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How to shave your balls safely.

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How to shave your balls safely.

Here’s a fun fact: Nobody likes hairy balls. Don’t even try to argue with us. Do something about the situation down there. 

Shaving your balls is just another part of a man’s overall grooming routine. You need to wash your hair, trim your beard, slick down your eyebrows, groom your body hair, get rid of a little extra bush, deodorize appropriately, spritz on a little smelly good stuff, and SHAVE YOUR BALLS.  

Taking a 30-second shower and calling yourself clean is not acceptable. Not. Acceptable.  

Not only is cleaning and shaving your balls a good idea on a hygienic level, but a hair-free set of gonads just makes them look a little more… handsome. Go with us on this one. Balls are not the most attractive part of a man’s anatomy—all floppy with lots of skin folds—so giving them a little attention will actually help make them more attractive.  

Anyway, we promise when someone else sees your hairless nuts, they’ll appreciate them too. If nothing else, shave those bad boys for the sake of your partner or those who see you naked in a locker room. Your well-groomed balls will encourage others to take care of their own and this, gentlemen, is how we start a ball-shaving revolution. 

Welcome to the club.  

the lawn mower 4.0

Now that we've convinced you that shaving your balls is a must, it’s a good thing our team here at MANSCAPED® are kind of experts in the ball shaving area. We’ve got you.  

We'll take you through every step needed to shave your balls safely and will do our best to make sure you don’t do something like cut off your nut sack. We also don’t want you to get something nasty happening down there like a razor burn or any type of infected cut. We’ve taken all of these risks into consideration.  

Yes, yes, we know we’re talking about taking a razor-sharp… uh, razor, to your balls. 

Don’t freak out. And hear us out. 

It might sound scary and you might be intimidated, but trust us. Trust the MANSCAPED® team and take control of the unacceptable hair mess that is your scrotum right now.  

If you take your time, pay attention, and have the right tools for the job, you'll have the best version of your balls every time.  

We have 6 tested, approved, and safe steps for you to take so you can shave your balls unscathed: 

  1. Prepare your bathroom 
  2. Position thyself 
  3. Ball trimmer time 
  4. Shower time 
  5. Enter the not-so-scary razor 
  6. Finish the job 

 Let’s do this! 

1. Prepare your bathroom

For some of you, we probably need to launch into a lecture about keeping your bathroom clean. However, for the sake of time, when we say “prepare your bathroom” for shaving your balls, we're more concerned with prepping the space to catch thousands of little hair pieces. 

Tending to your nuts means you're going to need to spread out a little, so making sure you have enough room to really get in there is part of the prep. We also suggest choosing a spot in your bathroom with a clear view in a mirror and where the lighting is good.   

Once you have enough working space, The Magic Mat® is your new best friend. You want to keep all of the hair trimmings in one place for easy clean up, so having something under you is important.  

A section of newspaper or paper towels will also do, but they won’t have the entertainment value of The Magic Mat®. If you’re good about laundry, a bathmat is also sufficient as long as you roll it up and put it straight in the washing machine afterward. You don't want to finish grooming and walk out of the bathroom with pubic hair all over the bottom of your feet. Let’s not be that person.  

2. Position thyself the magic mat

The beginning part of shaving your balls actually begins outside of the shower. After prepping your bathroom, get off those undies and get ready to stretch. For this to really work, we suggest spreading your legs out so your feet are wider than your shoulders. This will really allow you to get in there and work.  

3. Ball trimmer time

It's never a good idea to take a razor blade directly to an area with a lot of hair, so giving it a little trim first is necessary.  

Bathroom prepped: Check.  

The Magic Mat® (or equivalent) is in place: Check. 

Assume the position: Check. 

Now grab your trimmer and guards. We recommend MANSCAPED'S The Lawn Mower® 4.0 groin trimmer for its custom engineering and specifically-for-your-junk design, but it’s not like we’re biased or anything.  

This article is specifically focusing on your balls, but you might be in a situation where a full down-there grooming session is in order. Using the trimmer with a guard, go ahead and trim down that bush. A little bit at a time will do because once it’s gone, it’s gone. After the bush is tamed, then take that guarded trimmer to your shaft and down below.  

The goal is to have a short and even trim of the shaft and ball hair to prep it for full shaving.  

Since you’re still assuming the position, you'll need to use your non-trimmer hand to move some things around to get the hair everywhere. Little to the right, trim. Little to the left, trim. Pull them down, trim. Pull them up, trim. Pull them to one side, trim. Pull them to the other side, trim.  

