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Itchy balls? How to stop the itch

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



itchy balls how to stop the itch

So, you’ve got itchy balls?

That's no fun, so let’s get that figured out for you. It’s safe to say that itchy balls suck. 

It’s also something that is super awkward, not exactly subtle, and scratching down there is not really acceptable in today’s modern society, like at all. Sure, you know the secret techniques to try and get a little scratch off in public, but that never really gets it done. No, it would be way better if they never itched in the first place.

While a little ball itch every now and then happens, if this is a constant issue you’re dealing with, there is something going on in your nether regions that needs to be addressed.

There are a few causes for itchy balls that we’re going to discuss to help you out here:

  • Needing to tame that pubic hair
  • Dirty, dirty balls that really need a good cleaning (and probably a new cleaning routine if this is a recurring thing)
  • Chafing and dry skin 
  • Allergic reactions
  • Doctor time, friend

Alright, itchy balls, you’ve met your match. It’s time to fix this problem and keep it from happening again in order to lead a more peaceful life.

itchy balls

How to stop itchy balls

While a fun little happy trail down to your man bush is just fine, a jungle of unkempt pubes is just not ok, fellas. Remember, the MANSCAPED™ team has made a career out of understanding what is and is not ok in the world of pubic hair, so trust us here. 

Pubic hair can get unwieldy if you let it. All of that curly and wiry hair can get into all the nooks and crannies around your ball sack, and that stuff grows impressively long which also does not help. This does nothing but tickle and irritate the area and leads to it being hella itchy down there. 

Not to mention, unkempt pubic hair is just not attractive, and our thoughts are that, whoever you are, you probably want at least someone to want to have sex with you. For their sake, too, if nothing else, take care of your man bush.  

Your pubic hair is surprisingly easy to tame and take care of if you put in a little effort. Just a smidgen and your world is going to be changed for the better (not to mention your current or future partner’s world).  

We already know we have the right tools for the job, so we’re just going to leave the link to The Perfect Performance Package 4.0 luxury groin grooming kit riiiiiight here for you. Oh, and we cannot forget its cousin the Ultra Smooth Package. You’re welcome. 

A body hair trimmer is your best friend, and we recommend addressing your pubic hair region weekly (or more if you’re a super hairy dude). Use a guard and adjust the settings as needed to trim a little bit here and a little bit there until it looks more presentative. Remember, you can always trim more off, so take your time and take recommendations. Seriously, your partners will be over the moon if you actually ask them what they think of your pubic hair. Honest partners will also tell you if it needs a little more trim. 

While trimming the main bush area is sufficient, a nice smooth set of shaved balls is also the way to go in the groin maintenance area. We have a whole other article just about this one thing and your partner will love this too. Just sayin’.

Clean those dirty bits

MANSCAPED body wash

If you are not practicing good personal hygiene around your crotch, it’s going to itch, and that’s just yuck. 

Men sweat, and part of this sweaty package is, well, your package. 

Your balls sweat. Sweat drips down around your balls and stays in all those skin folds. The short story is that your balls can become a moist area very quickly and they should be cleaned often and efficiently. Guess what happens if you lapse on this. You start growing a lot of microbes, right there in the sack. It’s not good for you, and it creates that special, God-awful stench that we all try to pretend isn’t there, but it is.

As part of your shower routine, grab a bottle of our Crop Cleanser® Groin Wash and get those bits squeaky clean. Rinse off, dry the area well, and then keep it fresh with Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant. If you want to be extra, give your goods a spritz or two of Crop Reviver® Ball Toner. 

The groin area has a lot of folds of skin and bits upon bits. If it is not cleaned and dried correctly, infections happen. Don’t just address the surface. Move things around, be liberal with the soap, and really get everything clean. 

Have you ever heard of jock itch? Yeah, that’s an infection, man. It’s actually a fungal infection and is the same thing as athlete’s foot, just on and around your junk. Jock itch burns, itches even more, and usually needs an over-the-counter or prescription medicine to clear up. It’s very possible you might be dealing with this issue if you have constant ball itching sensations, so check it out and take care of it. 

Tackle chafing head on

Chafing is caused mostly by wearing the wrong clothing or sweating and dealing with wet clothes sticking. In particular, the wrong pair of underwear is often the main cause of ongoing chafing issues. Basically, you need two things out of your underwear. First, it should wick moisture away from your skin. Second, it should work to reduce friction. Lucky for you, we’ve already provided both of those needs

Chafing is a skin problem and, if not addressed, can lead to raw areas and rashes which are itchy and even painful. 

In addition to wearing the correct underwear for your size and activity level, the best defense is a good offense to tackle chafing.

Enough of the football metaphors, but seriously, using the right groin products to help control moisture prevents chafing in the first place. Crop Preserver® is the best ball deodorant on the market, and this is now the second time we’ve recommended it, so you know it’s the one for you. 

Keeping your ball area clean, deodorized, and hydrated with the correct products also keeps dry skin issues from happening that also cause itchiness. We know, we know, too much moisture equals itchiness, and too much dryness also equals itchiness. It’s about balance, and we’ve got the products for the job. Trust us.

crop preserver

Allergies are no fun

Skin allergies are a thing, and we’re not talking about ragweed or dust here. Allergies can occur from new products such as soap or cologne or even something like a different washing machine detergent or softener.  

Allergic reactions can be mild with persistent itchiness and burning or more intense with rashes that spread to other parts of your body. Many mild allergic reactions can be subdued by stopping the use of the product and/or taking an over-the-counter allergy medicine. If you’re reading this and having an allergic reaction that is causing shortness of breath, please stop and call 911 immediately. 

Anyway, if you think you’re having itchy balls because of an allergic reaction, check the types of body products and clothes-washing products you’re currently using. Start weeding them out and see if the reaction settles down. 

This is just another reason to switch to our line of MANSCAPED™ groin area products. They are dye free, paraben free, vegan, and are infused with natural products. You’re not going to see a bottle full of chemicals stamped on the back. We use things like tapioca starch, aloe leaf juice, and coconut oil, which are natural hydrators and protectors of your balls. 

Dr. time

We discussed the need to go to the doctor above if you feel you have a case of jock itch, but for this section specifically, we’re going to talk about STDs and other things that can be transferred during sex. 

Do you have crabs, for example?

That’s a serious question. 

Crabs make your pubic area itch like a mother, and this is a problem that you need a doctor’s help with. Crabs are pubic lice, and you need a special type of shampoo and cream to get rid of them. 

If you’ve had sex with anyone besides yourself of late, there’s a chance you might have caught something if you’re dealing with chronic ball itch. In addition to crabs, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and human papillomavirus infections (HPV) all have itchy side effects in the nether regions. When in doubt, schedule an appointment with your doctor and go get yourself checked out. 

Scratch your balls with a little class

In some of the situations mentioned above, it will take a little time to fully resolve the issue you’re having down below. So, in the event of another round of itchiness, our team at MANSCAPED™ has three recommendations for how to scratch your balls without anyone noticing:

Play pocket pool

Pocket pool works best if you have keys or loose change in your pocket. You can make it seem like you're just playing with them. In reality, you're on a secret scratching mission.

Use a distraction

It's a classic. Point at something and make an exclamation like, "What in the world could that be?!" While everyone is looking away, go to town on that itch.

Leave the room

Or, you know, you could just leave the room. Bathroom stalls are usually pretty private.

If you have another technique, please let us know. We’re always up for new and creative ideas here at MANSCAPED™. Shoot us a message and help your fellow man alleviate their itchy ball situation.



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