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How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Guide for Men

Let's say—just hypothetically speaking, of course—that you're a man who's got a lot of wool growing below the neckline. Maybe it's on your shoulders. Perhaps you've got a garden growing on your back. Maybe your groin is so overgrown with weeds that no woman (or man) will ever see the star of the show because the curtains are keeping him covered up. 

Let's just say.

And let's say, you're the kind of dude who doesn't want your body covered in rogue hairs to thick you could make a great rug out of the remnants. 

Let's just say.

If this—hypothetically—sounds familiar, we've got the solution! MANSCAPED's Perfect Package 3.0 has everything you need to de-frizz, un-fuzz, and smooth-up. With this guide, you'll be feeling confident and not covered in hair in no time.

1. Prepare Your Space

Listen, we know a lot of men don't love cleaning. That's why we've done something about the mess before it intrudes on your personal space. By utilizing the power of the Magic Mat, you'll confine all of your short and curlies to a single place, making cleanup a breeze. As an added bonus, you'll have some funny reads below your legs as you eliminate your fur coating.

2. Take Out the Trimmers

Could you use your girlfriend's electric razor? Sure. Will you regret it? Absolutely. Hey, we're not here to tell you what to do with your body. We're just here to give you options.

If you want the optimal option, you'll forego devices that aren't meant for your body and opt for tools that were specifically designed to cater to a man's crannies and craters. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer will set the stage for a smooth landscape. No matter how barren you want to make your bushes, or how manly you want to remain by keeping your tree surrounded by a bit of shrubbery, This trimmer will take care of the trim. 

Thanks to the design, this cordless beauty, complete with ceramic blades, happily scans the surface of your skin, taking out anything that stands in its way. From coarse crotch hair to fluffy back mats, the 7,000 RPM motor will mow down anything you put in its path. Two adjustable combs enable you to choose from four different length settings. If you want to stay a little burley while keeping your curlies maintained, opt for a higher cut. If your ultimate goal is to bring your naked, hairless body to the show, choose the blade that's closest to your body.

This is your world, our friends. Conquer it with the right tools in place, and you'll find greater peace.

how to remove unwanted body hair

3. Cleanse Your Body

Nothing feels as good after a shave as aloe and sea salt. These two ingredients, when combined with a uniquely formulated body wash that's intentionally designed for men, make the shaving experience something to be reveled in. Enjoy the suds as they envelop your masculine body. Rest assured, those crannies and crevices aren't getting off scot-free. Our Crop Cleanser hair and body wash puts bad bacteria in its place, ushering in a new freedom where crotch stench and sweaty balls have no bearing. 

Forget fumbling in the shower for multiple bottles. This pH-balanced beauty does it all. From scrotum scrubbing to under-the-arm odor eliminating, Crop Cleanser was made to keep a man's body clean so he feels confident. Not only does it smell amazing—this two-in-one bathroom component will pack a punch on every part of your body, whether it still has hair or not. Use it on your head or around ensure the grossness of the day gets washed away.

how to remove unwanted body hair

4. Preserve Your Artwork

Your deed isn't done once you put the clippers down and wash those leftover hairs down the drain. Not at all! Your balls are begging for your attention after you've left them without their security blanket, so it's up to you to ensure you empower those parts to be everything they can be without feeling irritated or itchy. This is when Crop Preserver ball deodorant enters the picture. The formula, which includes a combination of anti-chafing liquid talcum-like gel and oil-free elements, will hydrate your freshly prepped crop without sending you away scratching. 

After all, nobody wants to leave the dinner table because they can't stop itching their crotch.

Crop Preserver's job is to preserve the artwork you've just created by promoting anti-bacterial atmospheres in a way that makes good sense for the body. By rubbing down your down under with Crop Preserver, you'll feel fresher and more confident throughout the day. This formula includes ingredients that battle stink-causing bacteria. It keeps sweat at bay while telling the right amount of moisture to come your way. 

Life is a balancing act. Crop Preserver carefully walks the lines.

5. Spritz On Your Final Touches

You can't confidently walk into the room (or out of the bathroom, for that matter) until you've taken care of all your business. This means looking sharp, smelling good, and staving off those unwanted irritations that could be caused by running your razor across your body too quickly. Never fear. Crop Reviver refresher is here. The witch hazel formula is specifically intended to leave freshly shaven skin feeling its finest, leaving inflammation and irritation for the next guy. You're protected with an aloe-enhanced spritz that loves leaving skin feeling hydrated and happy.

This spritz has two main goals: to hydrate the skin you've recently exposed to the world and to protect it from the chafing, itching, and irritation that could otherwise unfold if you don't protect it properly.

how to remove unwanted body hair guide for men


MANSCAPED was originally developed for fellas who wanted to get rid of the riff-raff below the waist. Over time, we've discovered our customers use our products in many different ways. Sometimes, there's just way too much hair on the shoulders to bear. Other times, the situation behind the briefs may be unbearable. Rest assured, you're not on this journey alone.  You've got millions of men doing the same thing you're doing, and you've got MANSCAPED on your side. 

Be sure to keep up with the MANSCAPED blog to find tidbits and tricks you can use to hone in on your own bits. Better yet? Do yourself a favor and subscribe to our MANSCAPED YouTube channel where you'll be able to see the way hilarity plays out in real life, backed by the tools you need to overcome embarrassing situations you can avoid when you've got the right grooming arsenal in place. 

When you're ready to remove your unwanted body hair, reach out to the people who know men's body hair removal best. Reach out to MANSCAPED.



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