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Men's Grooming for the Busy Executive

When it comes to being successful, "busy-ness" is just part of the business. For guys who are on the go all the time, it can be tough to find a men's grooming regimen that works for his unique needs. Thankfully, MANSCAPED came along, offering an assortment of products and tools designed for the busy executive. With this in mind, let's take a deep dive into what this actually means.

Who Is the Busy Executive?

A businessman is a guy who wears a lot of hats. He runs a company, slings spreadsheets like there's no tomorrow, and can take deep-dives into numbers and data like nobody's business. He's a guy who juggles his calendar like circus clowns juggle bowling pins, often moving and shaking his way through the day. He might be hard to get ahold of because he's got so many responsibilities, but he's always got his company's best interest at heart. He has probably has frequent flyer miles with a few airlines and often gets upgrades to better seats when he's taking trips from one place to the next. But that doesn't mean he's in a cushy office all day long. MANSCAPED's executive customers come from all walks of life, and our products are created to be hardy enough to last all day, while being super gentle to those sensitive spots down below.

Here are a few types of executive guys who love MANSCAPED's male grooming products:

1. The Money Man

CFOs and CEOs have a way with money. After all, their entire roles are based around ensuring healthy finances for their organizations. These guys tend to be found in their offices most of the day, which means they're sitting on chairs, blocking their balls from the kind of oxygen and breathing room they need to feel comfortable. As the day wears on, their balls can become uncomfortable, often leaving these company leaders trying to figure out how to make adjustments without drawing attention to themselves (or the attention of the ever-present HR team).

mens grooming for the busy executive

2. The People Person

HR executives deal with people all day as part of their positions. This means situations where swamp crotch exists could become serious issues. Nobody wants to sit in someone's office, filling out paperwork for several hours while holding their nose because the odor is unbelievable. Guys who have direct contact with the staff need to be especially aware of their hygiene tactics to ensure they're not omitting offensive odors that can cause problems for the company down the line.

3. The Jet Setter

Jet-setter execs are busy roaming from site to site for most of their working hours. They know how uncomfortable their crotch can become after sitting on a plane for two, three, or 23 hours, and they know how to take measures to achieve optimal comfort during extended periods of travel. These men have a special place for Manscaped's male grooming items because they appreciate the fact that they're easy to pack, charge, and use.

4. The Construction Guy

Rest assured, not all executives are sitting behind desks all day. Some of our best customers are guys who are out in the field, working in hot, sweaty, and sticky conditions to ensure buildings get built and construction workers have the direction they need to accomplish their tasks. Although they've traded in three-piece suits in favor of worn jeans that can get a little dirty and dusty, the area below the belt still has to endure the hot area that has a tendency to get sweaty and smelly.

5. The Family Man

Busy executives' jobs aren't over when the workday is done; they have dates to go on, significant others to entertain, and family members to take care of. While a relaxing put-your-feet-up-and-relax moment would be perfect for the guys who have strained their brains all day, many of them have other duties to tend to when they get home. This means that even if they've managed to stave off the stink throughout the day, their testicles will still be tested by the time the clock strikes the magic hour when they can lay their heads down. They'll be playing with little kids who don't mind pointing out when people smell bad or trying to get their partners in the mood, even though there's a rank sense of something smelly down there. 

happy young family

6. The Mover and Shaker

These execs may stay in their headquarters most of the time, but they're going from department to department, meeting to meeting, making sure everybody's on board with the company's mission and vision. They're troubleshooting problems, looking for ways to improve efficiency, and finding ways to ensure the health, happiness, and well-being of their staff and brands. With these guys, hygiene is important because they need to exude confidence, whether they're standing in front of a board of directors or shaking hands with an entry-level new hire. 

7. The Cowboy Exec

Farmers and ranch hands need to have clean balls, too. Rest assured, we do everything we can here at Manscaped to prevent chafing and give our cowboy customers the kind of crotch they need to succeed when they're running the ranch. Between lassos and heavy lifting, these execs need powerful products that can put their balls in place and keep them comfortable all day long.

8. The Data Dude

Executives who have their hands in security or the company's private data may not interact with staff members as much as other execs, but that doesn't mean they don't need to keep their balls in good working order while they're pounding out code on their computers. Data dudes have a tendency to dive deep into logistics and analytics, often sitting at their desks from the moment they get to work until it's time to punch the virtual time clock. These guys need protective barriers that can keep their balls comfortable while they're doing the dirty work of keeping the company's information private and safe. Wise guys keep their privates just as respectfully scrubbed as the data with which they deal with on a daily basis.

9. The Start-Up Smart Guy

Sure, start-ups have a reputation for having more relaxed dress codes and environments that may seem more playful than traditional office environments, but that's not to say that these guys don't pay attention to their male grooming needs. In fact, 66% of millennials had a goal of starting their own businesses, according to an article in IncOn a related note, 57% of millennial men reportedly manscape, according to When you put these two statistics together, it's no wonder why we see a large portion of our customer base who operate start-ups clamoring at the Manscaped door when it comes to keeping things on the southern hemisphere clean and trimmed.

10. The CEO of the Household

In recent years, the traditional roles of man and woman in the house have begun to transition. According to, there are around 1.75 million stay-at-home dads right now, a number that's approximately doubled in the last ten years. These are the guys who are caring for the kids, making sure the bills get paid, cleaning the house, and taking on all of the CEO-of-the-household duties that were expected of women generations ago. On the surface, it may seem like these guys have more time to manscape than other busy executives, but if you spend a day in their shoes, you'll likely discover that they're on just as much of a time crunch as in-office CEOs; the responsibilities are just different. 

