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Post tattoo care with MANSCAPED™ Hydrating Body Spray

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Post tattoo care with MANSCAPED™ Hydrating Body Spray

Let us guess!

Did you get a skull? 

No, no, it’s an elaborate compass that lines up somehow with the sun and the moon and the stars, right? 

Hmm, maybe a quote that is just oh, so special to you?

No…you got a bunny, didn’t you, you silly rascal? 

Did you just let the tattoo artist decide? It’s ok if you are indecisive; it’s still cool and you can figure out the story behind the inspiration later.  

Anyway, tattoos have long been a body modification of personal, religious, government, and cultural expression. What’s really cool though is that we are arguably in the age of the tattoo right now in 2022. 

If this is your first tattoo and you live in the United States (gotta put in that research caveat), congratulations on joining a club that makes up more than 30% of the people in this country. This club seems to be growing every year with that trend-setting Millennial generation taking the lead (nothing but love though, seriously, for you Millennials). 

Whether this is your first tattoo or you have a growing art collection on your body, taking care of that tattoo as it heals is important. You are allowing someone to use a specially designed needle and poke thousands of holes in your body’s dermis layer of skin to insert ink/dye/pigment. There is a reason tattoos hurt. There is a reason they often bleed. A fresh, new tattoo is a wound on your body, and you need to take care of it. Don't worry, we've got a handful of ticks and trips on how to take care of a tattoo that we'll share with you! 

While it’s true that the human body is pretty awesome at healing itself, a little full-body self-care will go a long way. In the case of a new tattoo, it’s not just important to care for the area of the wound itself that is healing. Taking care of your whole body means your wounds will heal faster, and you will be at a lower risk of infections and the like which can turn that new ink of yours into a stinky, nasty mess.    

man getting tattoo

MANSCAPED™ Tattoo Aftercare guide

Taking care of a fresh tattoo and aiding in the healing process involves some general good hygiene suggestions with tips and tricks gathered from our inked members of the MANSCAPED™ family:

  1. As established, a tattoo is damaged skin. It’s an ouchy that you paid for and inflicted on yourself. So one of the most important things we can try to convince you of with your new tattoo is to wash your hands before you deal with it. You’d think we’d be beyond explaining to people that washing your hands with soap and warm water is really all it takes sometimes (or at least it’s a bloody good start). Your hands are used all day long. You touch a lot of gross things. WASH YOUR HANDS. Wash your hands before you eat. Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Wash your hands before you mess with your new tattoo wound. 
  2. With a new tattoo, most tattoo artists will apply a layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage or protective covering when they are done. Once you’ve been released back into the world, our inked brethren have come to the conclusion that it’s a good rule to leave that coverage on for the first 24 hours or so after you’ve been tattooed. 
  3. When you’re ready to remove the protective covering after that first 24 hours has passed, wash your hands, and your tattoo will be ready for its initial washing. It’s recommended that you purchase some antimicrobial soap that is simple. A house favorite is Liquid Dial Gold Antimicrobial liquid soap. GENTLY wash your new tattoo with a little antimicrobial liquid soap and water. Do not scrub. Do not scrub. Do not scrub. 
  4. After you wash, gently pat the area dry or let it air dry. Then you can apply your aftercare tattoo ointment. There are a ton of aftercare tattoo ointment suggestions and it seems like every tattoo shop has its own preference. At MANSCAPED™ though, we’re convinced that our own UltraPremium Body Spray is the way to go. 
  5. After you’ve applied your UltraPremium Body Spray, do not recover your tattoo. Let it breathe. Every day, 2-3 times a day, you’ll need to repeat the process of gently washing and moisturizing your new tattoo. This is especially important if you’ve gotten sweaty or dirty during the day. Most tattoos heal fully within about two weeks, but depending on the size of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo, and your body’s healing ability, it can take longer than that.
  6. Even if you have washed your hands like a good little boy, if you don’t need to touch your tattoo, don’t. Leave it alone. Yes, it’s all shiny and new, but let the thing heal. It’s normal for a healing tattoo to act like a sunburn, and you might notice itching, flaking, or peeling bits. Don’t pick. Wash, moisturize, repeat, and let your body do its thing.
  7. If you can avoid covering your tattoo with clothing that’s also suggested. If you have a job that won’t allow that or your tattoo is on an area of your body that society has deemed necessary to cover up, go for loose garments. Then, when you’re in the comfort of your own home, let it breathe. Airflow is good for healing.  
  8. Avoid harsh sun with your new tattoo, and do not cover it with suntan lotion or sunblock. You can skip out on your tanning routine for a few weeks while that tattoo heals. It’s also not recommended to go swimming while your tattoo is healing, so you can skip the pool and beach time while you’re at it. Suns out, guns out can wait two weeks, my friend. Or you can have sunburn on top of an open wound on your skin. Doesn’t that sound peachy? We’re going to go with no on that one.
  9. Just like skipping the pool and ocean time is recommended, that also goes for long soaks in any type of water. Avoid the hot tubs as well as your own bathtub. Chlorine and saltwater are harsh on your skin naturally, so they will definitely do some damage to a new tattoo area. Then just think about a bathroom tub. While you can sit there all day long and say your bathroom tub is sparkling clean, you’re still soaking your body in that tub. Your body has all sorts of dirt, grime, and little bitty bacteria friends all over it. Hot tub water opens your pores which is all nice and all until those little friends make their way straight into your boo-boo. Gross. Let’s avoid that, shall we? 

