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How to Use The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra

Posted by Alex S.



How to Use The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra

How to Use The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra

Learn how to harness the power of MANSCAPED's newest trimmer, The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra. Get the most out of our upgraded ball and body hair trimmer.

Step 1: Get your charge on.

Congrats! You’ve got your hands on a new Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra, and it’s time to get trimming.

The first thing you’ll want to do is charge that bad boy up, so plug in the included USB-C cable and watch as the LED indicator starts blinking and fills up the remaining light on the indicator. A completely solid light indicates a full charge. It will take about 90 minutes to get a full charge, but once you’ve done that, you’ll have about 60 minutes of shaving time to get the job done.

If you happen to run out of charge during a shave and still have some work to do, just plug it in for 10 minutes. That will give you enough charge to make it through another quick trimming session. The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra is also compatible with many wireless charging pads. Just place the trimmer on one of these pads and have a full charge in about three hours!


Step 2: Taking bladeventory.

So, what you got? Your Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra comes with two interchangeable SkinSafe™ blade heads—the standard SkinSafe™ Trimmer Blade and the SkinSafe™ Foil Blade. It also comes with one fixed-length 1.4 mm comb and two adjustable combs. With this combination of trimming tools, you’ll be able to get exactly the right hair length on your family jewels.

Choose your starting attachment and clip it onto the top of your Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra. No matter which you choose, it will make a satisfying *click* as you send it into place.


Step 3: Get to know the buttons.

This trimmer has two important buttons: a power/start and stop button and a multi-function button. Press the power button to turn the trimmer on and off. Then, give the multi-function button a tap to change the brightness of the onboard LED light. You can also press and hold the multi-function button to engage the travel lock. This way, you can lock your device so TSA won’t bat an eye at the buzz in your bag.


Step 4: Shave.

This bad boy was designed for your family jewels, so don’t be bashful about getting close with your bits. Keep the flat side of the trimmer flush against your skin and glide gently with your body in a controlled manner. For a closer shave, move the trimmer in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Try to avoid raking the trimmer across your skin as that’s an easy way to irritate your pores.  

Gliding is the name of the game, whether you’re trimming your chest, pits, legs, arms, or balls. If you’ve got a ton of hair, trim down the bulk of the thicket with the Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra while you’re dry. Then, with most of the hair gone, trim down the rest with shaving cream or dry with the SkinSafe™ foil blade. 

To give your groin the smoothest shave, hold the skin taught around your balls and then make smooth passes over your skin. The foil blade will take care of the rest.


Step 5: The post-shave routine. 

Even the hardiest skin can get irritated after trimming. So, it’s best to set yourself up for success with a dime-sized dollop of Crop Soother™ aftershave lotion immediately after shaving.


Step 6: Clean your trimmer.

“Take care of your quality MANSCAPED® gear, and it will take care of you.” ~Teddy Roosevelt

Once you’re done trimming, turn off the Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra, pull off the comb, and pop off the trimmer or foil blade head. This waterproof trimmer doesn’t mind getting a little wet. So, with everything detached, simply rinse each piece under the faucet until every hair is gone. When you’re done, place each piece on a towel to air dry.

Now that you’re smoother and silkier, plug in your trimmer so it’s ready and charged for the next time.



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