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How to use The Lawn Mower to shave your balls

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to use The Lawn Mower to shave your balls

So, you want to shave your balls? Cool. Shaved balls can be liberating and make you feel pretty fantastic. We're all about that. If you plan to shave, there is plenty of advice we can give you to make it easier and save yourself some time. The first thing you need to know is that you can trim your balls with The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer. It's entirely up to the challenge, and when you follow the steps below, you'll get a great shave every time.

Step 1a: Trim in the Shower

There are three potential first steps, and we're going to list them all. When you get to the following two step 1's, you don't see things. It's intentional.

In general, the first thing you want to do before shaving is clean the area; this is doubly true when you're shaving in the groin area. Bacteria is bad news, and a razor can give bacteria new opportunities to infect your skin. You can start with a warm shower to thoroughly clean yourself, but you don't have to shower. You're going to be cleaning yourself after the shave too, and only taking one shower is perfectly reasonable.

If you're putting off a shower for step one, you can use Crop Mop® ball wipes (or another cleanser) to clean your body. Then, use a warm compress on the area to soften the hair and open your pores. Both of those lead to a better shave.

With this in mind, we will cover the other two starting points before getting into the rest of the shaving process. If you're convinced that this is your first step, you can move on to step 2.

Step 1b: Trim Dry

If you're planning to use a great trimmer for sensitive areas like The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer, this whole process gets a lot easier. Assuming your nether regions aren't outright nasty, you can just jump into your trim. The trimmer will make short work of your pubes (we'll discuss the technique a little later). The only real prep work for you is to make sure your trimmer is charged. Then, lay down a Magic Mat™ shaving mat. It catches the mess, so you don't have an annoying clean-up at the end. And, yes, you can dry trim with The Lawn Mower trimmer. It's not a problem.

Let's revisit that little "if" we mentioned. If you're pretty gross downstairs, then don't jump in with your trimmer. It's a fantastic tool, but it's not impervious to dirt and grime. If you are dirty enough that it's on your mind, start with a shower. Don't clean yourself with wipes and compresses. Start with a shower.

Step 1c: Shaving It Down

This step is only for a select few of you. Some of you are determined to use a razor on your balls. It's not always necessary. Technology has improved to a point where you can get a great shave with your trimmer. It can be safer. It can be more manageable. It's not going to make your balls bleed.

But, we know how it is, and some of you will stick to a razor anyway. If that's you, then your first step is to check your equipment. You want your blades sharp and clean, and be prepared to switch blades in the middle of the session. A dull blade won't do your balls any favors. Think about that long and hard before you get lazy with your razors.

Even if you're using a razor, you still want to trim first. It prevents clogging and makes everything safer. We'll go over trimming before we get to razor work, but you need to loop back to the first step one and clean yourself before any of that. After that, you're ready for step two.

Step 2: Take a Little Off the Top

We're assuming you have a full bush when you're getting into this process. If you've been regularly grooming and things are just a little grown, then you probably don't need this step. Regardless, you can skip to the next step.

If you're not already groomed and you're taming a completely wild mane, then this is very important knowledge. You don't want to go straight for the jugular when you have a wild bush. That will lead to tangles. It also takes a lot longer, and it's harder on you and the trimmer. You're going to do this in stages so you can see what you're doing and get better results.

To take a little off the top, you're going to use the longest cutting guard. You'll do a once-over of the entire area. No part of your lower body hair needs to be full length. Once you get through everything, you're going to stop and assess. See how the hair feels. Decide how you feel about the aesthetic at this length. These assessments are going to inform your subsequent steps.

Man Showing The Guards On The Lawn Mower 3.0

Step 3: Progressively Shorten the Length

If you are 10,000 percent sure that you want shaved balls, you can skip ahead on this step. But, if you've never shaved them before, you want to keep the progressive approach. You're going to step down to shorter and shorter cutting guards. At each length, you'll trim the entire area that you're planning to shave. If there is some hair that you intend to leave longer, it's fine. Leave it longer.

The progressive trimming allows you to see what shorter pubes look like, and you can stop at any point if you think you're good. You don't have to shave. That's the real point here.

There are a couple of tips for guys who don't already know this stuff. Really short pubic hair is prickly. The hair on your balls will prickle your thighs. It's not entirely fun. You can do things to mitigate that effect (and we'll discuss them in a bit), but the easiest thing is to leave the hair just long enough that it isn't prickly. You'll still be groomed and look great, but this significantly reduces the fallout from grooming. It also requires far less work.

Step 4: Get up in There

Man Shaving His Kneed With The Lawn Mower

Assuming you're committed to the bald look, you still do not need to grab a razor. Instead, you can use The Lawn Mower with no cutting guard; this will protect you against cuts better than using a direct razor blade.

To get a close shave, you have to get up in there. That means you need to carefully manage the package while you run the trimmer over your skin. The trimmer is safe, but if you get too aggressive, you can stab yourself with it or find other creative ways to hurt yourself. So, you're going to run the trimmer with your dominant hand and control flesh with the other.

Most of this is a simple matter of moving the sack and penis out of the way. When you're shaving the sack itself, you want to pull the skin taut; this will help you get a clean shave. It also reduces the risk of snagging or anything else going wrong.

Now, we'll address the guy in the crowd who insists on using a razor. This is your moment. After you trim the hair down with The Lawn Mower trimmer, you can grab your razor. Be sure to use plenty of lube. Other than that, the technique is largely the same as what you just read. Keep the skin taut. Move junk out of the way. One final tip is to use short strokes. You'll get there if you take your time.

Step 5: Clean up

As we said before, you don't need to take two showers to shave your balls. You can if you want, but two showers might dry you out. With that in mind, this step informs the first step. If you already showered, use a warm, wet washcloth to clean up the hair clippings. It'll still relax the skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. You don't need to scrub vigorously (that's hard on tender skin), but you may need to rinse the cloth a few times or use multiple cloths to get all of the hair.

If you didn't already shower, use Crop Cleanser™ body wash. It'll help you wash away the hair. It will also provide restorative formulas to your skin to prevent dryness and irritation. You also want to exfoliate when you shower. You don't need to exfoliate every shower, but doing so right after grooming clears the pores that are otherwise going to be clogged with hair and dead skin. Exfoliating right after shaving your balls will help them recover quickly and keep your skin in top shape.

crop cleanser

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Step 6: Give Your Boys Some Love

What you do after you shave is extremely important. When you're done cleaning, you want to apply two formulas that help the skin. The first is Crop Preserver® ball deodorant. This ball deodorant will help protect sensitive skin and help control moisture. It also minimizes friction, which is nice for freshly-shaved balls.

The second formula is Crop Reviver® ball toner. It has a hydrating formula that helps prevent dryness. It also has Aloe Vera that will comfort any irritation.

When your formulas are applied, you want to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Tight clothes can irritate the skin and increase the risk of ingrown hairs. Manscaped™ boxers and loose pants or shorts will avoid those problems.

That does it. You now know how to use The Lawn Mower trimmer to shave your balls. It isn't complicated. You need to pick when you want to shower. The rest falls into place, and regardless of which route you take, you'll have shaved happy balls.

To recap, check out our video on how to use The Lawn Mower here: 




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