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Is the Crop Exfoliator™ only for your groin?

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is crop exfoliator only for your groin?

We’re glad that guys everywhere are waking up to the value of exfoliating. It’s a great practice with a ton of benefits. Now that you’re on board, you might be looking for the best way to go about exfoliating more of your body regularly. That pursuit has led a lot of people to ask us the same question. Is Crop Exfoliator™ only for your groin? 

The truth about Crop Exfoliator

Let’s get right into this. Crop Exfoliator is designed for your groin region. It has a large list of ingredients, and they are intended to provide powerful exfoliation as gently as possible. We really considered the sensitivity of the region when we designed it.

Because it’s so gentle, you can use it anywhere. It’s safe for exfoliation on any part of your body where exfoliation makes sense. Some of the Manscaped™ staff have experimented and found it works great on the face and other parts of the body.

Here’s the catch; this is a specialized cream. For most of your body, you can find something cheaper and bulkier that works just fine. If you’re using Crop Exfoliator on your entire body every week, it will not last very long. Crop Exfoliator might be safe to use outside of your groin, but that’s not an efficient use of such a specialized product.

crop exfoliator

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Enhanced groin care

Exfoliating is great, and when you start to do it regularly, you’ll enjoy the improved skin health in your groin region. But, it’s only one part of a complete skincare regime. If you want the best results, you have to go the distance. For that, you need to consider four more components to your regular skincare routine. Fortunately, none of these are particularly involved. You don’t have to spend hours on this every day. They can become habitual, and your crotch will feel wonders you’ve never experienced before.


Your first step into a world of higher-level groin care is going to involve grooming. You don’t have to shave (although that’s a viable option). The real point is that when you control your groin hair, you make it easier to provide high-level skincare to the region.

Pubic hair can trap moisture and help bacteria grow. While these bacteria may not be infectious, they can contribute to body odor and general discomfort. Getting your hair under control is essential to your efforts to control both of these issues. Simply trimming things down a bit reduces how much moisture is trapped and how much bacterial growth can result from that trapped moisture.

Crop Cleanser™

Regardless of your grooming, your groin will be in better shape if you use the right soap. Crop Cleanser sounds like a specialized soap that is specifically designed for your crotch region. And if that’s what you guessed, you guessed right. Because of its for-the-groin job, Crop Cleanser has some extra elements in the formula designed to help with post-grooming skincare.

In particular, Crop Cleanser works to help protect and even restore the acid mantle on your skin after you shave. This helps to protect your skin from microbes and other harm. It also helps with general skin health. 

Additionally, Crop Cleanser is a moisturizing body wash that cleans and clears skin — making it ideal for washing between your legs whether you shaved or not.

Crop Cleanser Body Wash

Crop Preserver®

Crop Preserver is where the game changes. This ball deodorant is designed to enhance groin skin health and comfort. It features an anti-chafing agent that helps you feel smooth and comfortable throughout the day. It also exhibits moisture control features that help you to stay relatively dry without leading to dry skin. Additionally, it combats odors that might otherwise plague your poor balls.

Crop Preserver also works harmoniously with these other products — enhancing their ability to aid your skincare efforts in the groin region.

Crop Preserver

Crop Reviver®

Lastly, Crop Reviver is a ball toner that completes the package. There are a few things packed into the spray that do wonders for your groin health. The first is the presence of Aloe Vera; this helps to soothe the region and fight inflammation. That’s vital whenever you shave, but there are other moments where it helps. If you’ve suffered from chafing, Aloe is your best friend. The same goes for any other source of skin irritation or discomfort.

Crop Reviver also has a moisturizing element; this helps keep your skin soft and healthy, but Crop Reviver won’t make you overly damp or moist. It’s a balanced relief.

Lastly, as a ball toner, Crop Reviver can help you combat crotch smells. Crop Preserver is an excellent deodorant, but you’re still a man. You can out-stink any deodorant on a tough enough day. Crop Reviver expands your arsenal, so you don’t have to be careful about standing downwind of everyone.

When you use them all regularly, the results compound each other. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to adopt these habits.

Manscaped Crop Reviver



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