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How to Shave Your Bum Area

Manliness. It is a concept both simple and intricate. It has evolved over the centuries, and the things we value in a man today are sometimes vastly different from men of the past. Despite all of that, there is one universal truth that has persisted throughout human history. Ass hair is gross. Sure, it probably kept our predecessors from dying in an ice age or whatever, but there’s no question that butt fur presents a unique set of problems to any man. That’s doubly true in the modern age.

They say that modern problems need modern solutions, but that’s true for ancient problems too. You need a reliable way to manage your butt hair and keep things civilized below the belt. The solution is obvious, but it isn’t simple. You need to know how to shave your bum area. Well, gents, that knowledge is coming your way. Strap in, and welcome to modern manhood.


There are a number of ways to tackle ass hair; shaving is only one of them. But, the title promised you a shaving tutorial, so we’ll start there. Later, we’ll talk about shaving alternatives and when they are and aren’t the better option. But, for now, we don’t want to keep you waiting in anticipation. Let’s learn how to shave an ass.

Why Should You Shave Your Butt?

Before we can even begin to explain the shaving process, we have to tackle a little philosophy. Shaving involves scraping a sharp blade against your skin. Doing it on your bum is particularly difficult, and until you have experience, it certainly seems risky. Why should you do it?

For most men, sex is the most compelling argument for shaving the ass. Hairy butts just aren’t attractive. You will have more luck in the bedroom if you trim the lawn, and it will invite some bedroom experiences that should never be taken for granted. We’ll avoid the more graphic explanations.

Aside from sex, a shave butt is a clean butt. If you get between the cheeks and to the anus itself, you’re removing a lot of hair that collects prizes for you every time you drop the kids off at the pool. Who needs that in their life? This isn’t just psychological cleanliness. Once you shave, you’ll genuinely feel different, and that positive feeling usually translates to better confidence, increased sexiness and all of the good things that come with a positive mentality. You’ll really have to experience the hair-free lifestyle to truly understand.


Safety First

There’s something else we need to cover before we get into the nuts and bolts of shaving your behind. Once again, you’re applying a razor blade to your ass. There are risks if you aren’t smart about this. The very first safety rule is to use a clean razor. Grooming brings up the problem of cross-contamination. This is the peak of cross contamination. You don’t want to shave your face with something that touched your butt hole. The reverse is just as important. Any shaving you have done with a razor will expose it to microbes. You don’t want to introduce those microbes to your anus (yes, anal shaving is included in this tutorial).

So, have a dedicated blade for you butt. If for any reason you can’t do that, sterilize your razor after every use. A little alcohol followed by a warm water rinse will do the trick.

Tools for the Job

Ok. Now, we can get down to business. You need a few tools for a successful shave. As you’ve already surmised, a razor is essential. We recommend The Plow. It’s specifically designed for manscaping — especially when it comes to the more difficult body parts.

In addition to a razor, you need lubricant. This is trickier than you might think. Most shaving creams and gels are designed for your face. You might not think that matters, but they tend to be strongly scented. When something strongly scented makes it up the hole, it feels like the fires from a thousand suns. You want to find the gentlest, unscented cream or gel that you can. It’s important.

The third item in your butt-shaving kit is easy to overlook. You want a Magic Mat shaving mat. It’s a newspaper you throw on the ground to catch the mess, and it’s particularly nice to not have to struggle with cleaning ass hair. 

Lastly, you need a hand mirror. Multiple hand mirrors would be even better, but at least one mobile mirror gets the job done. In a pinch, some guys use their phones, but we shouldn’t have to explain why that’s problematic. Be an adult and invest in a mirror. 

Doing It Right

The very best way to shave your hairy butt is to have someone else do it. Ok. Tutorial over! But seriously, the logistics of this task are not simple, and it’s easy to cut yourself when you aren’t used to the methods. Literally anyone can do a better job than you can. Admittedly, that’s a lot to ask of another human being. So, if you’re doing this yourself, there is a proven method.

First, lay down your Magic Mat. Set the mirror (or mirrors) on the mat and squat over them. Don’t even think about picking up the razor until you’ve tested your balance and you are stable over your mirrors. Plenty of guys struggle with this, so there’s a trick you can try. Squat with your back against a wall. It will get uncomfortable, but it makes the balance part a lot easier. Regardless, play with your setup until you’re sure you can safely manage the razor.

how to shave your bum area

Once you’re situated, you can apply your lube and start shaving. For the most part, shaving your ass is like shaving anything else. You want to focus on short, controlled strokes. Absolutely do not go against the grain. That will leave you with mad razor burn, and you don’t want to have an itchy butt for a full two days after you shave. That’s the opposite of the confident, sexy feel we’re trying to attain.

When it’s time to move from the outer cheeks to the crack, you’re going to have to spread yourself to keep going. It’s a two-handed job, and here’s where things get a little weird. If you can’t balance without a hand on the ground, you want to try propping your mirror on the wall and laying on your back (ass pointed at the mirror). This is going to give you a great ab workout, and it’s not ideal for the entire shave, but it can give you the means to get between your cheeks.

While you’re in there, you will come up to the anus itself. If you have a steady hand, a shaved anus is a wonderful thing. If you’re nervous, skip it the first time and work up to it. Even the smallest nick down there will not feel good. 

