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How to Shave Your Pubic Hair: The Complete Guide

It wasn't too long ago that people would look at a guy sideways if he thought about trimming his pubes. And *gasp*! What if he actually wanted to go completely bare down there?!

Those days are long gone, because manscaping has found its way into guys' lives, and it's here to stay. Men everywhere are embracing the benefits that come from trimming, shaving, and applying products to their pelvic regions. With this revolution changing the way men everywhere treat their shafts and balls, more and more guys are working their ways into well-kept crotch regimens. It goes without saying, though, that there can be a learning curve for people who have never tried to trim or shave their pubic areas. 

Fortunately, Manscaped has come to the rescue. Here's your all-in-one guide to shaving your pubic hair properly.

Should You Shave Your Pubes?

Before you put the blades to your skin, make sure this is the right choice for you. Some guys prefer to stop at trimming, rather than shaving it all the way to the skin. Other guys focus on removing hair from their balls and shaft while keeping a little tuft around the top. Of course, it's just hair, and it'll grow back, so it's completely fine to experiment. As long as you take your time and shave using the right tools and methods, your manpiece will be left intact and you can try a different look on your next go-around.

To be honest, it's no accident that shaving's become so popular. 

  • Less hair makes your shaft look bigger
  • Your partner won't be faced with unnecessary natural floss
  • You'll feel more sensation during sexual escapades when your body isn't lined with a barrier of fur
  • A well-groomed crotch harbors fewer odor-causing bacteria

Not to mention, you'll just feel more confident about yourself when you walk into a room. Sure, the overwhelming majority of people you encounter will never come face-to-face with your shaven place, but you'll know you took the time and effort to do something that makes you feel good. That's what's important.

Once you've decided that shaving is the right thing to do for your own nether region, here's what you need to know:

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair: The Complete Guide

1. Start by Quickly Washing Your Southern Section

Your body accumulates a lot of sweat and bacteria as the day goes on. Even if you're manscaping first thing in the morning, you've likely incorporated some colonies of grossness between your legs while you were busy enjoying your REM cycles. Is it a pleasant thing to think about? Of course not. But it's important to be aware of this fact so you can avoid catastrophes that can come from nicks and cuts when your sack's not clean.

Don't hop in the shower just yet, though. Simply take a warm washcloth to your balls, along with a cleanser that's formulated for this particular area. Crop Cleanser is the perfect solution for this task. It's pH-balanced and created with ingredients such as aloe and sea salt to ensure your guys get clean before you get to work.

2. Always Trim First

Here's a secret: some guys stick to scissors, but they're leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to creating an even landscape. Not to mention, scissors are pointy and sharp by nature. Do you really want something pointy and sharp lingering around your private parts? Sure, you may feel more comfortable with scissors because you've used them your entire life and you feel like you're in control of the patterns and shapes they make, but one slip of your wrist or sneeze while you're snipping can lead to disastrous results. 

Here's another point of caution: always avoid trimmers that have rotating, circular blades. They may seem harmless in the packaging, but when you put them around your package, they'll pull and tug in ways we wouldn't even wish on our worst enemies. Coarse pubic hair is primed for pain if you use a trimmer that has rotating blades, particularly if it's long (which is likely is if you're giving it a trim).

To avoid the aforementioned mishaps, stick with The Lawn Mower 2.0. With its horizontal, ceramic blades and SkinSafe™ blades, there's really no other tool you should use on your own tool. It's designed with caution in mind, keeping your privates clear of any tangling or pulling because it simply feeds the hair into its blades, which are powered by a 6,000 RPM motor. In a minute or two, you'll have a fresh trim without any problems.

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair: The Complete Guide

3. Shave Carefully

Don't do yourself an injustice by performing a rush-job on your junk. Besides the fact that you might miss embarrassing strip of hair that would probably look better if all the hair was there, you could seriously injure yourself. After all, you're bringing a blade near your balls. Enough said!

Make sure you're armed with a razor that's intended to go below the belt. The Plow is the premier below-the-belt razor because it's built with high-quality, stainless steel and a double-edged, single-blade design. Thanks to the engineering that was specifically put into this item, you'll be able to shave your sensitive parts without worry.

  • Start with the Hard-to-Reach Bits. Begin with your balls because they require the most attention and time. If you tire out or run out of time, you can always leave your trimmed pelvic region as-is and feel good about the effort you put forth.
  • Lather Up. Never—we repeat: NEVER—shave your balls or sensitive spots without first adding a lubricant to your skin that'll facilitate the process. Pre-shave oils and shaving lather create a barrier between your sensitive bits and the razor blade. A good product also helps soften the hair so it's more pliable before you start shaving.
  • Get Into Position. Given the fact that your balls naturally hang between your legs, they're typically out of reach in a normal standing position. To get into a stable situation where you can easily grab onto them, prop one leg on the toilet and gently pull your scrotum skin taut. This is important because wrinkly skin is begging to be nicked and cut. Pulling it tight ensures a smooth shave without forcing your razor to overcome the ebbs and flows of your lower region.
  • Shave. Make sure you're working with a new, clean razor. Going against the grain will get you a nice, close shave, but if you're new to the game, you might want to shave with the grain at least the first few times you manscape so you can get used to the feeling and understand how your skin will respond to the process. Start with light, short strokes, especially in the farthest and lowest spots. This isn't the time to check the clock and try to race to the finish line! Gentle, short strokes will enable you to capture the hair within the blades of your razor without adding irritation or other negative results to your skin. Be sure to rinse your blade after every stroke or two to get the excess hair and shaving solution out of the blades. Once the more sensitive spots are contained, you can take care of the rest of your pelvic region.

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair: The Complete Guide

4. Shower

Now that your hair's out of the way, you can hop into the shower to get off the rest of your body's grime and let the drain take care of those leftover hairs. Again, it's important to utilize a body wash that's meant to go to work on a man's specific parts so you can be sure you're getting rid of all the dirt and grime that goes on down there. Manscaped's Crop Cleanser is a great post-shave body wash because the aloe is soothing to the sensitive skin that's just encountered the razor blades. Plus, the sea salt adds an extra bit of soothing comfort to skin that might otherwise be inclined to feel itchy or uncomfortable.

5. Protect Your Balls

Making the hair go away is only half the battle; you still need to do right by your boys and ensure they're got a protective barrier of anti-bacterial protection that'll see them through everything the day throws at them. Crop Preserver is a ball deodorant that comes in a quick-absorbing, liquid-talcum-like formulation. Its sole purpose is to combat the bacteria that can make your freshly shaven balls smell really bad when things get hot and sweaty inside your briefs. 

6. Spritz On a Final Layer of Protection

One last word: now that you've shaved your balls and cleaned your body, be kind to your skin by spritzing on an anti-chaffing toner that'll keep those high-friction areas operating at their best. Crop Reviver is an anti-burn, anti-inflammatory spritz made of aloe and witch hazel to help cool and comfort your hottest parts.

If you're ready to remove unwanted hair and enjoy the benefits that occur when your crotch is free and clear of fuzzy clutter, we're here to help. Start by ordering The Perfect Package 2.0 today!




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