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How to use Manscaped™ ball toner

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to use Manscaped™ ball toner

Some of you know this, and some of you don’t. Manscaped™ makes a ball toner. We call it Crop Reviver® ball toner, and we’re quite proud of it. It’s a fantastic tool to help with your male grooming, and when you know what it does and how it works, you’ll be excited to make the most of it.

The Joys of Male Grooming

Your ball toner is one piece of a larger, grander adventure: male grooming. There’s no powerful reason to invest the time and energy into using your ball toner if you aren’t doing the rest. It might make you smell a little better, but you’re still going to have itchy, annoying hair all over your lower regions.

When your ball toner is a complement to the grooming process, it gets to shine. You enjoy the benefits of tamed pubic hair, and those can’t be understated. You’ll be cooler in the summer. You’ll get rid of tugging, pulling, annoying hair under your shorts. You’ll know that you’re sexier as a result of your efforts, and you’ll even enjoy the appearance of a larger manhood. Guys who groom feel fresher, better, and more hygienic. There are reasons, so many of us do these things.

The Unsung Hero: Ball Toner

The MANSCAPED Ball Toner

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Grooming nets you all of these benefits, and your ball toner enhances them. Once you’re free of excess body hair, your toner can go to work. It’s designed to do a few things, and all of them together make you feel even more magical downstairs than before.

Crop Reviver ball toner is intended to help your skin stay cool. It has a hydrating design, and it keeps you from getting dry in the groin. Despite what many people think, you can have swamp crotch and dry skin. It’s a bad combo. Crop Reviver ball toner combats half of that problem.

The toner also has Aloe Vera in it; this is designed to soothe your skin. In general, grooming feels fantastic, but immediately after you groom, there can be irritation. Worse, if you don’t know how to handle your grooming, you can create stubble. That’s a significant issue. The Aloe Vera in Crop Reviver ball toner soothes both of these issues and has your skin feeling happy throughout.

Lastly, it smells amazing. Let’s be blunt about it. The male crotch can smell awful. Ball toner helps with that, and when you know you smell good below the waist, it adds to the undeniable confidence you gain from grooming.

The Comprehensive Male Grooming Routine

Crop Reviver ball toner is amazing, and it is enhanced by grooming thoroughly. If that’s the case, then how can you get the most out of all of this? It comes down to having a good grooming routine. For the most part, guys do not have to groom their bodies daily. You can let stuff grow back a bit before you trim it down again. This routine is perfect for designated grooming days, but it doesn’t need daily practice.

Trim First 

Grooming starts with a trim. If you’re using The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer, you can trim dry. Simply lay down a Magic Mat™ shaving mat to catch the mess and go to work. The trimmer will make short work of your body hair, and you can use the cutting guards to control hair length. You can get different lengths and create gradients. You can go for a uniform look. You can even shave with this thing.

We should spend a minute talking about shaving. In modern male grooming, shaving is not mandatory. It turns out that the stubble you get after a shave isn’t great (ball toner helps a ton). Groomed pubes are good enough. But, if you want to be smooth, you can achieve that with The Lawn Mower trimmer. After you trim, remove the cutting guard for a final pass. The safety features will allow you to get a close shave with minimal risk. Just take your time.


For best results, you want to shower after you groom. Some of you will ignore this and groom in the shower because it works better for you. We anticipated that and our products are safe to use in the shower. Just make sure to clean out the hair catcher once in a while.

What really matters is that you clean yourself when the grooming is done. Hair clippings itch like fire. You don’t want a fire in your crotch. A good shower will remove the irritants and leave you feeling fresh. Your shower will also hydrate your skin and help prevent irritation — especially if you use a good soap like Crop Cleanser™ body wash.

Add Ball Deodorant

When you’re finished showering, go ahead and dry yourself. Before you get dressed, you want to apply Crop Preserver® ball deodorant. It helps prevent excessive sweating. It also combats friction to make you feel smooth and cool down there. Most importantly, it is the most powerful tool in defeating swamp crotch. While it reduces perspiration, it also smells great. You have to work hard to smell bad in the junk when you use Crop Preserver ball deodorant.

Now the Toner

Ball toner comes at the end of the grooming routine. You have your ball deodorant to do the heavy lifting. The most important feature of Crop Preserver ball toner is the irritation control. The soothing elements will help to prevent razor burn and general inflammation in your skin immediately after you groom. That means you get to skip negative effects and go straight to the benefits of your efforts.

This toner is also very gentle. If you do need a pick-me-up later in the day, give yourself a couple of sprays. It will do wonders.



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