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How to Shave Your Mankini Line with The Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to Shave Your Mankini Line with The Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer

Manscaping is an art. There are countless ways to approach it, and everyone with sufficient experience will argue about the best ways to do it. We can’t resist chipping in our own lessons, so today we are going to discuss mankinis. They’re becoming a classic look for a man, and our new Lawn Mower 3.0 will lead you to a better mankini than ever before.


Shaving pubes can be a rough experience if you don’t go about it the right way. A good shave starts long before you grab a blade. You have to do the prep work, or you risk severe backlash from irritated skin and violent pubes. We talk about the ideal manscaping routine a lot, and its primary purpose is to keep your skin and body hair in good condition at all times. If you follow the routine, you’ve done most of the prep work ahead of time. 

This preparation starts in the shower. Crop Cleanser is amazing. It’s not magical enough to overcome your laziness, though. Just lathering a little soap and rinsing it won’t get the job done. You have to exfoliate. It is the action of exfoliating that stimulates skin and hair follicles. Once stimulated, they respond better to the formula in Crop Cleanser, and you get the conditions that are right for shaving. Got it? 

After the shower, you reinforce your treatments with Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The deodorant will prevent embarrassing flop sweats from rinsing away the hydrating effects of the other formulas, and Crop Reviver will ensure that proper hydration levels last throughout the day.

Keep in mind that even though this is prep work: you don’t want to do it immediately before showering. If your daily hygiene routine contains these three elements, then you can shave whenever you want and just follow up with a shower afterward. That follow up will ensure that any irritation borne of shaving will be treated right away, and you’ll skip the itchiness and burning that plagues manscaping neophytes.

Extra Prep

Some of you are cursed. No matter how hard you try, your skin still erupts in red bumps after any shave. You follow all of the advice blogs and experts, and it still isn’t enough. For you, we have an extra step of prep that should help. If you’re a regular guy without this problem, feel free to skip to the next step.

Ok. Your extra preparation is pretty simple. You’re going to add an exfoliating step right before you apply your trimmer. Basically, the regular routine is the same, but when you’re ready to groom, you’re going to use a warm washcloth, with Crop Cleanser, to exfoliate the area you are about to assault. It doesn’t require an extra shower, but after the gentle exfoliation, pat dry. Then, you can apply some moisturizer and get to work. This will give you the best defense against your sad, sensitive skin. 

SkinSafe™ Technology

The prep work is done. Now you’re ready to grab the Lawn Mower 3.0 and get to business. Here’s a friendly reminder: don’t forget your Magic Mat. The key to using the 3.0 to its fullest is to make use of SkinSafe™ technology. This includes a whole bunch of different features and innovations.

When you’re going for a mankini line, It’s usually easiest to trim everything with the longest guard first (or whichever guard you know is the longest you want in the area). This reduces wily hairs and makes it easier to see your lines. When you’re ready to field the sharp mankini line itself, you can remove all of the guards. The SkinSafe design will allow you to push in more freely than other trimmers would permit, and you can get a properly close trim exactly where you want it. In short, you can be aggressive.

Free Hands

A few other design features of the 3.0 enable you to approach your mankini trim with more freedom than ever before. You’ll notice that the trimmer is cordless. It also utilizes a polycarbonate frame that enhances your grip. These features give you the power to approach your mankini line from any angle. That’s important -- especially for you sensitive-skinned fellas out there.

You want to optimize your freedom by trimming with the grain as much as possible. For some really ambitious manscaping designs, you’ll have to break from that philosophy, but trimming with the grain as much as possible will reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that you want to trim and shave in the same direction. Ingrown hairs mostly happen because shaving doesn’t cut the hair flat, and this can push it under the skin when it continues to grow. Adding angles to the tip of the hair is exactly what you want to avoid.

the lawn mower 3.0.

Cleanliness Matters

The technique for mankini trimming isn’t overly complicated. Keep the grain and shaving strokes in mind and you’ll be fine. One point that is overlooked by too many guys is cleanliness. We talk about it a lot, and for good reason. You’re going to be tempted to have one body-hair trimmer. When you use the same device on hair for your chest, feet, armpits and crotch, you will get microbial cross-contamination.

Here’s another way to think about it. If you get athlete's foot, you don’t want your trimmer to spread that stuff to your junk. The 3.0 will help you overcome your tendency to be a filthy excuse for a human being. You can just get a couple of extra blade heads and dedicate each one to a region of your body. The one that services your crotch should only service your crotch. You should also wash it after each use. That will help you avoid itchy conditions that make manscaping miserable.

The Final Stage

After you shave, there are a few important things to do. Naturally, you want to continue your normal routine of shower, apply deodorant and spritz Crop Reviver. Aside from that, there are a few specific things to take into account when you shave the mankini line. The first thing you want to do is inspect your work. Make sure it looks exactly how you want it to look. Sometimes the effects of a shower will highlight subtle grooming mistakes. It’s annoying, but it’s better to know. When in doubt, you can grab your Speedo or some tighty-whiteys and see if the lines are where you want them.

Inspection aside, you also want to take care of your mankini. That means no tight clothes right after a shave. They’ll hurt, and they contribute to ingrown hairs. Ideally, you’ll give the skin a full day of rest before you grab your tightest boating shorts or skinny jeans. If you’re really in the bind, schedule yourself a few hours to recover. There is no magic timeline, but if the skin no longer feels uncomfortable and doesn’t look red, you’re probably ok.

There you have it, gents. That’s how you can make use of advanced manscaping technology and great technique to give yourself the best possible mankini shave. If you want to learn about tons of other tips and tricks, keep checking in with



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