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How to shave your balls safely

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how to shave your balls safely

Below-the-waist grooming is an essential part of a man's hygiene routine, including knowing how to shave your balls. It's no longer acceptable to splash water on your face and run out the door. Today's refined gentleman needs to get control of the hair not only on his face but on his body, specifically on the area below the waist. A man's private parts need careful grooming. Male grooming involves several steps to be successful. And how do we measure success? By appearance, scent, and the reaction from a man's significant other.

Male grooming necessarily means taking care of the hair and skin in a man's genital region. Hair removal or minimization is a big step. Some accomplish it with an electric trimmer or a razor (or both). We here at MANSCAPED™ are experts (obviously) at shaving one's balls. But not just shaving your balls, but shaving them safely. Here's how to shave your balls safely, courtesy of the refined gents at MANSCAPED. Safety is essential, as cutting the scrotum's skin can lead to severe infections and other health issues.

5 steps for shaving your balls

Prepare your bathroom

Get your bathroom ready. And by prepared, we don't mean clean it up -- we mean try to keep it clean! Grab a Magic Mat shaving mat and place it carefully on the floor. Not only does the Magic Mat keep your bathroom from falling victim to hundreds of errant hairs, but it will also keep you laughing with its extensive collection of funny articles, obits, advice columns, and more. Just don't laugh too hard -- you may lose grip. After trimming or shaving, you can fold up the shaving mat (after you've read everything, of course) and toss it in the trash. No-fuss. No muss!

Magic Mat For Shaving Your Balls

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Position yourself

Remove your underpants and place your feet wider than your shoulders while still staying on the Magic Mat. This position will enable you to quickly reach your nether region (they don't call it the nether region for nothing!).

Grab your ball trimmer

Grab your trimmer. We recommend MANSCAPED'S The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 for its custom engineering and specifically-for-your-junk design. It has a ton of genital-friendly features for refining highly sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas. Its compact size fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy. Here's what it features:

  1. Powerful 7,000 RPM motor
  2. Cordless, battery-operated
  3. Safety guards to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts
  4. Multi-adjustable cut length
  5. The perfect complement to the rest of the MANSCAPED product line
  6. Long-lasting 90-minute runtime life
  7. Hygienic replaceable ceramic blades
  8. Non-slip, palm grip assembly
  9. Waterproof

Choose your cut length, start at the top of your bush, trim there, then slowly take the trimmer down and around your testicles. You'll be impressed by its speed and the way it leaves your hair short and even.

The MANSCAPED Crop Cleanser

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Rinse off your loose ball hair in the shower 

Hop in the shower -- it's time to wash away any hair that's stuck to your body, and time to cleanse your hair and skin to get ready for the day (or the night, wink). After using The Lawn Mower 4.0 to make your manhood into a thing of beauty, get it smelling as good as it looks by using Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash from MANSCAPED. This cleanser is a one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning you from head to toe. All you need is a small amount. Lather up and rinse thoroughly. Crop Cleanser will leave your skin clean and moisturized, not overly dry.

Moisturize & deodorize your nuts

After you hop out of the shower and towel off, it's time to put the finishing touches on your family jewels; it's time to make them shine if you will. For this, you'll need Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant and Crop Reviver™ ball toner. Both of these products serve very different purposes, as you'll learn shortly. Crop Preserver is a unique gel that goes on dry. It keeps your nuts both moisturized AND deodorized. Since the skin on your testicles is sensitive, it requires specifically formulated products like Crop Preserver to keep it moisturized yet dry. The deodorizing factor keeps your balls from sweating and stinking to high heaven. Ending the day with your balls stuck to your leg doesn't have to be a thing any longer. With Crop Preserver moisturizing deodorant, your balls will be cool, calm, and collected by the end of the day, we promise! Just put some Crop Preserver in the palm of your hands, and apply on and around the ball sack.

After using Crop Preserver, it's now time for Crop Reviver. This miracle in a bottle is what fertilizer is for crops. An allover body toner, when used below the waist, Crop Reviver tones and adds an extra-fresh touch to your manhood. Not only can you use it as the final step in your male grooming routine after shaving your balls, but you can also use Crop Reviver anytime you need a quick fresh-me-up--whether that's before a date, after a long walk at lunch, or in the locker room.

The Perfect Package 4.0

Now you know how to shave your balls

After you go through these steps, you should now know how to shave your balls safely with these simple steps:

  • Start by prepping your bathroom
  • Use the right tools for the job
  • Finish off by using formulations that enhance and complement your trimming and shaving efforts

With all of this, your below-the-waist grooming efforts will be noticed not only in the bedroom but by the increased confidence others will see outside the bedroom. Check out how you can score some Manscaped discounts that will save you ton's on your male grooming products.



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