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How to shave down there

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to shave down there

Are you new to grooming? Do you have reservations? Even if you’ve been doing this for a while, nobody is perfect. Today, we — the real pros — are going to drop some valuable knowledge. We’re going to talk about how to shave downstairs the right way.

Start with a trim

A good trim is vital to enabling a great shave. It’s the same way you would approach shaving your head. There’s no reason to change the plan when you shave downstairs. You want to disentangle the pubes before you assault them with a razor.

For lower-body trimming, The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 is the device you need. It’s right for so many reasons. The ceramic blades are sharp, precise, and antimicrobial. The powerful motor puts the blades to good use, and even the most intense bush will fall in a single pass. You don’t have to worry about tugging or the trimmer getting stuck.

Keep it clean

Proper shaving requires a little bit of prep work, trimming is the step everyone remembers, cleanliness is the step everyone forgets. We understand, you lead a busy life. Sometimes you get a little dingy, and you power through. When you’re shaving, and especially when you’re shaving your balls, that won’t do. You have to slow down and do it right, or you’ll risk some unbearable consequences.

You don’t have to surgery sterile before you shave, but you want to meet a minimum hygiene level. If you’ve had to skip a few showers, or you’ve done something particularly grimy, you need to wash before you shave. Usually, we recommend showering after your shave (more on that in a minute), but it’s downright dangerous to apply a razor to overtly dirty skin.

It’s pretty simple. The razor doesn’t have to make you bleed to cut you. No matter how deftly you shave, you’re scraping a blade across your flesh. That creates tons of tiny fissures in the skin, and they are a haven for fungi and bacteria. Maybe try to reduce the risk of infection before you turn your sack into a microbial buffet.

On a slightly different note, cleanliness applies to more than just your skin. You want to keep a clean bathroom too, and that’s a lot easier when you use the Magic Mat™. Throw it on the floor, and let it collect the mess.


You’re not a child. By now, you should understand the value of lubrication in life. It’s vital to making cars work; it’s fantastic in the bedroom, and shaving without it is just plain stupid. Are you shaving your tenders without lube? That’s crazy. This universal truth leads a lot of guys to shave in the shower. It’s easy to lube. It makes sure you’re at least a little clean. It makes handling the mess of a shave feel easy. 

There are some things you need to think about. First of all, shaving in the shower will eventually harm your plumbing; it’s just a matter of time. You can use drain catches and other tricks to delay the inevitable, but you will ultimately lose.

More importantly, shaving in the shower tends to make showers longer. That’s bad for your skin. Supposing your showers are on the warm side (which they should be if you’re shaving), the extended exposure to steam will dry your skin and potentially cause cracks. Yes, you can compensate with lotion, but isn’t it easier to avoid these problems?

If you shave before you shower, just apply a shaving cream or gel (you use a lubricant in the shower anyway), and your male grooming no longer wreaks havoc on your skin. Better yet, you’re using a Magic Mat, so saving the drain is pretty easy.

Shower after you shave

We started on this a minute ago, but it’s time to hit the deeper conversation. In addition to everything you already read about shaving in the shower, cleaning after a shave is a key to healthy nether-skin. It’s not just about avoiding some skin irritation or damage. A proper shower also helps restore those micro-fissures you get from shaving — along with a slew of other benefits.

So, a proper shower has to meet a few criteria. It can’t be too hot. Of course, you want to be warm, but steam is your enemy. If you can find a comfortable temperature that doesn’t leave the mirror in a complete fog, you’re golden. When the shower is too hot, it doesn’t just dry your skin. It also changes the texture, and it can amplify razor burn.

The next component of a proper shower is to use the right soap. Crop Cleanser is an all-in-one solution that works as well on your face as your ass. The important thing to learn about Crop Cleanser is our special formula. Crop Cleanser is a special blend that helps restore your skin after you scrape away the outer layer. Recovery from shaving starts as soon as you shower with this stuff.

The last thing you need to take a proper shower is an exfoliator. It can be a washcloth, but loofahs work better. Whatever tool you utilize, exfoliating is about gently scrubbing the skin; this does so many good things for you that we can’t list them all. You should understand that cleaning pores reduce the risk of ingrown hairs (and breakouts too). It’s also important to realize that you want to clean the skin you just shaved to ensure no rapid growth of bad microbes. 

Protect your work

Hopefully, you’re having fun with the artistry of male grooming. Even if you see it as grunt work, you have to defend your efforts. There’s a two-step maintenance routine that keeps things healthy and excellent below the belt. It’s mercifully easy.

The first step is applying Crop Preserver. It’s ball deodorant. That alone should entice you, but this is advanced ball deodorant. It uses a powdery-gel base that keeps you cool and reduces friction. That’s great for comfort, and it’ll change your entire outlook on life. Crop Preserver also has moisture management. It’ll keep you dry, but not too dry. That will help you smell great, even on stressful days, and it will help maintain a healthy ecosystem for your skin and hair under your shorts. 

Manscaped Crop Reviver


The second step is applying Crop Reviver™. The gentle toner has an extra formula to help your skin and hair rapidly recover from shaving. It’ll help both achieve the healthiest state, and it complements the deodorant scent. If you’re having a particularly sweaty day, a pick me up with Crop Reviver will keep you from tainting the room with the smell of your sweaty balls. You know you’ve been there.

The last thing to learn about shaving down there is consolidation. It can feel like a lot to add advanced grooming to your already-packed schedule. MANSCAPED helps with this. 

And, because you didn’t abandon your male grooming, you’ll enjoy that free, clean, fresh feeling that you get when you’re properly groomed, and your junk is super healthy. You can find everything else we just mentioned at In total, it will show you everything about the best hair removal for men.



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