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How to Use Body Wash (The Right Way)

Posted by Quinn L.



How to Use Body Wash (The Right Way)

How to Use Body Wash (The Right Way)

If your body is a temple, what’s a shower? A kingdom? Rain? Either way, it’s sacred. It’s more than a place to scrub and skedaddle. It's a place to get your mind right, wash off the day, or get a fresh start—it’s a ritual. And for some reason, it’s also the first place a woman looks when deciding if you’re decent.

A shower has a massive impact on your life and your psyche, so if it’s even a little out of whack, you will be too. That’s why you need the perfect supplies to create a serene setting. With premium formulations and grooming tools from MANSCAPED®, you’ll be able to treat your body to the best.

If you’re going to shower, make it UltraPremium.

The foundation of a great shower experience is your body wash. Ditch the nine-in-one liquids, because your soap shouldn’t also double as motor oil. For the most refreshing cleanse, you’ll want to choose one that’s concocted specifically to suit your skin.

UltraPremium Body Wash from MANSCAPED® is loaded with cooling aloe vera and refreshing sea salt to help balance and control your body’s natural oils, keeping your skin perfectly hydrated. It also comes in a sleek matte black bottle, designed to impress your guests and add to the overall style of your bathroom.

And if you’re on the move, The Go Bag has you covered with the essentials. This travel-friendly kit includes TSA-approved sizes so you can confidently say "where's the bathroom" in any language.

Smell nice.

The best ice breaker is actually just a pleasant smell. Make sure your aroma sends a good impression with a fragrance that’s equally strong and subtle. And if you want to get selective with your scent, MANSCAPED® offers a range of body washes that are carefully curated to appeal to different preferences.

Opening with a light citrus rush and settling into a dark smoky leather and sambac jasmine, Refined® is for those who aren’t afraid to revel in the spotlight. And if you’re looking for something woodsy yet undeniably fresh, Persevere® is a compelling fragrance with an elegant, modern finish, layering cedarwood with the crisp zest of bergamot and a delicate touch of lavender.

Even with these stellar scents available, if your skin is easily irritated, we recommend a fragrance-free body wash instead.

Warm up to it.

We know you like your showers steaming, but piping hot water can actually strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and cracked. Instead, be like Luke. Warm water and a cool hand open your pores and let the clean seep in. A gentle temperature can also help ease some tension. Rather than flex through the cold or heat, relax and let your shoulders fall with the water.

Prep yourself.

There’s no need to rush your rinse, just let the cascade cover you for a few minutes. This pre-rinse helps clear off any initial surface dirt, sweat, and oils. It also gives you a good base and allows your skin to absorb moisture, making the body wash more effective when applied.

Luxurious lather.

Some say a little dab will do ya. But at MANSCAPED®, we recommend a generous douse. Never short yourself when it comes to a luxury shower experience. While a dollop of product should be sufficient for most individuals, a full coat will have you feeling lush, pampered, and fully satisfied. You can also rub your hands together to create some extra scrub before applying it to your body.

A proper Buffer.

Like a suds-soaked monolith, The Body Buffer is here to enlighten your lather. Your hands work fine, but they’re far from the best tool for the job. With silicone-lengthened bristles, the Body Buffer delivers an enhanced scrub and exfoliation to give you a more effective and enjoyable wash. And because The Body Buffer's bristles are made of non-porous material, they hold on to less bacteria than your loofah would.

Exfoliation is a crucial step in any grooming routine. It helps slough off dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote smoother, healthier skin. Apply your body wash to the buffer and gently rub the product onto your skin in circular motions. Begin with areas that need the most attention and create a natural froth. Your underarms and groin are a good place to start. 

Get inside all your cracks.

Take your time in there and get all your features from your face to your feet. The Body Buffer’s ergonomic no-slip handle makes washing easy, while the compact shape fits into all those nooks and crannies. Use a long-handled brush or a washcloth tied to a back scrubber to reach those tricky spots on your back. For your feet, consider using a pumice stone or foot brush to exfoliate and relieve your dogs.

Send yourself through the spin cycle.

Getting out of the shower and finding some stray suds sucks. Even when you think you’ve got it all, give yourself one more quick rinse for safe measure.

Pat dry.

This isn’t dental care, don’t floss your body. Instead, pat yourself dry gently. This minimizes friction, protects your skin, and helps you retain your moisture.


Bees need honey, trees need sap, and you need to moisturize. It’s a natural step, but it makes all the difference. This step helps lock in your routine, keeping your skin hydrated and feeling good throughout the day. Look for moisturizers with ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or natural oils.

Your skin will thank you.

Elevate your shower routine and give your body the care it deserves. With The Body Buffer, The Go Bag, and two UltraPremium Body Wash options, MANSCAPED® has everything you need for a pure, almost spiritual grooming experience.



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