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How To Use The MANSCAPED™ Crop Exfoliator®

Posted by Chris E.



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Thanks for your interest in the Manscaped™ Crop Exfoliator™ groin exfoliant. Using Crop Exfoliator™ is easy; here's how to do it in two easy steps. 

The Crop Exfoliator

1.) Apply Crop Exfoliator™ Before Shaving

Add a small dime size dab of the Crop Exfoliator™ in your hand before shaving with a tool like the Crop Shaver™.

2.) Gently Scrub In Small Circles

Gently scrub in small circles around the area you plan to shave. Do this for 30-60 seconds.

If you're interested in checking out the benefits of Crop Exfoliator® or would like to buy some now, we've got you covered.



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