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Manscaping History and How To's

Manscaping has fully entered the mainstream, but there is still a shroud of mystery about it for most fellas. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the club, there are likely some things you don’t know about male body grooming. Manscaping has a rich history, and modern improvements have made it a quintessential part of masculinity.

The Ancient Tradition of Manscaping

The earliest records of proper grooming can be found in the Bible. Stories of Samson and ancient law both make it clear that even God wants you to look your best. Since then, the styles and trends have been up, down and through every iteration imaginable. From the baby-smooth stylings of early monks to the animalistic hairiness of many frontiers, there are few experiments left to consider. The evolution has snapped back and forth between embracing unruly burliness and unnaturally bald bodies. Men have worn tights and body coverings, braided beards, grown serious mutton chops, and eventually embraced a cleaner look. The one universal lesson we can take from history is that all men of standing, regardless of the times, put deliberate care into their looks. The fashions of the past may induce cringes today, but the purpose behind those looks still apply to the modern man.

The Modern Revival

It was the climactic culmination of imperialism that led to modern manscaping. This sounds dramatic, but WWI introduced armies so large that hair management became a matter of safety and practicality. When millions of soldiers are packed like sardines, the risk of lice and hair-borne illnesses are serious issues. Conversely, the cold conditions of winter warfare in Europe necessitated that at least some hair remains to keep warm. This was the birth of the crew cut. Although it started as a matter of practicality, it taught us the essence of the clean look that is important today.

More recently, men of all standing have begun to learn that a clean look applies to much more than the top of our heads and faces. As we all hope to be naked in front of another person at some point, we should plan ahead for the event. Body grooming has folded into haircuts and facial shaves, and the totality of this care is what we now call manscaping.

Keeping Up With Trends

There is no universal school of manscaping, but there are a few general rules that have been accepted by the masses. The caveman look is out. There is no room for argument. If you want long hair, a long beard or any other statement of body hair, it has to be intentional and styled. Man buns may involve a lot of hair, but you can see the purpose and style behind them. Conversely, no one on the planet is attracted to naked mole rats, so you should probably avoid drawing any visual connections. If you want to know what haircuts work, just look at some recent red carpet pictures. The same can be said for beards. When in doubt, here are the basic guidelines.

No neckbeards. We have a deep, dark theory that they will eventually circle back into style, but that day is not today. It isn’t tomorrow either. No matter how much beard you do or don’t grow, keep the neck clean. 

Ears should be visible. One reason the man bun came into fashion is that it enables longer hair to obey this rule. There are rare exceptions, but if you’re still living by basic guidelines, you aren’t ready for them. If you experiment with sideburns, long curls, or anything else that seems fun, make sure the ears are clean.

When in doubt, smooth the back. Your whole body shouldn’t be smooth, but the back is a tricky place to manage. While most of your body grooming should look to manicure and contain, rather than remove, body hair, the back can go bare. In fact, getting your back waxed is probably the easiest way to stay on top of it. Most importantly, intimate sessions can easily be ruined by excessive back hair or even stubble where it isn’t expected.

Keep it simple. Remember in the 90s when people thought it was cool to shave words into their heads? They were wrong. The same goes for your pubes and any other hairy growths dense enough to try. The concept is managed, but not hairless.

Tools for the Jobs

the lawn mower 3.0.

We want you to know that we're proud of you. Even today, there’s a lot of stigma and old-fashioned buffoonery that might keep you from taking care of your body. You’ve overcome that. But, like in all things, if you want success, you need the right tools for the job. MANSCAPED™ is devoted solely to that purpose, so let’s learn what their dedicated engineers have developed for us.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer 

It starts here. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is designed to make touch body trimming easier, so keep it clean and don’t use this beautiful exhibit of human ingenuity above your neck.

Crop Preserver Ball Deodorant

The name says it all. After you mow the lawn, Crop Preserver will moisturize, deodorize and otherwise preserve your newfound cleanliness. It’s best used as a total body wash. That will make sure you don’t miss anything important and better enables it to keep you fresh throughout the day.

Crop Reviver Toner 

When the Preserver isn’t sufficient for the . . . sensitive needs of certain areas, the Crop Reviver is your friend. It nourishes and hydrates those areas to minimize razor burn and other ill effects that can accompany a trim or shave. 

The Shears Nail Kit

 manscaping history

This kit handles the stuff you likely don’t realize you need to be doing. It provides tweezers and a full-service nail kit. You can clean up your face and your nails, and you can go beyond the simplistic clipping you probably do. Get The Shears nail kit and learn to use it.

Magic Mat Shaving Mats

This is the final tool to complete your kit, so no matter where you go you can stay clean. The Magic Mat is important for two reasons: it makes cleanup easy and it eliminates the most common excuse for falling behind on your grooming.

You are armed and ready. With the right knowledge and the best tools in the business, you can push manscaping to its next level. Get clean. Get sexy. And get some.



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