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How to trim a mustache

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to trim a mustache

So, you’ve decided to grow a mustache, eh? 

Taking good care of your mustache will make that upper lip of yours happy and keep you looking dashing. But if you’re not careful, mustaches have a way of turning into a pokey mess, and nobody wants to kiss that. 

There is such a thing as too much mustache, so we’re going to help you trim that lip candy. It might be small, but the mustache has the mighty ability to be great if you give it some love and attention. 

Below we’re going to go through some of our top mustache trimming tool suggestions and have seven wonderful steps to help you on your journey. 

Note: For this article we are going to focus on those of you who have mustaches alone. Meaning the rest of your face should be shaved. A lot of our steps are applicable to those looking to trim and shape a beard, but just be aware of where we’re coming from.

Stache tools

the plow 2.0

Before we dive into the steps, let’s make sure you have the right tools for the job first:

Safety razor

Hopefully you already have an amazing safety razor for your face like The Plow® 2.0 (cough, cough). A mustache pops on a smooth face, so you want to be sure you can get that nice, close shave when you need it.

Set of small scissors

Please do not attack your mustache with a pair of office scissors. Invest in a good set of scissors for your facial hair grooming like The Shears 2.0 and you can thank us later. Small scissors will allow you to make small cuts and adjustments so you do not take a chunk out of your top lip.

Mustache comb

You want something small and fine-toothed because you’re dealing with a small area on your face. 

Trimmer with guards

Depending on the bulk of your mustache, this may or may not be necessary, but it’s good to have just in case. Also, trimmers are useful for non-mustache areas, so men need to have these lying around for other uses as well.

Mustache products

You know we love hair products at MANSCAPED™. Styling your mustache is a thing, and there are awesome gels, waxes, and oils out there in the universe. If you want to go really old school, pomade also still exists.

Ok, correct tools, check.

Now let’s do this thing. 

man with mustache

How to trim a mustache (our 7-step guide)

The steps for keeping a mustache trimmed are pretty simple, but we want to encourage you to take…your…time. Trimming a mustache is not something to be rushed, and we suggest zooming in on this part of your face at least once a week. Plan your routine accordingly and be “that guy” with the awesome mustache style because you care. 

Step 1 - Wash that beautiful mug

With shaving and trimming it’s always a good idea to start with a clean mug. Get all the dirt, oil, and grossness off your face. Being hygienic will also help in the case of an accidental nick or cut (bacteria can = infections). 

A little soak in water softens the hair growing out of your face too, which makes it easier to trim and cut, so this is a great first step all around. 

Step 2 - Pat dry and shave

To properly trim a mustache you need to see the ends and do not need the distraction of your stubble. By shaving, you also see how your mustache stands out, and that will allow you to shape it correctly as well. 

Your mustache should be dry before you start trimming because wet hair lays longer. You do not want to accidentally trim off too much. 

Step 3 - Comb the stache

Using a small mustache comb, start by combing through your stache so all the hairs are flat. This also allows you to see the hairs that are too long.

Step 4 - Trim the long ones

After you complete step 3 you should see all the hairs that are growing over your lip. Get rid of those stray hairs by snipping away with your small scissors to the desired length. Everything hanging over the lip needs to be gone. Trust us.

Step 4.1 - Check out the nose hairs and trim

the weed whacker

Nobody wants your nose hairs to become one with your mustache, so since you have the scissors out, trim anything sticking out of your nose. Oooooor invest in the Weed Whacker®. Your weekly mustache trimming routine can now become your weekly nose hair trimming routine as well. We’ve gotcha. 

Step 5 - Access and address the bulk

This can be done with a trimmer and a guard or with your comb and scissors, whatever you’re comfortable with. The goal is to not have a caterpillar chillin’ on your top lip, so start by trimming a little and then keep trimming until it’s the thickness you want. With a comb, comb upwards so the hairs stick out past the teeth (of the comb) and trim. 

Step 6 - Check the shape and ensure clean lines

The ultimate shape of a mustache should be diagonal down the sides of your lips and should look natural at the edge of your mouth. It should be wider than your mouth corners. Use your electric trimmer and scissors to adjust the shape as needed, but remember finesse is important no matter what type of mustache you're going for.

Step 7 - Style it

Twist it up, flatten it down, or keep it in place. Whatever your stache style, using mustache products like oil or wax will hydrate your skin and keep hairs lying flat throughout the day. 

That’s all, mustache folks. 



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