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How to shave your arms and armpits using the Manscaped™ Lawn Mower® 3.0

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to shave your arms/armpits using the Manscaped™ Lawn Mower® 3.0

Have you ever done a pit check? Maybe you were headed into a meeting. Perhaps you were about to go hit on an attractive someone. Maybe you just respect the olfactories of the people around you. If you've ever been in that situation, then we have an idea for you. Instead of a quick sniff check, what if you really checked your armpits? What if you cleaned them to a higher degree than usual and tried grooming some body hair. Have you ever really considered shaving your armpits?

Why groom your armpits at all?

Pretty much every guy agrees that the very best part of being a man is that you don't have to shave your armpits. Why would we throw that away? Well, there are several reasons to shave your pits, and you can already think of some of them. Athletes have been on top of this for years. Swimmers, UFC fighters, and several other top competitors find advantages in getting rid of hair. But, even if you aren't trying to make it as an athlete, we've found some compelling reasons to give your armpit hair a grooming.

Man Showing His Shaved Armpits

It makes you sexier

Think of any picture of a male model, action movie hero, or otherwise famously sexy dude. What did their armpit hair look like? That's right. You can't imagine it because rarely do they ever have pit hair.

Here's the thing. Armpit hair is not necessarily a turn-off when it's on a guy. That's not the point. The real issue is that it distracts from your masculine shape. After all of the time and sweat you poured into the gym, you want to show off your toned body. Getting rid of body hair helps with that — especially when it comes to over-long armpit hair.

You'll smell better

Guys can stink. We all know it. We make jokes about it. Some of us embrace it a little too much. The simple fact is that living the life of a man will cause you to sweat sometimes, and that sweat can stink.

Here's what you might not know. Most of your sweat doesn't stink at all. Really. It's only a handful of areas where getting sweaty smells bad, and that's because the sweat feeds specific groups of bacteria. Those parts of your body are primarily the armpits and the groin. The sweat in those areas has more protein in it, and that makes for smelly bacteria-feeding frenzies.

Here's where shaving comes in. Sweat gets stuck in body hair. It lingers, and that gives the bacteria more time to do their thing. When you shave, it's easier to control the moisture, and the bacteria get less opportunity to do what they do. Shaving your pits won't' make it impossible to have B.O., but it puts up a good fight.

It can help with skincare

You need to take good care of your skin, and hair gets in the way of that. Think about it. You use unique soaps on your head because there's a bunch of hair up there (sorry, bald friends). Do you use special soaps on your armpits? They can get pretty bushy, but you treat your pits the same as any other part of your body, and that's a problem.

Getting rid of the hair can help you get good skincare products onto the armpits, and that has value.

Imagine if you had a skin infection on an armpit. Would it be worth shaving so you could apply the treatment cream? Well, here's the thing. Your skin always needs some level of care, so get the hair out of the way.

Trimming vs. shaving

Hopefully, we've shown you a few meaningful reasons to groom your pits. That brings us to an important question: should you trim or shave? The truth is that either is acceptable. You can trim hair to pretty much any length, and all of it has value.

If you want the most from the benefits above, though, shaving can be better. These are all cases where less hair is the superior option. Still, if you aren't comfortable going bare-pitted just yet, you can start with a conservative trim to see how you feel about the whole thing.

Doing the deed

Let's get to it. You're here to learn how to shave your armpits (and arms). We have some advice for you. When it comes to the technique, it's going to be the same as shaving any other part of your body. If you've only ever worked on your face, there's good news. The pits, for the most part, are easier to manage. Follow these few steps, and your armpit shaving will go well.

Trim first

If you haven't ever attacked your armpit hair before, you want to start with a trim. The Lawn Mower® 3.0 trimmer is the perfect tool to do the job. You can start with a cutting guard to remove excess hair; this will prevent razor clogging later.

If you're not sure how short you want your hair, use the longest guard and see how it feels. If you know you're shaving, start with the shortest guard. The trimmer will be fine, which will get a lot of hair out of the way to make the shave easier and more pleasant.

the lawn mower 3.0

Go as short as you like

We already covered trimming guard lengths. If you're looking to get that hair very short, you can still use The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. Remove the cutting guard. The safety features on this trimmer allow you to shave with it. It'll be fine. You should take your time to avoid mistakes and accidentally shaving where you don't want to remove hair, but you can go for a close shave without fear.

If you're a guy who wants that razor finish, that's fine. Remove as much hair as you can with The Lawn Mower trimmer. Then, get some shaving cream or gel and lather your pit. Any safety razor is fine for this job, but make sure it's not the same one you use on your face. As we discussed earlier, the bacteria in your pits are different from what is normally on your face (hence the odor), and you don't want to mix them.

Use short strokes and keep the skin taut as you go. Take your time, and you'll be fine.


Once the hair is gone, you aren't finished. It's always good to shower after a shave. There are two things you want to do. The first is to wash your body. Getting rid of hair clippings will keep you comfortable throughout the day, but there's more to it. Since you just shaved, you increased your risk of a skin infection. If you wash the shaved skin, you do a lot to prevent any infections, so make sure you use soap (we're fans of Crop Cleanser™ body wash).

The second reason to shower is to exfoliate the area you just shaved. Shaving pushes a punch of dead skin cells into your pores. Exfoliating clears the pores and removes clogging of the hair follicles, which can help prevent ingrown hairs.

The Manscaped™ Crop Cleanser®


Once you're out of the shower (and dry), you want to moisturize. Crop Cleanser body wash is good for skin hydration, but a little lotion after a shave is the best. It will go a long way toward avoiding razor bumps and general irritation. If your skin is particularly sensitive, use something with Aloe Vera in it. Your skin will thank you.

So that's the methodology behind properly shaving your armpits. You can extend the tips and techniques to the rest of your arms, too. If you've been getting cut, minimizing arm hair will help those muscles pop. 

 And for the visual guys among you, here's a video to help coach you through:



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