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Men's Grooming Guide

You know you need to be clean and well-groomed to attract (or keep!) great partners, right? After all, hygiene isn't just for you; it's for them, too. Maybe you don't know just how to put hygiene in place properly. Never fear! Manscaped is here. Let's take a head-to-toe look at what it takes to enjoy great male grooming in this men's grooming guide.

1. Wash Your Hair

Laugh if you want to, but some men don't understand the importance of regularly getting the dirt and grime out of their top tufts. No, a quick minute under the shower head won't do it. And no, a once-a-week shampoo session isn't enough. You should wash your hair at least every other day because your scalp sends lots of oil into the hair follicles, which can leave it looking greasy and grimy. Not to mention, the oil will hold onto the goo that's in the atmosphere, causing it to look even slimier.

Crop Cleanser is an all-in-one body wash that works on every inch of your body, including your balls and your head. When lathered into your hair, it becomes a shampoo, ushering away all those gross things that keep you from achieving the ultimate clean. Plus, it smells great, leaving behind a subtle-yet-fresh scent.

men's grooming guide

2. Speaking of Body Wash...

While we're on the topic of body wash, use it! Crop Cleanser's pH-balanced formula is specifically created for men's bodies. It's not the same off-the-shelf store brand you'll get at your local grocery store; it's a specially created cleanser that includes ingredients like soothing aloe and sea salt that help soothe the body and calm irritation and itchiness. It was also created to enable your body's natural sebum—the protective oils secreted by your skin—to stick around so your skin doesn't experience dryness or chafing throughout the day.

3. Take Care of Your Testicles

Okay, sure, get that prostate exam to make sure things are operating as they should be. You should never ignore your health, even for preventative reasons.

However, on this episode of The Ultimate Male Grooming Guide, we're not talking about doctors' appointments. No, dear gents. We're talking about regular at-home maintenance of your man parts. Did you know that there are products solely created for your crotch region? That's right! There are ball deodorants, anti-chafing toners, trimmers, and razors that were built to go down below your waist. 

Let's do a rundown of these down-below tools, shall we?

Start by Trimming Your Hair

Trimming is the essential first ingredient to a well-groomed man because it ensures your hairs aren't going rogue when you apply products and other tools to your private parts. The best hair removal for men comes in the form of a little handheld tool known as The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. This gadget does all the dirty work up front, enabling you to make a few swipes up and down, left and right, so your pubic hair (or hair anywhere else on your body) is trimmed and ready to face the world (even if it's hiding beneath your shorts).

With The Lawn Mower 3.0's ceramic blade system, you can confidently trim your nether region with fear of repercussion. No more snagging, tearing, or ripping off your pubic hair from the very follicles they were grown in; The Lawn Mower 3.0 takes it upon itself to do a surface cleaning of your pubes, gently capturing them in the blades and clipping them as it comes into contact with them.

the lawn mower 3.0

Shower Off Your Hair

Once your pubic hair's found its way to the floor, toilet, or on the top of the  Magic Mat, it's time to hop in the shower. You know how we mentioned Crop Cleanser before? This is when it does its best work. Because it's formulated with skin-soothing elements, it's perfect for a post-shave cleanup. The aloe will help calm your freshly shaven skin while the sea salt helps exfoliate the surface and remove dirt and grime that may be stuck to your scrotum.

Deodorize Your Balls

Nobody (and we mean nobody) enjoys smelling sweaty balls. It doesn't matter if you're planning between-the-sheets escapades after work or you're simply riding in your car with a coworker, the stench can get real...real fast. Avoid awkward moments of sweaty ball smell by protecting your private parts as soon as you towel off after your shower. You might think reaching for an aloe vera-infused ball deodorant will get the job done, but hear us out. Crop Preserver ball deodorant puts itches and stenches in their place like no other ball deodorant can. Its powdery-liquid texture absorbs easily into the skin, ensuring you're not left with any gross film or goo in your shorts. This little beauty battles bad bacteria all day, helping you keep the stench away.

Don't be a disgrace to your friends, family, and coworkers. Deodorize your balls in the name of keeping camaraderie decent!

Spritz on an Anti-Inflammatory Spray

With the hair and shower out of the way, all you need is one last spray. Spritz on a bit of Crop Reviver ball toner to protect your privates from excessive rubs with your down-under covers. Crop Reviver is your secret to super great smelling balls without the pain and burning effects that can happen if you try to shower your southern region with cologne. While cologne contains chemicals that won't affect the rest of your skin negatively, your sensitive scrotal area deserves better treatment—and it won't hesitate to let you know it's pissed off when the burning sensation begins to take effect if you use the wrong spritz.

Rest assured, Crop Reviver can come to the rescue, providing an anti-chafing barrier that brings good smelling ingredients with it.

crop reviver and crop preserver

4. Smell Good On Top, Too

While we're on the subject of scents, let's talk briefly about the benefits of not smelling like a bar. You also don't want to run anyone out of the elevator with your blasphemous odors that would easily kill any houseplants if you got too close. There's a fine balance, and Manscaped has done the dirty work for you. We've procured Refined cologne so you can feel sexy, clean, and confident without forcing people to flee when they're in your vicinity.

5. Keep Your Nails Clean

Gross nails don't belong in this world. It doesn't matter what you do for a living or what excuses you have for showcasing dirty, jagged nails because really, there is no excuse, dear gents. Manscaping doesn't stop at your balls; it's an all-over aesthetic that's meant to make you more presentable (and make you feel more confident) to the entire world. You don't want to extend your arm for a handshake, only to have the recipient of your gesture shudder with fear. 

Avoid this awkwardness by employing the power of The Shears. This luxury nail set removes the dirt and grime from beneath your nails and make sure you've got a well-filed set of fingertips so you can do with them as you please without scaring off potential partners. After all, nobody wants to fear the jagged awfulness that can come from unkempt fingernails.

6. Stow On-the-Go Necessities

Even the cleanest southern-region crop is bound to get sweaty and smelly after a while. Fortunately, as a Manscaped man, you don't have to deal with these displeasures. By stocking up on Crop Mop ball wipes, you'll have on-the-go goods for your...well...goods. The Crop Mop is a biodegradable, flushable, and soft-textured cleansing solution that enables you to wick away sweat and stink wherever you happen to be. It's a great item to keep in your gym bag or glove box so you can easily reach for a wipe and take a mini-shower when you're out and about.

MANSCAPED has everything you need to enjoy a well-groomed body. From nail clippers to shampoo, and of course, everything you need to keep your balls happy, we're here for you. Order today, and start reaping the benefits of a really clean body.


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