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Introducing Body Wash Persevere™ (New 2022 fragrance).

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Introducing Body Wash Persevere™ (New 2022 fragrance)

Have you ever found the perfect cologne?

If not, Refined® has been our signature scent for a while now, and we are quite fond of it.

Still, even the best cologne isn't always right for every occasion. We recognized that, and now we’re expanding on what we can do for you by introducing a brand new scent: Persevere™.

We’re making it available with our body wash and as a cologne, opening entirely new dimensions of olfactory delight for you and anyone near you.

What is Persevere™?

Persevere™ is our brand-new carefully crafted scent. We’re making it available in our Body Wash and as a cologne, so you can choose the application that you prefer (or use both).

The point of Persevere™ is to offer you an alternative choice when building a signature scent — or when you’re just trying to smell a different way.

That might sound like an awkward phrase, but the truth is that scents can have a powerful impact on memory and emotion, so if you’re working on a specific self-presentation, then Persevere™ has a lot to offer.

We designed this scent with the idea of bold masculinity in mind. It has a natural, woodsy aroma that really speaks to the primal nature of humanity.

Persevere cologne

How does it compare to Refined®?

The point of Persevere™ might make more sense if we compare it to Refined®. With Refined®, we wanted to craft the perfect aroma of a gentleman. It’s a sophisticated take with a light woodsy scent and a subtle but noticeable citrus finish. Refined® as softness and smoothness, while still remaining unmistakably masculine.

Persevere™ removes subtlety. While the cologne is by no means an attack on the senses, the woodsy take is bolder and deliberate. 

When should you wear Persevere™?

Considering the more deliberate scent associated with Persevere™, when and where is it at its best?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. Any time that you think it’s the right scent, go for it. We designed it to be accessible and fine for daily use. 

That said, if you’re not really sure where to start, we have a few ideas.

You’re feeling rugged

Think about the last time you were out in the woods. Depending on where you live, it might not happen that often.

Regardless, there’s something instinctual that kicks into gear when you delve deeper into nature. The smell of the woods is distinct, and it’s easy to associate that with your inner lumberjack or survivalist. You know that ruggedness is important in this setting.

Persevere™ captures this essence and reapplies it in the form of a fragrance. Any time you feel rugged (or want to inspire yourself to feel rugged), we think that this scent is a better match than Refined®.

It’s a masculine setting

Considering everything we just said about this scent, Persevere™ isn’t really for your weekly book club meeting (actually, it’s fine there if it’s what you want to wear). We designed this for scenarios that drip with traditional masculinity. 

Are you headed to the cigar club? Wear Persevere™.

Just showered after an intense workout? Persevere™ is ready.

Heading into a literal lion’s den with nothing but your bare hands and dangerous levels of overconfidence? Persevere™ was made for this moment.

It’s time to be bold

Even if a setting itself doesn’t drip with masculinity, when you want to feel bold, Persevere™ is intended to help. If it’s time to finally ask that person out on a date, why not smell like a lush forest?

Asking for a promotion? Let your scent match your determination.

Karaoke night? Actually, Refined® is equally viable in that situation. You have two good choices, so do what feels right.

Persevere body wash

How do you wear Persevere™?

It’s a new scent, and that means it’s ok to pause for a moment and think about how you want to wear it.

In a mechanical sense, it’s the same old thing. You can use the body wash in the shower, and the scent will stay with you, delightfully subtle, through most of the day. When you need a stronger application, use the cologne like any other.

That’s not really what we’re talking about.

Persevere™ is a bold scent. Does that mean you should always wear it in a strong fashion?

Actually, no.

A subtle hint of Persevere™ is just as effective as a strong whiff. It’s all about what you’re trying to do.

Layer it with cologne

When you do need a stronger application (you’re going to be extra busy all day, you really are smoking cigars, light scents will get lost, etc.) then the means are simple. Shower with Persevere™ body wash. When you’re done, apply the cologne.

By layering it this way, the scent reinforces itself. It will be stronger and bolder, and it will last a lot longer.

Still, this is a gentleman’s product. You don’t need to go overboard. A shower and a pair of spritzes should be enough to take care of you.

Keep it light

When you’re not trying to have such a strong scent (a more average day or a more intimate setting), then a subtler take works well.

The easiest way to have a light touch of this bold formula is to use the body wash and skip the cologne this time around. You won’t get that reinforcing effect, and the subtle scents of the body wash will still linger for some time.

You’ll pull up less intimidating ideas of masculinity and boldness, reminding people of the appeal of nature without plunging them deep into it.



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