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Men's shower routine: Staying clean in 2022

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Men's shower routine: Staying clean in 2022

Do you ever think about a random activity and wonder how to do it better? Have you ever contemplated a more efficient way to adjust the driver’s seat in the car or planned how to take out the trash? As much as this sounds weird, it’s actually pretty normal. Whenever you take the time to really think about it, you find that many routines are done willy-nilly, and there’s room for improvement.

Since we’re already going down this rabbit hole, have you ever really thought about your shower routine? Is it optimal? Are you doing everything right to have the healthiest hair and skin? Take a minute to go through an ideal men's shower routine with us. You might find a little inspiration.

Get in the shower

Typically, you get the water running so it can heat up before you jump in. If you’re into cold showers, that’s fine. Do your thing; just try to keep the high-pitched screaming to a minimum.

If you take warm showers like a civilized human being, then remember not to let the water get too hot. Especially on a cold day, a hot shower feels really good. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard on the skin. Lower the temperature a bit, and you won’t get so dry or itchy when you’re done showering. Yes, that really is the secret.

When the water temperature is right, hop on in.

Rinse thoroughly

A good shower routine for men starts with a good rinse. You can go ahead and do this from top to bottom. We’re going to suggest washing and scrubbing in a specific order, but you can get your whole body soaked before that starts. 

It feels good, and it ensures that you’re rinsing away loose dirt and skin cells and things you don’t want on you before you get into the rest of your shower. Plus, it’s relaxing to rinse down in a warm shower. You’re allowed to enjoy this.

man in shower

Wash your hair

The shower is feeling good. You’re warm (or freezing, if you’re one of those guys). It’s time to get clean.

Typically, you want to wash your hair first. This is because rinsing your hair is going to run shampoo down your body. While a good shampoo is fine for your skin, it’s not ideal for the healthy, hydrated finish you want your skin to have.

So, start off your hair care process by washing it thoroughly (or scalp; no judgment for our bald brothers). You can make your life easier by using Ultra Premium™ 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. As the name suggests, it shampoos and conditions your hair all at the same time. So, you can have a one-and-done kind of thing and move on to the rest of your shower with ease.

Wash your face

If you’re following the internal logic here, then it’s natural to wash your face after you wash your hair. It’s best to use a dedicated facial wash. They are a little gentler on the face and do a good job of cutting skin oils without drying out your skin. The face tends to get oiler than most of the body (especially if you have a beard), so a good facial wash is the way to go.

If you don’t have one, your body wash will still work. It’s not bad for your skin; it’s just not optimized for facial oils.

Wash your body

At this point, you’ve made some headway in your shower (pun intended). You’re going to get into the bulk of the showering process. You need to wash your entire body.

For this step, grab your Ultra Premium™ Body Wash and a loofah. Gently scrub and wash everything from your neck to your feet. You’ll be nice and clean and fresh by the time you’re done. 

The loofah is gentle, so it won’t irritate your skin, but it’s enough of an agitator to help break up any stubborn dirt. 

If you’re in a hurry or not worried about the following steps, then once you rinse off your body wash, you can end your shower. It’s perfectly reasonable. But, if you like grooming in the shower, the next two steps are important to do at times.

Groom as needed

grooming tools

At this point, your body is clean. That means you can safely shave any part of your body that you regularly shave. You can also stick to trimming if that’s more your speed. The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is safe to use while shaving in the shower, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Go through your grooming routine and get your body hair the way you like it. You’re good to go.

When you’re done, rinse thoroughly. You don’t want a bunch of hair clippings to stick around and make you itch all day.

Treat the boys

If you groom downstairs, then you should give that sensitive skin a little love. Invest a little time and do one more wash with Crop Cleanser®. This is a soap that is specifically designed to help your junk after a shave. It’s soothing, hydrating and regenerating, so you won’t suffer if your blade was a little dull or your hand a little unsteady.

It also ensures that you thoroughly remove any itchy hair clippings.

Dry off

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. You’re just drying off after a shower. But, there is one important piece of advice. Don’t sandpaper yourself dry with your towel. Try a pat-down technique. You might surprise yourself.

Finishing touches

After the shower, you have to finish your morning routine. Now that you’re fresh and dry, you can apply deodorant. Remember that there are three key body parts that need deodorant. You’ve gotta hit the pits, but you should also apply Crop Preserver® to the groin. Additionally, a little Foot Duster® on your feet will go a long way.

You can also apply Crop Reviver® if your groin needs a little more love. Its soothing formula will help your skin relax after a shave, and it smells great. Lastly, a touch of body spray will ensure that you smell absolutely phenomenal. Congrats, you’re ready to get dressed and start your day.



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