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Introducing Our Newest Formulation: Crop Soother (Ball Aftershave)

Posted by Alex S.



Introducing Our Newest Formulation: Crop Soother (Ball Aftershave)

Introducing Our Newest Formulation: Crop Soother (Ball Aftershave)

Your balls are just there. You don’t think about ‘em, maybe you adjust them throughout the day, and of course you check them for lumps and bumps once a month—but more often than not, they’re just hangin’ around. You may not even know you can shave them for a smoother feel. Then again, you might not even want to because of the fear of irritation. 

You’ve been hurt before when shaving your face. You don’t want to get hurt again. And we get that. 

This is where MANSCAPED® Crop Soother™ comes into play to help transform your post-shave routine into a spa-like experience.

Unveiling the goods.  

Here are a few of our favorite things about Crop Soother™:

  • It comes in a generous 2 fl oz. (59 ml) bottle, so you’re stocked up for a while.  
  • A proprietary mix of aloe, colloidal oats, shea, cocoa seed butter, and safflower oil is what makes it so soothing.  
  • It's dermatologist-tested, making it safe for sensitive skin.  
  • It’s vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, and dye-free.  
  • Most importantly, it’s formulated specifically for your balls.

A closer ball shave can lead to a world of benefits, but it can also leave your skin feeling irritated. Crop Soother™ ball aftershave lotion helps put both your mind and your balls at ease by offering relief from irritation immediately after shaving.

Dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free. 

Experts are experts for a reason, and that’s mostly because they’ve spent too much time doing something like testing whether creams, lotions, and serums cause irritation.

We’re partial to aloe because its antioxidant properties help calm your skin after a close shave. And then we thought, we’re gonna need some colloidal oats, shea, and cocoa seed butters to help with skin soothing and irritation relief. Finally, we couldn't forget safflower oil to help reduce redness and irritation.

Designed for the gentleman scholar.  

So, who'd we make Crop Soother™ for? Well, for the learned man who knows it’s far better to fly through the trials of life with an aerodynamic sack, free from ball hairs and irritation. When pouring over ancient texts, you need to feel it in your loins that there are no extra ball hairs holding you back.

How to use Crop Soother™.  

It’s simple, really. Just apply a dime-sized amount of Crop Soother™ to your fingertips and smooth evenly over freshly shaved skin. We won’t make this weird, but this is the perfect moment to take a couple of seconds to check your balls for lumps and bumps that can indicate testicular cancer. Then, go about your evening.

Wondering how often you should use Crop Soother™? For immediate relief after shaving, apply it to the freshly shaved groin area. You can use it after every shave, but better yet, make it part of your ball grooming routine.

Treat your balls right.  

You deserve better, but your balls deserve the best. With MANSCAPED® Crop Soother™, you'll enjoy a premium experience that prioritizes your comfort. Say goodbye to post-shave irritation and hello to ultimate relaxation below the waist. Try it for yourself and discover a new level of grooming sophistication.

Check out the product page for more info and a full ingredient list.



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