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MANSCAPED™ Fact: Why 93% of Women Prefer Men Who Groom Below the Waist

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve been exposed to the idea that women like male grooming. In fact, they’re starting to expect it from all of us. You can probably think of a few reasons why they feel that way, but really exploring the female mind can be enlightening in ways you wouldn’t guess. Today, we’re going to provide that enlightenment. We’re done telling you that women love grooming. Now, you’re going to learn exactly what it is about grooming below the waist that works for them. You’re welcome.


We’re not talking about sex, yet. Women claim to love grooming for the sake of improved intimacy. While this can apply below the waist, a lot of it is above the waist. A smooth chest and back are amazing for getting physically close to a partner, and it’s actually cited by women as the most important part of grooming. They can handle a bush as long as your back is clear.

Keep in mind that this comes with a potential downside. As many women dislike forested chests and backs, stubble is infinitely worse for physical closeness. No one wants to cuddle with sandpaper. So, the quick lesson is that introducing intimacy is easier if you keep your body clean. After that, well, you know what they say about spooning leading to forking.

why 93% of women prefer men who groom below the waist

Oral Hygiene

Yeah, we went there. This isn’t rocket science. Nobody wants to get pubes stuck in their teeth. It’s just human nature, so be a gentleman and clean that stuff up. You’ll make everyone happier.

There’s a more important issue here. Having a cleaner presentation will make oral sex more enjoyable for your lady friends. If they enjoy it more, they’ll do it more, and that leads to improved performance. This whole thing creates a positive feedback loop that makes the oral sex better and more frequent. Actually, this video helps explain things better. Note how women enjoy giving blowjobs more when they are told they’re good at it.

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is limited to your penis. Rim jobs are a thing too, and all of this still applies.

Appearance Matters

A landscaped lawn looks more appealing. This doesn’t just apply to invitations for oral sex. A woman is more likely to genuinely enjoy looking at your manhood when you take care of it. And, as we all know, grooming makes your junk look bigger. The aesthetics can help many women get more into the mood. The appearance incites sexual feelings, and that stimulation is something we’re all after. If you want to up your closing percentage, groom.

Just Plain Better Sex

Let’s recap. Grooming below the waist can help you with intimacy. It can get you more and better blow jobs, and it can help get women fully in the mood to do the bad deed. That should be enough, but it’s not the limit. Women have frequently commented that trimmed pubes lead to better sex. Let’s be real, gross humans for a minute. Long pubes get tangled, matted and sticky in an intense session, and that’s all an unpleasant distraction from the good stuff. When you’re clean, those distractions go away and the extra attention makes for better sex. It also makes cleanup much less unpleasant at the end, and that’s great for repeat business.

Improved Confidence

We’re not talking about your confidence right now. Look at it this way. Have you ever had an attractive lady get fully dolled up to go out with you? Did it make you feel good to know that some of that effort might be about you? You can return this favor. Sure, a suit goes a long way, but nothing speaks to the effort of your appearance more than male grooming.

Every woman in the world will notice your below-the-waist grooming. There’s no question. If you can make it clear that the effort is for their sake (and let’s be honest, it mostly is), then they can receive that unspoken compliment in full force. It gives them a boost to know that they’re worth that effort, and that can translate to more confidence in the bedroom as well. That’s something towards which we should all aspire. 

Manscaped Fact: Why 93% Of Women Prefer Men Who Groom Below The Waist

It’s Fun

Sometimes, the lead up to sex is more exciting than the deed itself (even if it isn’t as pleasurable). That moment when you’re exploring each other’s bodies and seeing just how far the moment can go is pure ecstasy. You can add to a lady’s fun with some good grooming. Leave her a trail through the forest of your body. Give her the means to explore and reward her with interesting sights along the way.

This might sound strange, but tons of women have actually commented on how much they love it. According to research by Maxim (which has to be reliable), women absolutely love how grooming impacts this part of foreplay.

You’ll Be Better in Bed

We said that your grooming can help with a woman’s confidence, but it can help yours even more. It’s something we mention a lot, actually. Below-the-waist and above-the-waist grooming is one of the best tools on the planet for a man to feel better about himself. Sure, it makes you feel more attractive. That’s great, but it also makes you feel more comfortable, and that translates to the sexiest, most unmistakable displays of confidence.

The end game here is that confidence leads to better sex. Because you will feel sexier, you’ll appear sexier and get better responses out of the ladies. That gets reinforced when your confidence gives you the daring to try new and fun things in the sack. This is inextricably tied to why women love confident men, and women have noticed that men who groom are more confident. You can get the best of both worlds here.

Getting it Done

Hopefully, you’re convinced. Women have spoken loudly and let us know what they want. Now, all we have to do is give it to them. We’re going to help you with that part by giving you a crash course in manscaping. If you’ve read our other tutorials, you can skip this part. We aren’t reinventing the wheel today. For the newcomers, this is probably the most important thing you’ll read this week.


Trimming is the first step to any good manscaping session. You want a Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer and a Magic Mat shaving mat to get started. You don’t need any lubricant for this part. You want to grab the longest cutting guard and trim absolutely every single hair below your belly button and above your thighs. After that, you can assess the situation and see if any parts should be shorter, but this is the minimum first trim.

the lawn mower 3.0

Treating Wounds

Using good grooming tools will help you avoid nicks and cuts, but grooming still puts stress on the skin and hair follicles. You want to address this stress right away. Despite what anyone else might say, you want to shower right after you groom. You’ll wash away hair clippings and dirt, and you can apply Crop Cleanser hair and body wash to the now sensitive skin. Crop Cleanser has an Active pH Control formula that will soothe the regions and help mitigate any razor burn or bumps.

After you shower (and gently pat dry), you want to apply Crop Preserver ball deodorant. It continues the soothing action. More importantly, it will reduce friction and help control moisture in your groin for the rest of the day. This is vital to the recovery process. 

Lastly, you want to spritz a little Crop Reviver down there. It’ll keep you smelling great, and it revitalizes the clipped hairs to keep them soft when they regrow.

That concludes today’s lesson. You probably already knew that women like manscaping, but now you know why. That’s powerful knowledge, so make the most of it. In the meantime, keep checking in here. We’re not done dropping knowledge bombs on you.



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