Now, what about UltraPremium Body Spray?

ultra premium body spray

Oh, yes. Let’s talk about the amazingness that is our UltraPremium Body Spray. This is a masterpiece of a spray bottle, and inside it contains a masterpiece of a hydration formula. 

Our UltraPremium Body Spray is 6 oz of lightweight, quick-drying, non-greasy, and high-quality moisturizer. Keep it in your bathroom cabinet, throw it in your gym bag, or have a second bottle lying around at your partner’s house so you’re never without it. We’ll even add a plug for our Peak Hygiene Plan for you to check out so you’ll never run out (and it saves you money, so bonus!).

We use compressed air, and when you press down, the moisturizer spray comes out in a fine mist with 360 degrees of delivery. Just hold the bottle a few inches away from your skin when you spray for maximum coverage. Then rub or pat gently.

We use natural ingredients in our products and the UltraPremium Body Spray includes a whole list known for hydration:

  • Red marine algae that lock in moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid that retains moisture
  • Saccharide isomerate that delivers long-lasting hydration (and it is also plant-based)

We’ve even added our Refined™ cologne so you have that MANSCAPED™ fragrance that lasts all day long. Hydrated tattoo and a good smelling tattoo — who knew?

Since we love the bunnies, our products are also cruelty-free, dye-free, and vegan. 

Seriously though, if you have a bunny tattoo, please drop us a comment with proof. We will love you forever. 

What about whole body care? 

Your new tattoo might be on one area of your body, but at MANSCAPED™, our team wants to remind you to take care of your body as a whole. The healthier your body is the better it deals with things like a wound created by a new tattoo. Full body hydration is just one of the whole body routines we repeat like a broken record. 

This means hydration in the form of drinking enough water throughout the day and also using the right moisturizing products. Our UltraPremium Body Spray, for example, is not only great for post-tattoo care. It’s great for everyday care too. Get a shower, wash up, trim, maybe shave, dry off, and then apply our spray-on hydration lotion after every shower. 

Your skin will be smooth, you won’t have dry and itchy patches, and you will look and feel healthy. Well-hydrated skin is more flexible or elastic, and the skin cells are in peak working condition when they are moisturized. This allows your skin cells to do what they are meant to do: carry nutrients, discard toxins, and regenerate. All of this is key to healing. 

Love your body. Give love to your skin. Hydrate and moisturize. It will be enough.



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