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The best grooming kits for men.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



MANSCAPED: The Best Grooming Kits for Men

When it comes to male grooming, MANSCAPED® has been a major name in the business for a while. We’ve spent a lot of time developing products, researching, communicating with all of you, and doing all of the work necessary to know what we’re doing. 

As a result, we’ve curated a few grooming kits. These kits make it easy to get all of the tools you need in one place and each kit serves a unique purpose. Whether you need a better beard or you want to explore other aspects of male grooming, these are the best grooming kits for men. 

The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit - Beard Grooming Kit

Let’s kick this off with your face. Wait. Let’s talk about a kit for grooming your face. Yeah, that’s better. 

The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit is a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need to grow a magnificent beard. It’s first on the list of grooming kits because beard care is universal. Even if you don’t grow a beard (actually, especially if you don’t grow a beard), you have to groom it. You need good tools to get the job done, so this is a kit that virtually every guy can utilize. 

It’s packed with high-quality resources that keep your face and facial hair healthy and beautiful. In fact, here’s the full list of items that are included: 

  • The Beard Hedger™ 
  • Beard Shampoo 
  • Beard Conditioner 
  • Beard Oil 
  • Beard Balm
  • Travel Bag
  • FREE GIFT: Beard Accessory Pack (Beard Brush, Beard Comb, and Beard Scissors) 

The Beard Hedger Pro Kit

With this kit, you can grow a healthy beard, style it, groom it, and take everything with you on the go. Let’s break some of those products down. 

First, we need to talk about The Beard Hedger™. This is an electric trimmer and razor that allows you to control the length of your beard. If you want to keep things smooth for a while, this trimmer can do that. If you want a longer beard, you’re still in good hands. With adjustable cutting lengths, it does what you want. 

Then you’ll see the Beard Shampoo and Beard Conditioner. These care products are designed specifically for your beard. After all, the hair on your chin is different from the hair on your scalp and your shampoo and conditioner should reflect that. These two can help you maintain a healthy level of oil in the beard and soften things down a bit so your beard isn’t itchy and scratchy. 

Of course, we can’t overlook the Beard Oil and Beard Balm. These are both styling products and face-care products. You can use oil or balm as you like. In either case, they'll help to hydrate the skin under your beard and they make it easy to comb and style your beard. They’ll also add a bit of shine to the hair, making it that much more attractive. 

And to sweeten the deal, you get a beard accessory pack which includes a beard brush, scissors, and a beard comb. 

When you take advantage of everything in The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit, your face will thank you. 

The Platinum Package 4.0 - Luxury Grooming Kit

Next up is the Platinum Package. This covers everything you need for grooming hair that isn’t on your face. This is our elite comprehensive-care package. It’s the biggest and the best, and to prove that, here’s the long list of goodies you’ll find if you go platinum: 

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0
  • Weed Whacker® 2.0
  • 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Crop Preserver®
  • Crop Reviver®
  • Magic Mat®
  • The Shed
  • MANSCAPED® Boxers 

The Platinum Package

When we say comprehensive, we really mean it. For starters, this kit has two of the best and most versatile grooming tools in existence. The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is our whole-body groomer. It’s designed to go in all of the dark places on your body. It can groom your chest, your butt, and anything else that needs a little taming. It’s designed around safety, comfort, and convenience and as our fourth iteration of the technology, you can trust that it’s expertly crafted and reliable. 

The Weed Whacker® is the trimmer that covers two specific areas inaccessible to The Lawn Mower®: your ears and nose. Neither place is flattering when you have excess hair and this trimmer makes it easy to keep things under control. It’s extremely safe and it’s designed to avoid removing too much hair (ear and nose hairs serve important functions). It just keeps things clean and comfortable. 

Outside of cutting, you’ll see a full lineup of products that help you keep your whole body healthy. Our 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner is designed for the top of your head. It’s an easy way to make your hair look and feel amazing. 

Crop Preserver® and Crop Reviver® do similar things, but a little farther south. They help with hydration, moisture control, friction, inflammation, and comfort in general. Apply a little of each after your morning shower and you’ll feel like a new man. 

Body wash and deodorant are there to cover the essentials. The wash will keep you feeling and smelling great (and it will keep your skin hydrated too). The deodorant is exactly what you expect from a deodorant, but ours uses natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on your body. 

The Shed is a carrying case to keep it all organized, and a complimentary pair of our boxers will show you how delightful it can be when your underwear reduces friction, wicks moisture, and focuses on comfort over anything else. 

Does that sound like a lot? It is. We packed this thing full for you. 

The Performance Package 4.0 - Full Body Grooming Kit

If the previous package is the ultimate kit for all things related to male care, then The Performance Package is a bit more streamlined. It has all of the essentials for body grooming and body care, but it cuts a few products that you probably already own to lower the price and make things easier to manage. 