A Fair Warning 

Since this is a tutorial, it’s important to give you the total disclaimer. Shaving between the cheeks means that you will ultimately have stubble there. Try to imagine that for a moment. You’re basically creating natural sandpaper on each side of your butt. It can be miserable. You don’t want to shave between the cheeks unless you have something that can soften those hairs. With such a product, the stubble is no longer a problem, but you need to remember that a lot of products are too harsh for this part of your body. Don’t even think about touching traditional aftershave. Instead, you want something unscented with aloe vera. Consider testing it on other sensitive skin before you commit to shaving. 

There Are Alternatives to Shaving

Shaving is the most convenient and affordable way to keep your butt clean. Even though there is a risk of cuts, it’s typically the least painful route too. Most importantly, it’s one of the few you can reliably do yourself. That said, there are reasons to consider alternative methods. Whether it’s time management, cost or something else on your mind, we’re going to cover ass-hair maintenance in complete detail.


Technically, you can wax your own ass. Our opinion is that the primary reason to consider waxing is to enlist professional services. They’ll have butt-approved soothing creams among other resources that make this process less awful than it could be. All of that aside, waxing lasts longer than shaving. It keeps you from having to fight this battle so often, and there’s a lot of convenience in that longevity. Waxed hair also tends to grow back softer than shaved hair, so you win over there.

But, we’d be doing you a disservice if we ignored the downside. Waxing can be painful. Waxing between the cheeks absolutely will sting like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It is bearable. Plenty of guys have survived. But, you need to be prepared for pain. You’ll sit gingerly for a couple of hours after your first waxing session. If you’re extra sensitive or extra furry, you might sit gingerly for a whole day.

how to shave your bum area


Why in the name of all that is good would you want to pluck your ass? What’s wrong with you?! Despite what you might think, plucking that much hair will leave you a bloody mess. The skin is going to be completely raw, and you won’t be able to sit normally for days. Worst of all, plucked hair will eventually grow back. This is not a permanent solution. It might last longer than shaving, but at what cost? Save the plucking for smaller, reasonable jobs like maintaining your eyebrows. Your ass deserves better than that. 


It is possible to use hair removal cream on your buttocks, but you need to be extremely careful. Even the gentlest and kindest cream will completely destroy you if it gets into the anus. You’re a brave man if you go this route. Triple check every review. Learn from the mistakes of others. If you’re extremely careful, you might succeed in this endeavor. Then again, you might end up another voice in the comments warning everyone else not to follow your footsteps.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is legit. The science and technology have advanced rapidly in the last few years. It’s viable in a lot more cases than it used to be, and it really can be permanent (although results vary). Here are a few things you need to know about laser removal. First, home kits are a pipe dream. They exist, but they’re far less effective, and they’re not practical for self-lasering ass hair. If you have a special someone who can help, and you’re a candidate for the home kit (it mostly depends on hair color), then there’s a chance it will work. 

Professional laser removal gets vastly better results. It’s not cheap, but the idea of never again having to battle ass hair just might be worth it. We’ll leave it to you.

The Total Grooming Experience

We’ve covered the ass in extensive detail. What you’ve read so far should be enough to get you smooth and happy on your bottom. Here’s the thing. Male grooming is about a lot more than having hairless body parts. It’s a process and a philosophy. So, whether you’re grooming your ass or any other part of your body, it’s important to understand all of the steps beyond the application of a razor.

Trimming Is Key 

We skipped this in the tutorial, but it’s always a good idea to trim body hair before you shave it. It just makes things easier. With The Lawn Mower 2.0, you’re set to have an easy trim, even when you’re working the ass. Don’t forget your Magic Mat, and for the bum, the technique mirrors everything we just explained for razor work. When you’re not worried about your behind, grooming still starts with the trimmer. 

Shaving Is Second

We already covered this in enough detail. Suffice it to say that your shaving technique will depend on the part of your body that gets shaved, but shaving comes after trimming. 

Showering Feels Great

how to shave your bum area

The major step everyone gets wrong is the shower. You want to shower after you shave. This cleans the skin. It removes cut hair so it won’t itch. More importantly, it helps you avoid infections in the skin. Even tiny cuts can host bacteria if they aren’t washed, so always shower after you shave (or at least wash the area that you shaved).

Showering does more than just fight bacteria. It’s also the first step in healing damage. You just hatcheted your body to get rid of hair. That leaves some amount of skin and hair damage. A shower with Crop Cleanser hair and body wash will apply healing formulas to the affected areas. You’ll find reduced instances of irritation and razor burn, and your skin will feel great. If you think a smooth ass is nice, wait until your smooth ass is invigorated by Crop Cleanser.

You’re Not Done Yet

After you shower, there’s a little more care to apply. You want to gently towel dry. Then, you want to apply Crop Preserver ball deodorant. Since this tutorial focused on asses, we need to explain a little. Crop Preserver is ball deodorant, and that’s where it shines. You should always apply it after grooming the boys. When it comes to the ass and chode, Crop Preserver is plenty gentle, and the formula is as good for that skin as for your scrotum, but there’s an important exception. This deodorant is not designed for the anus. It shouldn’t go between your cheeks. It is scented, and we’ve covered how that can be a problem on the butt hole.

That same disclaimer goes for Crop Reviver toner (and Crop Mop ball wipes). It’s a toner with a special formula that helps you heal from grooming. One of the key ingredients is aloe vera, and it feels great after a shave. But, it’s also scented, so this is the wrong treatment for the anus itself.

Congratulations! You’re now a verified, ass-shaving groomer. You have the knowledge. You can get the tools at MANSCAPED.COM. All you need now is experience. Stop delaying and get that ass pristine. You’ll love the way it feels, and it will drive you to experiment with more advanced grooming and lifestyle enhancements. You don’t know it yet, but your life is only just beginning.


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