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Men's Skincare Guide

Alright, guys. We need to break down some barriers. Somehow, modern society has seen a gap emerge in skincare between men and women. The average woman has a slew of products and a devoted routine, and her skin is much better than what you see on most dudes. Now, to be fair, guys are often exposed to harsh conditions. Men tend to dominate work that is tougher on the skin (especially on the hands). We also aren’t taught from a young age to take good care of our skin.

It’s time to turn that around. You’re a good guy. You deserve to have healthy, happy skin that feels as good as it looks. It’s ok for you to put some effort into feeling sexy. We’re right there with you. But, in order to achieve those goals, you’ll have to do a little learning. Today, we’re going to completely break down the ins and outs of skincare. It might feel like a lot, but if you hang in there, you’ll be equipped to take great care of your skin, and you might find that it’s not especially difficult. You may need to add a few things to your routine, but you won’t need to spend hours a day on this project.


This is rule number one. If you’ve ever seen or read an interview of one of those 50-year-old grandmothers who look like they’re in their 20s, they all say the same thing. Moisturize. Don’t make it a habit; make it a religion. Every guy in the world is mentally capable of lapsing on moisturizer. Maybe you’ve heard that chicks dig rough hands. Maybe you’re lazy about this stuff. Maybe you just never knew.

All of those excuses are out the window now. If you have any genuine interest in skincare, it all starts with moisturizing. Dry skin doesn’t just damage the outer layers. It inhibits a healthy skin cycle in so many ways. It can contribute to more serious skin conditions like eczema, bacterial infections, and general irritation. Dry skin can turn red, itch and even crack. All of those things are bad, even if you’ve grown accustomed to them. If you participate in tanning for men, your skin can dry out unnaturally, causing wrinkles and problems with your skin that could be headed off by proper moisturizing.

There are two things you need to do to moisturize. First, get a moisturizing body wash to use in the shower. Showing naturally dries you out, so you need the body wash to counteract that and to help you stay moisturized in general. The second task is using lotion. You have to use it all over, and you have to be smart about it. Your face doesn’t want the same lotion as your elbows. Your balls might be sensitive to some lotions and not others. There’s a reason women tend to have multiple bottles of skincare products. You should learn from them. Proper moisturizing can help stave off men's stretch marks, too.

mens skincare guide

We get after guys about exfoliating all the time. There’s still a stigma where some guys see exfoliating as emasculating or weird. This notion is completely wrong. Exfoliating is simply the proper way to scrub your body. Surely it’s normal to wash and bathe, right? Exfoliating is the technique that helps you get the most benefit from that bathing.

Exfoliating works like this. When you gently scrub your skin, you remove dirt, oil, dead cells and other stuff that can stick into your pores. The scrubbing action literally leaves you cleaner than you were before. If you believe in the power of showering, then exfoliating simply improves the shower.

The trick is that you have to exfoliate correctly. First, you want an agitator, but it needs to be gentle. A soft washcloth can do the trick. Loofahs are literally engineered for this purpose, so they’re great. With your agitator, you want to gently rub or massage the skin with soap. The idea is to loosen up any dirt on you, but you don’t want to be rough enough to cause irritation. If you’re red after exfoliating, you did it wrong.

The other trick to exfoliating is that you don’t have to do it every day. The process does remove dead skin cells, and that promotes cell turnover. If you do it too much, it can overly soften your skin and make you more vulnerable to irritants and even sunburns. For most people, exfoliating once a week is sufficient. At most, you only want to do it twice in a week.

That doesn’t mean you should only bathe or use soap once a week. It just means that most of the time you don’t have to worry about massaging the soap into your skin with a gentle, methodical circular motion (yes, that is the ideal way to exfoliate).

Block the Sun

Sunlight and skincare have a complex relationship. Some sunlight is good for you. It helps your body with natural melanin production. It’s good for your mental health too. People tend to feel better with some sunlight in their life, and the natural production of Vitamin D (which requires sunlight) helps with hormone regulation and general mental well-being.

All of that considered, the sun is one of the primary sources of skin damage on this earth. Too much sunlight can kill skin cells, cause sunburns and even contribute to a risk of skin cancer. Finding that harmonious balance isn’t easy.

Well, it wouldn’t be easy if you had to do it without science. Instead of timing your sunlight exposure, you can use SPF products. They reduce the harm that can come from sun rays, and you can enjoy the sun about as much as you like. If you live in particularly intensely sunny areas (looking at you Southwest), then the peak of summer still might need to drive you inside. Still, SPF products take care of things for you. You still get the benefits of sunlight, but it’s a lot harder to suffer skin damage.

Incorporating SPF into your skincare regimen is easy. Tons of lotions already have some of it. If you don’t like that, then just use sunscreen whenever you spend time outside. That’s all you have to do. Well, you should get a hat that provides shade for your ears too. Too many guys forget about their ears.

Wash Your Body

mens skincare guide
We talked about exfoliating, but we didn't cover the general rules of washing. It comes down to this. Washing is not rinsing. If you hop in the shower, get wet, and hop out, you’re not washing properly. You need to use a hydrating soap. Preferably, you’ll grab something that helps you maintain a healthy pH. This isn’t a marketing gimmick. The acidic outer layer of your skin does a great job of protecting you from the elements and microbes, but it’s easily distorted. Soaps that take it into account help you maintain a healthy pH, and that’s good for you in general.

For most of your body, showering three to five times a week is ideal. Does that surprise you? You actually don’t need to shower every day. Too much exposure to water (especially hot water) is bad for your skin. As long as you don’t have B.O. issues, showering every other day is ideal.