How Does MANSCAPED Help Busy Executives?

What do all of these busy executives have in common? Well, there are a few things.

  • Time Crunch. No matter which category of busy guy you're talking about, we guarantee each of these fellas has to suss out his schedule well in advance of starting his day. He has appointments, meetings, and other commitments that are time sensitive, which means anything he does for himself has to fall within the confines of a carefully planned calendar. 
  • Little Breathing Room. It makes no difference how much a man moves all day or sits still for hours on end, his balls are still relegated to a relatively small space that can accumulate humidity, sweat, and bacteria—all of which can lead to embarrassing situations that result in swamp crotch, chafing, itching, or other unnecessary discomfort.
  • Responsibilities. Every busy executive has a plateful of responsibilities that must be adhered to in order for the ship to run smoothly. Maybe he's in meetings all day, or perhaps he's guiding his staff toward the ultimate goals of the business. In any event, you'll find executives shaking hands and meeting with people all day long.

MANSCAPED product line puts all of these needs right in their places. Thanks to our below-the-belt variety of tools and body products, you can rest assured that your sensitive skin will be well cared for and served up with a gentle side of "you deserve this". We've crafted each of our devices and products to tailor to men's needs, so you no longer have to go searching for your girlfriend's pink razor that honestly doesn't belong anywhere near your balls. You can steer clear of off-the-shelf items that won't do your junk any justice (and, at worse, could even cause you pain, discomfort, or infections if things go awry). With MANSCAPED, you can achieve a smooth, refined trim or shave with all the fixin's for healthy, supple, and satisfied skin.

Men's Grooming for the Busy Executive

MANSCAPED's Products: Making Life Easier for Busy Executives Everywhere

Now that you know who these busy executives are, let's talk about how MANSCAPED helps make their grooming endeavors a little easier and more comfortable, shall we?

The Lawn Mower 3.0

It all begins with The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. This powerful little tool is an incredible addition to any busy man's bathroom collection. Armed with 6,000 RPMs of coarse-hair-cutting power, The Lawn Mower 2.0 was specifically created to go to work below the belt. It's USB rechargeable, which makes it perfect for men who have to travel from place to place all the time. That means you'll have fewer cords and devices to stow in your suitcase when you're packing, plus, the QuietStroke™ technology ensures you're handling your curly hair without waking up the neighbors when you're hanging out in your hotel room. 

This magic device can be used wet or dry, which makes it perfect for men who want to get their entire manscaping efforts done while they're in the shower, while it's also a fantastic option for guys who prefer to do the trim dry before they step into the suds. As a note, here at Manscaped, we recommend trimming your lower tresses before you get in the shower. Unless you're in a time crunch (which we know busy executives tend to be in), it's best to trim your hair dry, then shave it, then shower off the excess hair that's still left on your body.

Crop Cleanser

You don't need just any body wash; you need a pH-balanced body wash that's formulated for a busy man's tough day on the town. Crop Cleanser is the cleaning mechanism of choice for Manscaped men. It works on the top tufts of your body (i.e., your head hair), as well as the hair that hangs out around, well, your other head. Crop Cleanser regulates the skin's natural sebum activity—that is, the natural moisture barrier your skin produces to protect it from chafing and itching while your parts are stuck inside pants all day.

Crop Preserver

When it comes to keeping the skin soft and stink-free, nothing does the job down under better than Crop Preserver. This anti-chafing ball deodorizer does double duty, acting as a protective barrier between your balls and the fabric that rubs against it while simultaneously battling the bad bacteria that can make your bottom area smell really bad. It's good for hours of work of play, maintaining all-day freshness without worry. It offers an advanced, quick-absorbing formula that switches from liquid to a powder-like substances as soon as you start to rub it on your balls. But, best of all, there is no weird residue or goo left over in your shorts after it's integrated itself into your skin.

Crop Reviver

Let's not let the little things in life slip through our hands. Crop Reviver is the finishing spray of all finishing sprays, offering Active pH Control™ to the areas that need it the most. Because it's formulated with aloe and witch hazel extracts, Crop Reviver is the quintessential tool for reducing inflammation and cooling sensitive skin after a good shave. The ingredients offer anti-inflammatory, anti-burn, and optimal hydration components that come together to ensure skin is happy, healthy, and feeling its best throughout the day.

Crop Mop

When on-the-clock meets on-the-go, busy executives rely on one Manscaped product more than anything else: Crop Mop wipes. These travel-sized wipes are perfect for every kind of executive, no matter if you sit all day or stand at the construction site for hours on end. They're biodegradable, flushable, and compact, meaning you can stuff a few in your suitcase, back pocket, or glove box without anyone ever suspecting a thing. And because they're wrapped individually, all you need to do is duck into a bathroom stall for a quick swipe of your sack to realize the ultimate freshness these little gems can deliver to your down under. They're infused with aloe, which helps to keep the skin calm and soft while simultaneously wiping away the bad bacteria that can lead to odors and itching. In the end, it's a win-win.

If you're a busy executive who can't seem to figure out how to fit proper manscaping into your daily regimen, MANSCAPED is here to help. Thanks to The Perfect Package 3.0, and all of the other awesome offerings our brand provides, you can now rest assured that your package will be perfectly manicured, no matter where you are or what business you need to tend to.



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