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What do Manscaped products do?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to use every Manscaped product

Manscaped™ makes a lot of products and they all do something a little different. We have several different skincare applications. We have multiple trimmers, fingernail clippers, and even our own underwear. Having access to all of it is amazing, and we like to believe that we're helping guys around the world by providing them with these great products. That said, tools are only as useful as the person wielding them, and a lot of guys are still unclear on how to make the most of the things we make.

Let's resolve that. We're going to take you through the basic use of all of our primary products. We're pretty sure you don't need advice on how to wear boxers or clip your nails, so we're going to focus on grooming and skincare. Below, you'll find the complete list with enough instructions to make the most of each product.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 Trimmer

The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer sits at the heart of male grooming. It's the device that does the heavy lifting and allows you to enjoy having tamed pubes and body hair in general. Your grooming morning will start with a trim in an ideal situation before you shower and do the rest of your morning preparation. The trimmer works at any time of the day, but we're going to teach you the order of operations as well.

To trim your junk, you want to strip down and lay down a Magic Mat™ shaving mat. The mat is designed to catch the mess if you're dry shaving.

Apply the cutting guard that suits your trim. If you aren't sure where to start, use the longest cutting guard first. You can always make another pass with a shorter guard later if you want things shorter.

With the guard attached, stand over your Mat and do a complete pass over your groin hair. You'll need to use your free hand to manage the junk and balls to do a thorough trim. Once this pass is done, you can stop. If you have more ambitious grooming in mind, feel free to continue.

Throw away your shaving mat, rinse your trimmer, and prepare for a shower. That's all it takes to groom your boys. It's easy, and once you get a little used to it, it goes rather quickly.

Weed Whacker® Trimmer 

weed whacker trimmer

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The Weed Whacker is Manscaped's ear and nose hair trimmer. It's designed to simplify that part of body grooming. It safely allows you to trim hairs inside your ears and nostrils without causing damage or completely removing the hairs.

You can fit the Weed Whacker trimmer into any part of your routine that you like. Very few guys need to trim their ears or nose daily, and this part of trimming doesn't make much of a mess. You also don't need extensive aftercare when you're done. So, you can do it right after a session with The Lawn Mower trimmer, but it can fit into any pocket of time you choose.

Using the Weed Whacker trimmer might be the easiest thing in the world. Put it in your nostrils and turn it on. Rinse it. Dry it. Then put it in your ears and turn it on. The entire trim takes a matter of seconds. It's always best to rinse the trimmer when you're done. That's it.

Crop Cleanser™ Body Wash

MANSCAPED Crop Cleanser

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Crop Cleanser body wash is designed for use in the shower. It's an all-in-one body and hair wash. That means it's the only bottle you need to get clean from head to toe. Any time you shower, use Crop Cleanser body wash as both soap and shampoo. It's pretty easy.

Get a little bit of the wash and put it on your washcloth, loofah, or whatever you use to scrub. Feel free to get a little lather going, and then use it to wash your body. You don't need to scrub vigorously. A little agitation mixed with soap and running water is enough to get you nice and clean. When it comes to your hair (and any sufficiently hairy parts of your body), use an extra portion of soap. Rub it into your hair with your fingers, just like you would with any shampoo. Let it sit for about a minute, and then rinse thoroughly.

Crop Cleanser body wash is intended to be used every time you shower, but it's especially important after you groom. Shaving (and, to a lesser extent, trimming) can be hard on the skin. This cleanser is designed to help your skin recover from the experience.

Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant

MANSCAPED Crop Preserver

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When you're done showering, dry off. When you finish drying, you can apply Crop Preserver ball deodorant; this, of course, assumes that you're starting your day with a shower. This one is a day starter, so if you aren't starting the day with a shower, this is the first step in your morning routine — while you're getting dressed.

Applying Crop Preserver ball deodorant is simple. Get a dollop in your hand. Rub it into your balls. That's really it.

Typically speaking, it takes about less than a minute to fully absorb into the skin and get dry, so don't put your boxers on until that's finished. If this was unclear to anyone, you should have your boxers off when you apply ball deodorant. Sticking your hands down your pants with deodorant is going to be awkward at best.

Crop Reviver® Ball Toner

MANSCAPED Crop Reviver

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Crop Reviver ball toner is the next part of the equation. It is a refreshing spray and ball toner. It serves a few purposes:

  1. It has Aloe Vera in the mix, making it great for soothing irritated skin after you groom.
  2. It smells great, and it can be used to battle swamp crotch on a rough day.
  3. It can help with hydrating dry skin.

To apply Crop Reviver ball toner, simply spray it around the balls. If it seems to have a moisture buildup, you can rub it in. We recommend applying it after your ball deodorant is dry, but you can apply more Crop Reviver over the day if needed. You can pull the shorts out a little in such a case, aim the sprayer, and apply the mist without rubbing it into your skin.

Foot Duster® Foot Spray


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You're going to be surprised based on the name, but Foot Duster is our foot deodorant. It should go on your feet before your socks. Considering that, most guys apply it after they're done in the bathroom with their Crop Preserver ball deodorant and Crop Reviver ball toner.

To apply Foot Duster foot spray, start with dry feet. Spray the top and bottom of each foot a couple of times (you can adjust this according to your own experience with the deodorant). Let the deodorant air dry. Then, you can put your socks on (or sandals or whatever else). 

A warning of care is important. After you put your socks on, you might find that the awesomeness of Foot Duster foot spray rocks them right back off again. It's worth it to have feet that smell great.

Refined™ Cologne

MANSCAPED Refined Cologne

>>Buy The Refined Cologne<<

Our Refined Cologne features the signature Manscaped scent. Whether or not you use it daily depends on your style. You don't necessarily need cologne to go work on cars all day, but it will help you for some workplaces. Regardless, when you want to add that extra bit of attractiveness before going out, reach for your cologne.

Applying cologne is a bit of an art. Some people will tell you to spray it and walk through it. That kind of works, but it's the low-level application. If you want to portray sophistication, you want to use minimal cologne to maximum effect. For this, think of any two places in your body where you can feel a pulse. If you're unsure where those places are, this bit of knowledge will be useful for more than just smelling amazing.

Put one spritz on each pulse point and gently rub it in. The smell should not be overwhelming, but the heat of your pulse will help to project the scent, making it more effective without stinging anyone's eyes.

Crop Mop® Ball Wipes


>>Buy The Crop Mop<<

Our last item on the list is Crop Mop ball wipes. Crop Mop is a wet wipe for your balls. As such, it's designed to be gentle on the boys while helping to clear away smelly stuff and simultaneously refreshing you with a nice scent. Crop Mop wipes can fit in your wallet, so you can apply these whenever you notice the stink of your crotch sneaking up on you. They're particularly useful after vigorous, sweaty activity when you can't shower.

To apply, simply pull it out of its package. Wipe down your balls and groin to the best of your ability. Discard your Crop Mop wipe in any trash receptacle. You're good to go.



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