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How to use The Beard Hedger™.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to use the beard hedger

We’re glad that you’re being serious about this. A man’s beard is a special thing and since you’ve taken the time and effort to invest in The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit, it’s worth spending just a little more time learning how to use it properly. 

We’ve broken it down into easy steps below to help you create a proper beard grooming routine.

How to power on and charge. 

It’s a cordless electric trimmer. It needs a charge in order to work. Thankfully, we made this part of The Beard Hedger™ as simple to use as possible. 

As you’ll see in the video, the trimmer comes with its own travel pouch and the USB charging cable is in the pouch. To refill your battery, simply plug the charger into the bottom of the trimmer. You can plug the other end into a USB port to charge it or you can use the included AC adapter to plug it into a wall outlet. 

It’s best to fully charge the battery before first use and, in general, charge the battery to full whenever you charge it at all. This will maximize the battery’s lifespan. 

There's a charge LED indicator near the bottom of the trimmer so you can see when the battery is full. 

To power the trimmer on, slide the button up. To turn it off, slide the button back down. 



Adjust the length and add or remove the comb. 

Perhaps the coolest feature on The Beard Hedger™ is the zoom wheel. This allows you to easily adjust the length of the cutting comb to style your beard as you see fit. 

How do you use it? 

Simply spin the wheel right or left until you get to your desired length. The cutting lengths are labeled on the wheel so you always know what the setting is. 

To remove the comb, first turn off the trimmer. Then pull the comb by its sides and gently wiggle it until it comes free. It doesn’t matter what setting is currently on the comb, you can still pull it off safely. You can reinstall the comb by pressing the clips into the slots. 

How to trim and use the device on facial hair.

When you’re ready to trim, you’ll find that The Beard Hedger™ is remarkably easy to use. Power it on and set the length. When you trim, put the flat side of the trimmer against your skin. Run it across your beard and it will effortlessly cut through the hair. You can make repeat passes if necessary. 

You can contour your beard with the Hedger as well. To do this, place the head perpendicular to your skin. Use gentle pressure and shape your beard however you like. 

Cleaning the trimmer.

It’s always important to keep any trimmer clean and that holds true for The Beard Hedger™. Fortunately, we’ve made this part pretty easy too. 

The device is waterproof so you can use running water to make the task even easier. For best cleaning results, first remove the comb (steps described above). With the comb off, rinse the whole thing under a running faucet. That’s usually enough. 

If you need to remove the blade for a more thorough cleaning, grab the top of the blade and push forward until it snaps free. Again, use running water to rinse everything. Let the parts dry and then replace the blade and the comb at your leisure.  

How to replace the blade. 

The Beard Hedger™ uses a titanium blade. That means it can hold an edge for a while and it will handle multiple trims on even the most rugged beards. Still, every blade eventually wears dull and when it’s time to replace the blade on this trimmer, life is simple. 

The blade heads are made for quick and easy replacement. Remove the trimming comb and simply press on the end of the blade until it snaps free. Grab your replacement blade and snap it into place. Don’t forget to reattach the trimming comb. That’s it. You have a fresh blade and can enjoy many more easy, comfortable trims. 

Make finishing touches with the comb, brush, and scissors. 

When you opt for The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit, you get more than just this amazing trimmer. You also get a beard comb, beard brush, scissors, and some important products that are covered in the next section. 

You can use your comb or brush and scissors to add a little more perfection to your beard. 

First, use the comb to detangle your beard. Simple brushing action is all that's required. Once that's done, you can meticulously go after individual hairs with the scissors until you're satisfied. Be sure to brush regularly for better beard health. 

How to use the full kit to care for your beard. 

To complete your beard care, you need a few steps. 

First, wash your beard properly. Apply a little Beard Shampoo to your hands and rub it into the beard. Rinse it clean. 

Then, follow up with some conditioner. Massage a little Beard Conditioner into the beard and leave it there. 

When you’re ready to groom, use The Beard Hedger™, following the steps above. 

For style, you can apply a small amount of Beard Oil to your hands and rub it into the beard. Then brush thoroughly. 

When you need a stronger shaping agent, use some Beard Balm. Scoop a little into your hands, rub your hands together, and then massage your beard. Style as needed.  



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