Still, you need to give extra care for washing your face. It’s more delicate than most of your body. You want specialized facial soap that is less harsh than the normal stuff. You also want to wash your face every day, even when you don’t shower. That means your primary facial care will take place over a sink. If you shave regularly, wash your face after you shave. This will make sure you clear the annoying hair clippings, and it will help your face recover from the ravages of shaving.

Speaking of beards, they change the game a little. Once a beard is long enough, it gets in the way of your normal washing routine. You’ll sub your face wash for beard shampoo/conditioner/oil (but only where you have a beard — your forehead still gets the face wash). These products are designed to properly moisturize and treat your face through the beard, and they keep the beard soft and pristine at the same time.

Find Your Cream

The last standard step in hair care mainly applies to your face. You want an overnight treatment. Most of them are creams, but they don’t have to be. Some of the more common treatments will involve serums, masks or retinol. Let’s look at each of these things.

Serums basically work as vitamin injections for your face. They aren’t necessarily creamy, although plenty are, and they’re usually designed to stay on your face overnight. You apply the serum as directed, and it will give your face a massive health boost. Between the hydrating power and the vitamin injection, you’re looking at decreasing crease lines, improving how your skin rebounds, and looking great as a result.

mens skincare guide

Masks come in a lot of forms. Some sit for long periods of time while others are made to be more temporary. It depends on what you want. Masks serve a similar purpose to serums. They are made from materials that help your facial skin absorb nutrients that are good for all kinds of health benefits. In general, a regular facial treatment like a mask or serum is great for your skin.

Retinol is a bit different. It mostly hits you with Vitamin A, and it’s designed to promote cell turnover. Basically, it helps old skin cells die and be replaced a little faster. This softens the skin, and it makes you look a little younger by removing weathered skin from your appearance. The thing about retinol is that it has some side-effects. Namely, when you increase cell turnover, you make the skin a little more vulnerable (like we discussed with exfoliating). Most of all, you’ll be at a higher risk of sunburn, so you don’t want to use retinol nightly. Instead, it should be an intermittent treatment that helps you bounce back from persistently rough skin treatment

Below the Waist

Most of what we have discussed so far is pretty universal. A few things are specific to the face, but moisturizing, SPF, and exfoliating are important for your whole body. Still, we haven’t mentioned anything that is particularly helpful for below-belt skin. Your boys need some love, and as sensitive as they are, they merit some special attention.

So, if you want to moisturize your balls, you don’t want to use the same lotion as the rest of your body. We talked about the sensitivity of your face. That’s even more important downstairs. You want stuff that is dedicated to testicular care. For moisturizing and hydrating, the best thing you can use is Crop Reviver. It is a gentle formula that will help you with moisture. It also has Aloe vera to help you recover from manscaping, and it’s scented to make you smell great all day long.

When it comes to cleaning your balls, Crop Cleanser is the weapon of choice. This is an all-in-one formula that has some special properties. Because it’s designed to be soft on the jewels, it’s gentle enough for your entire body. You can use it to wash your body, balls, hair, and face, all in a single shower. It’s pretty nice that way. Most importantly, it has a formula known as Active pH Control. This helps your body maintain the optimal pH level we discussed earlier. That helps your skin maintain moisture and fight off microbes. You’re winning all around.

the perfect package 3.0

The last thing we want to discuss is Crop Preserver. It’s a ball deodorant. While it does help with moisture control (balls can actually suffer from too much moisture as easily as they can get dry), Crop Preserver does something particularly special. It reduces friction. One of the chief sources of irritation in the nether regions comes from basic physics. Your scrotum can stick to things and get rubbed raw just from daily activity. That’s hard on the skin and leads to a whole bunch of issues you don’t want in your life. With Crop Preserver, you combat all of that by reducing friction in the first place. While you’re skipping a bunch of skin problems, you’ll also feel a lot better throughout the day. It’s some magical stuff.

Our final tip for lower skincare is less about product and more about technique. We fully understand the desire to manscape. We do it regularly. But, you want to have a good plan for grooming the pubic hairs. There are a lot of viable manscaping styles, and there are good reasons to justify any choice. We’re not trying to tell you how your stuff should look. Instead, we’re talking about how to get it to look the way you want.

A lot of guys shave their balls. It’s a good aesthetic, and when done right, it can feel liberating. The problem is that shaving is harder on your skin than anything (except maybe sunlight, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the boys). Even if you want smooth balls, you should try to find ways to achieve smoothness without involving a razor.

In general, we recommend trimming over shaving. It’s more comfortable, and if you have a good trimmer (like The Lawn Mower 3.0), you can get an extremely close crop without literally scraping a blade across your scrotum. It reduces irritation. It’s better for hydration. In general, ditching the razor blade when you can is better for your skin.

If you insist on using a razor, then the tips we mentioned above can help you recover as long as you use a body groomer that's designed for the part of the body you're shaving. In fact, that goes for any part of your body that you decide to shave. If you’ll use aftershave on your face, then use Crop Reviver on your balls. It’s as easy as that.

That about does it. You now have a thorough understanding of skincare. You know what you need to do for your flesh and why. Hopefully, you can make some informed decisions and craft a skincare regimen that is ideal for your lifestyle and leaves you looking and feeling better than ever before. If you don’t want to stop with basic skincare, you can learn a whole lot more about taking care of yourself and improving your sex appeal. We keep the vaults of knowledge full and accessible at how to shave with acne to answers to the age-old question "Why do moles grow hair?" Come hang out. We’re glad to have you.


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