Here’s what you get with The Performance Package 4.0: 

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0 
  • Weed Whacker® 2.0 
  • Crop Preserver® 
  • Crop Reviver® 
  • Magic Mat® 
  • The Shed 
  • MANSCAPED® Boxers 

Those are all familiar items that were discussed above. Let’s take a moment to talk about what’s missing. You don’t see shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or pit deodorant on this list. Why? 

Hopefully, you already have those things. Now, the Platinum Package gives you an advantage. Everything in that package is built from the same cologne-quality fragrance. That prevents you from mixing and matching aromas in some horrible clashing concoction. 

But that won’t be the most important thing to all guys. We get that. This package is a little slimmer and that makes it more affordable and approachable. You still have everything you need for full-body care. 

The trimmers in the package can cover your whole body. Crop Preserver® and Crop Reviver® are still taking extra care of you downstairs. 

It’s also worth mentioning Magic Mat®. We glossed over this goody in the last section, but this mat is designed to make body grooming easy. If you’re going to remove some hair from places that don’t exactly stand over the sink, then cleanup can get awkward. This solves that problem. Just lay one on the floor before you start. Let it catch all of your hair clippings and when you’re done, you can throw it out. This kit comes with a handful of mats so that grooming is that much easier. 

The Perfect Package 4.0 - Groin Grooming Kit

It’s the original and we’ve kept it around on purpose. Platinum is a choice that gives you everything. Performance gives you the things you’re missing for a full-body care experience. The Perfect Package gives you what you need the most. This kit trims a couple more items from the list. It has exactly what you need to break into full-body grooming. Take a look: 

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0 
  • Crop Preserver® 
  • Magic Mat® 
  • The Shed 
  • MANSCAPED® Boxers 

The Perfect Package

We made this kit first. Everything else came after and was a matter of feedback. We wanted you to have access to an affordable, entry-level kit that made it easy to start grooming the rest of your body and we still believe that this kit is perfect in that regard. 

Upon popular request, we made more comprehensive kits over time and they serve a lot of people well too. 

But if you’re looking to get started with body grooming, this is the easiest place to start. With a world-class trimmer, you can learn how to groom body hair in safety. The Magic Mat® and The Shed still provide extra convenience. 

Crop Preserver® can help you learn how to extend your self-care routine beyond the bare basics. You can see the real benefits of using a specialized product on a sensitive part of your body. If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that this cult product is the gateway product to a whole self-care routine. 

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked is that The Perfect Package 4.0, like all of our kits, is eligible for enrollment into the Peak Hygiene Plan. This is an auto-renewal service that ensures you never run out of the consumables that you love. You can customize it however you like and the things you need will be delivered right to your doorstep on a schedule that you pick. 

The Ultra Smooth Package - Groin & Pubic Hair Shaving Kit

The Ultra Smooth Package is another of our specialized kits. This one isn’t for your whole body. It’s designed meticulously for your sensitive bits. This is everything you need to safely and comfortably shave below the waist: 

  • The Crop Shaver® 
  • Crop Gel™ 
  • Crop Exfoliator™ 

The kit also comes with a bundle of replacement blades for the razor (six replacement blades to be precise) and a sleek travel kit. 

Perhaps we should take a moment to talk about some of the items in this kit. 

The Crop Shaver® is our own razor that we designed specifically for grooming around the boys. It has a shortened handle and precision head that make it a lot easier to control the blade when you’re doing important work. Traditional razors get really awkward down there. We solved that problem. 

Crop Gel™ is our own special shaving gel. It’s designed to provide optimal lubrication for your blade work. It’s also made with gentle, natural ingredients that won’t set your crotch ablaze. Comfort is the keyword here. 

Lastly, Crop Exfoliator™ is designed to help you clean up after a shave. We recommend showering after you groom the nether regions. That will clear away all of the hair clippings, which makes life a lot more comfortable. The exfoliating cream allows you to gently but effectively clear your pores in the groin area. It also helps your skin recover from shaving faster. 

In short, this kit makes shaving gentle, easy, and precise. 

The Ultra Smooth Package

The Buff Bundle - Shower Kit

Last on the list is the Buff Bundle. This is our simplest kit and it’s designed for one thing — to help you shower better. That’s it. That’s the whole point and this is achieved with two important things: 

  • The Body Buffer 
  • 2 Bottles of Refined® Body Wash 

You can wash yourself with a great body wash. Our Body Wash, like our other products, is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and promote epidermal health. It also smells just as delightful as everything else in the lineup. 

The Body Buffer is a silicone scrubber. It can help you get a little cleaner and it acts as an exfoliator. Because it’s silicone, it’s resistant to growing mold and such, and it will help you feel cleaner and fresher than ever after a shower. 



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