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How to Remove Blackheads on Nose Guide for Men

Have you noticed how much expectations keep rising for men? A few decades ago, a guy could just drink whisky, change a few tires, and be considered a catch. Today, we have to be in great shape, have smooth backs, smell amazing, meticulously groom our beards, and be prettier than the women (or men) we chase. It’s a lot to manage. If you ever feel like it’s tough to keep up with the evolution of the modern man, it’s best to break things down into little pieces. That’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to analyze blackheads on your nose and learn how to manage them. You’ll find it’s pretty easy and completely painless with this episode of our men's skin care guide.

What Are Blackheads?

Was it Sun Tzu who taught us all to know our enemy? Blackheads certainly are an enemy, but they’re not exactly frightening. Medically speaking, they’re a form of acne. They differ from whiteheads in two important ways. First, blackheads don’t have a layer of skin covering the acne. That means they don’t need to be popped. It also is why they have a different color. When the collection of grossness in your pores gets exposed to oxygen, it turns a dark color.

To be more specific about the nature of blackheads, they occur when a pore in your skin gets clogged. Some of that clogging can be oil, but usually the major problem is dead skin cells. They collect, keep the pore from naturally clearing itself, and acne is the result. Blackheads in particular are basically harmless from a medical standpoint. They lead to minimal (if any) irritation of the skin. The only reason any of us actually care about them is that they look gross. You can trust that a nose full of black spots is going to be a turn-off for most people. 

It’s ok, though. Since blackheads aren’t a major medical problem, they’re actually pretty easy to eliminate. 

how to remove blackheads on nose

The 4 Step Treatment

We’re going to discuss a few ways to deal with blackheads today, but the best approach is holistic. This four-step treatment plan is easy, routine, and pretty thorough. Once it becomes habit, blackheads will be a problem left in the past.

Step 1: Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is a foreign concept to a lot of men. They don’t know what it really does or why. They just know that every modern piece of advice suggests it. Let’s demystify this ancient beauty secret. Exfoliation is intended to clear dead skin cells away from your pores. That’s its primary purpose, and it goes a long way towards keeping your skin healthy and helping you smell prettier.

The thing is, not all exfoliation is the same. If you’re hosing down sweaty legs after a workout, you can be more vigorous with the exfoliation than if you’re treating blackheads on your nose. You need the technique to match the sensitivity and delicacy of the skin being treated. So, for your face, exfoliation should be closer to a gentle massage than a violent scrub. You don’t need to claw the dead skin cells away. They’ll come off quite readily.

Also, when it comes to your face, you need to do more than just rub your skin under a little water. Exfoliating creams and treatments are designed to help dissolve dead skin cells. This doesn’t just prevent pores from clogging; it also helps relieve clogs and cure blackheads. When shopping for exfoliating creams for you face, you want something with salicylic acid. There may be a more complicated formula mixed in, but salicylic acid is the key. 

how to remove blackheads on nose

Step 2: Moisturize

Moisturizing doesn’t technically have to come immediately after exfoliation. What really matters is that you do it twice a day. Also, exfoliating right after moisturizing is wrong. You’ll be rinsing away the moisturizing and preventing it from working. 

We’re being thorough today, so let’s discuss why moisturizing is so important. It keeps your pores from enlarging. When they get dilated, it’s easier for things to collect inside the space, and that leads to more blackheads. Moisturizing is especially important if you spend time in the sun. Dilated pores are a natural response to sunlight, so diligence is important.

Step 3: Tighten the Pores

While moisturizing is important, you can add a nightly routine that really keeps your skin tight and healthy. You want to apply a retinoid. That’s a fancy name for a facial cream that is designed to tighten skin pores. Creams will usually list retinol or tretinoin as an active ingredient. Either is fine.

When the cream does its magic overnight, the tightening of the skin actually squeezes debris from your pores. If you properly exfoliated to remove any clogs, this part of the treatment will clear existing blackheads. It’s also a maintenance routine that keeps new blackheads from building and becoming a problem. 

Step 4: Use a Mask

At the risk of getting all feminist on you, guys are stupid. Women figured out how to beat blackheads decades ago. They embraced the process, and they’ve been a lot prettier than we have ever since. It seems kind of silly not to learn from their experience. All of this is to say that a weekly mask will go a long way.

Charcoal masks are the trend today, and they work great. Mud masks are also good. What you’re looking for is a treatment that helps to gently pull debris out of your pores. Doing this one to two times a week covers your basis. Anything that isn’t cleared by the daily routine will fall quickly to the might of the mask, and you’ll be maintaining a blackhead-free nose. If you’re not sure what kind of mask is best, ask a lady friend.

how to remove blackheads on nose

Professional Treatment

One of the best things about being a man in modern times is that we’ve moved past a lot of stigma. A macho guy can still enjoy being pampered and spoiled. What that means for your nose is that a spa day is perfectly acceptable. If you’re struggling to really lock into your new routine, or if you just want to enjoy professional treatment, a facial can take care of that peppery look on your nose.

The thing about spa facials is that they’re thorough. They’re going to hit you with the four-step treatment. Then, they’re going to do a whole lot more. Perhaps the best thing you can get from one of these visits is a manual pore clearing. Some blackheads, when left for too long, can get a little out of control. The pros at the spa have the right tools and techniques to manually clear that issue painlessly. If you have any hesitation about taking care of your blackheads, this is probably the best place to start.

How to Pop Them

You’re a man. There’s an excellent chance you’ve popped a zit or two on your own face. In fact, many of you have probably squeezed many a blackhead from your nose. Since you’re so committed, let’s talk about the proper technique to minimize any scarring or complications. Ready? 

Don’t do it.

Seriously. You can squeeze a hundred blackheads and be fine, but eventually, it’s going to catch up to you. Blackheads differ from whiteheads. There’s no pressure buildup that helps push the debris clear with little effort. Also, whiteheads have a layer of skin that has to be pierced in order to clear the blockage. With blackheads, you’re applying much more external force, and if you do it enough, you’re guaranteed to get some scarring. You have a gentle, reliable way to deal with this problem. There’s no reason to mangle your face out of some adherence to stubbornness. Besides, the other treatment options feel a lot better.

Ok, gents. What did we learn today? Blackheads are common. They’re not something we want to tolerate on our faces, but since they’re mostly harmless, we can afford to take a passive approach to eliminating them. If you commit to a regular facial treatment, you’ll clear up existing blackheads and stop new ones from ever appearing. Even if you do, it’s ok to treat yourself to a spa day. It’s even ok to enjoy it. So, take your newfound knowledge and make yourself more attractive. If you have issues with your skin, learn how to shave with acne next.


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