shaving and once you’re dry, we recommend applying a toning and refreshing product like Crop Reviver® directly on your smooth balls and shaft. Crop Reviver has ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera which soothe after a shave, but also add a layer of protection for the day. Not to mention it’s infused with our signature MANSCAPED™ scent so your down there will smell oh, so good, too. 


crop reviver


Jock itch

If you’re experiencing a little more of a constant itch or something that is even painful there might be a larger issue going on like jock itch. Jock itch is actually caused by a fungal infection and is basically athlete's foot on your crotch. It causes a flare-up that is red and often bumpy and it itches and burns all the time. 

These fungal infections are caused by constant heat and moisture being trapped in an area where the fungus thrives and often needs medication to clear up. Practicing good personal hygiene and properly drying the man bits are the first defense against jock itch. 

If you think you have jock itch you might want to re-evaluate your showering routine. You really want to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to get clean and that you’re using solid bathing products. When you’re showing, pay special attention to your groin and really get body wash or soap into all the nooks and crannies. Rinse off and then dry off. Your nuts do not need any help getting sticky and sweaty again, but starting off the day dry with clean underwear is a good first step. 

Let’s talk about crabs (and no, not the fun, tasty ones)

Do you have crabs? Unfortunately, that is a legit question if you have ongoing itchiness in the groin area. Crabs are pubic lice and they actually bite and feed on human blood, just like lice on your head hair. That biting and blood-feeding process causes all sorts of microscopic openings in your pubic skin and your body’s reaction is to itch. 

Crabs are usually transmitted by sexual activity and millions of men and women are actually affected by them every year. They are unfortunately a very common transmitted parasite and you do not even need to have sex to get them. They can be transmitted simply by being in contact with a person’s body hair that is infested or from an infected person’s bedsheets. 

If you think you might have crabs, this is a situation for your doctor to diagnose. You’ll most likely need to get a prescription to clear up the problem.



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