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Is the MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower™ 3.0 Waterproof?

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Is the MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 Waterproof?

We're glad you take your male grooming seriously. You've found success with the trimmer you have, but you're open to an upgrade because you understand that the best results come from using the best tools. That was our thinking when we designed The Lawn Mower™ 3.0. It's a full-fledged upgrade from the 2.0. We improved on everything, and in that improvement, we crafted a body trimmer that is as convenient as it is precise. Still, you have found a few features that are non-negotiable in your trimmer. If it doesn't meet those core criteria, the other upgrades don't matter. For many of you, one of those functions is resistance against water. You like to trim in the shower. Will the 3.0 cater to that?

It's Shower-Friendly 

There is no reason to lead you on a chase for your answer. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is waterproof. We figured that despite our advice, a bunch of you trim in the shower. We want to at least make sure your primary tool is up to the job. You can use this trimmer every single time you shower; the water won't hurt it at all.

More Cool Features 

Since you'll use the 3.0 in the shower, we included many essential features that help with successful grooming in the shower.

The Ceramic Blade

The first thing to note is that ceramics don't rust. Unlike a steel blade, the water won't represent harm to your blade. On top of that, ceramic blades are harder and more durable than steel. That means they'll stay sharper longer, and you'll have an easier time getting through your grooming. You won't have to choose between an excessively long shower and staying groomed.

Cordless Design 

The MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 Next To The Charing Dock

It's pretty basic. You can't be waterproof if you have exposed cords and plugs. But, the cordless design does more than protect you from electrocution when you trim in the shower. It also makes the trimmer more comfortable to handle. Could you imagine fighting with a cord in the confined space of a shower? You don't have to.

No-Slip Grip 

We put diamond texture into the grip. That's not just a fancy phrase. This grip is designed to give you reliable control in wet circumstances. When you're doubled over going for the bum, and you used too much trimming lubrication, you still don't have to worry about a trimmer slip that can ruin your day.

Making Male Grooming Count

While The Lawn Mower 3.0 does have other cool features, there comes a time when we need to shift focus from the trimmer to you. No matter how well we design the tool, you have to use it properly to get the most out of it. When it comes to the Lawn Mower, the supporting cast is just as crucial as the trimmer itself. That's why we built The Perfect Package 3.0. It does all of the things that no trimmer can.

Easy Cleaning

Trimming in the shower makes cleanup easy — right until your drain is clogged and you're suddenly having a bad week. If you want to skip that inevitability, you can trim before you shower. It's just as easy, and with the Magic Mat™, you're not going to be fighting against hair clippings day and night to keep your bathroom clean.

Better Showering

Regardless of where you trim, you need to take care of your skin when you're finished. Showering with Crop Cleanser™ doesn't just get you clean and smelling great. It helps replenish your skin, so you won't suffer from post-grooming discomfort.

the perfect package 3.0

Extended Skincare

On top of all of that, two formulas ensure your lower bits are always feeling their best. Crop Preserver™ is the ball deodorant that keeps you cool, reduces friction, and helps keep you from smelling like old gym shorts on a sweaty day. Crop Reviver™ is the gentle spritz that revitalizes your skin and soothes any irritation that might occur after grooming.

Better Boxers

The last part of great grooming is wearing good boxers. It might not be the most intuitive thing, but tight or poorly fitting underwear can contribute to ingrown hairs and other uncomfortable scenarios. MANSCAPED™ boxers are designed to give you the right fit, so you'll feel great after you groom down south.

Men's grooming is a pursuit as much as a technique for hygiene or style. There's always more to learn and master. That's the real reason we built Sure, we want you to have the latest and best tools for this important work, but there's a lot more to grooming than the things you buy. The knowledge is vast and deep, and we've curated our website to serve as the definitive library in the pursuit of that knowledge.




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