Pull things gently, but nice and taut so nothing gets caught accidentally and so you get an even trim. 

Well done, sir. Well done. 

Hygiene note: Don’t forget to switch out your blades every three months to keep things fresh and clean. For easy, automatic blade replacements (and VIP pricing), just sign up for the Peak Hygiene Plan and get replacement blades and another product of your choice shipped every three months. And with the Peak Hygiene Plan’s Platinum Warranty, you get a new Lawn Mower® if anything goes wrong with it—for life! 

4. Shower time

ultra premium shampoo + conditioner

At this time, get rid of that mat so you don’t have pubic hair all over the floor of your bathroom and then hop in the shower.  

Take a few minutes and rinse off any hair that's stuck to your body and suds up with some MANSCAPED® Ultra Premium™ Body Wash, Ultra Premium™ 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, and Crop Cleanser®. Once you're squeaky clean from head to toe and everywhere in between, zoom in on that groin of yours.  

You should hopefully notice that your balls are relaxed and hanging a bit. Shaving your balls is safer when your balls aren't tucked into yourself and are all scrunchy. They need to be hanging and exposed for that close, smooth shave. 

5. Enter the not-so-scary razor 

You know that “Position Thyself” section above? Time to assume that stance again, this time in the shower.  

We suggest two major tools for this step: 

  • Soap or shaving gel like Crop Gel™ (which is clear, so you can see things better) 
  • A high quality, fresh, clean, and sharp razor like The Crop Shaver™ (which just happens to be designed for the express purpose of shaving your nuts) 

 Here are the steps to the smoothest balls around: 

  • First, lather it up down there. You want the razor to glide so you can make one smooth stroke.  
  • Next, with one hand, grip the razor and with the other hand, grip yourself. 
  • Now to the balls. 
  • Go ahead and pull those boys out a little so they're taut and you have a good amount of surface area to work with. The recommended shaving technique is similar to what we said with the trimmer. 
  • Little to the right, shave. Little to the left, shave. Pull them down, shave. Pull them up, shave. Pull them to one side, shave. Pull them to the other side, shave. 
  • Then, touch your balls. Miss a spot? Shave. You might want to reapply Crop Gel™ from time to time to keep everything running smoothly, and don’t forget to rinse the blade after every stroke.  
  • When you think you’ve got everything completely shaved and everything is feeling smooth, rinse again and you should be good to go tackle the day.    

the crop shaver

Finish the job

Hop out of the shower, dry off, and now to finish the job. It’s time to put the final touches on your family jewels. 

Enter Crop Preserver® ball deodorant and Crop Reviver® ball toner. 

Crop Preserver® is a unique gel that goes on dry. It keeps your nuts both moisturized AND deodorized. Since the skin on your testicles is sensitive, it requires specifically formulated products like Crop Preserver® to keep it moisturized yet dry. The deodorizing factor keeps your balls from sweating and stinking to high heaven. Ending the day with your balls stuck to your leg doesn't have to be a thing any longer. Just put some Crop Preserver® in the palm of your hands and apply on and around the groin area. 

After using Crop Preserver®, it's time for Crop Reviver®. This miracle in a bottle is to balls what fertilizer is to crops. Though it’s an all-over body toner, when used below the waist, Crop Reviver® tones and adds an extra-fresh touch to your manhood. Not only can you use it as the final step in your male grooming routine after shaving your balls, but you also can use Crop Reviver® any time you need a quick fresh-me-up. 

After using Crop Preserver® and Crop Reviver® you might want to wait a few minutes to dress just to let everything really soak in. A newly shaved pair of balls might feel a little different afterward and you might have a few new sensations down there at the beginning. Totally normal. That’s what a smoothly shaved set of testicles feels like. Oh, so good.  

Important note: Do not go about using that freshly shaved member of yours immediately. While it might be tempting to have others experience your newly shaved area right away, we recommend just waiting a little. You don’t want to irritate a freshly shaved space right out of the gate. This will get better and better the more you actually pay attention to the area and shave regularly, but for your first time, wait… like a day or at least a good few hours.  

Good to go 

Everybody is different, and that means pubic hair growth appears at a different rate as well. However, for most men, we recommend trimming your pubic area and shaving your balls once a week.  

If you're new to ball shaving products and equipment, a good place to start is our Ultra Smooth Package.  

Breathe. Take your time and be amazed by how good your freshly shaved balls look and feel. Good luck!



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