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Pubic hair trimmer

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



pubic hair trimmer

It's as much about the tools you use as the technique you employ when it comes to male grooming. Together, it's a marriage made in perfect hair-free harmony, but if you choose the wrong devices—or if you rush through the job—there are plenty of dangers that could await you on the other end of the process. 

The first part of a proper below-the-waist grooming regimen is trimming. That sounds simple enough, but bear in mind, not all trimmers are intended to delve into pubic hair. You see, the hair you grow down below is quite different from that on your scalp or chin; it's coarser, curlier, and can wreak havoc on your skin and the roots in which your hair grows if you're not careful. Here at MANSCAPED™, we know The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 trimmer is exactly the trimmer you need for your nether region because that's the area where we designed it to be delegated to.

But, don't take our word for it! When it comes to great male grooming, you need to know what you're buying, so we've laid out some of the top reasons The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer belongs in your bathroom cabinet.

A Powerful Motor

The hair on your head is likely a lot softer and more pliable than your hair down there. Above the surface, you have many more options for razors that'll give you a smooth look and feel. Below the waist, you need to use a razor that comes equipped with the type of motor that can mow through your thick hedges without burning out or causing your body distress.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 comes equipped with a 7,000 RPM motor, enabling it to cut 7,000 strokes per minute—even when the coarsest, toughest hair is on the agenda. If you've never manscaped before, it'll handle your dense forest with ease, taking the hair down to a more manageable length without much effort at all. Of course, if you already groom regularly, this is the perfect tool for a quick trim when you start to see an overgrowth of your lawn.

Pro Tip - Why A Powerful Motor Is Essential

When you employ a powerful motor, there's no need to press down firmly on your skin as you trim; the motor does the difficult work for you. A powerful motor ensures a much safer way to remove hair than alternative options.

Shock Resistance

If the idea of putting something with power around water—then applying it to your junk—makes you cringe, trust us, we hear you! But, have no fear! The Lawn Mower 4.0 is made of sturdy, shock-resistant polycarbonate, allowing it to be used as a dry trimmer or in water. If you're feeling rushed, you can easily take it into the shower with you to trim down your hair without adding an extra step in front of the bathroom mirror. But, if you have the time to do it right, this handy little tool is perfect for pre-shave trims before you suds up under the showerhead. 

Pro Tip - Why You Should Be Concerned About Shock Resistance

Since The Lawn Mower 4.0 is great in wet and dry scenarios, you can easily slide it into your gym bag, beach bag, or laptop case for a quick trim before you meet up with someone special.

Easy Cleaning

Because The Lawn Mower 4.0 works well in water, cleanup is a breeze. Simply stick it under some running water when you're done to remove the hair and dirt that gets trapped in the blades during your trim sessions. To ensure thorough cleaning, remove the trimming comb and brush out the stuff that can find its way into the tool's nooks and crannies beneath the blade. Shake it to remove the excess water, and leave it out to dry, so it's ready for your next male grooming session.

Pro Tip - Why You Need Clean Blades

For optimal cleaning, aim to change out your blades at least every three months (more often if you frequently groom). Keeping the blades clean will keep bad bacteria from forming while maintaining a consistent trim with blades that are always ready to do their best work. Our SkinSafe™ Blade Module Replenish Plan will make sure your cabinet is always stocked with blades when you're ready to change out your existing trimmer's accessories.

Man Replacing The Blades On The Lawn Mower

A Horizontal Blade

Never—we repeat: never!—try to trim your junk with a trimmer with circular blades. If you do, you're just begging for pain to be inflicted on your balls, as that type of trimmer is known to pull hair from the roots, getting it caught in the circular blades as they rotate. If this didn't bring tears to your eyes just thinking about it, you're a bigger man than any of us!

With The Lawn Mower 4.0, you don't have to worry about tugging, pulling, ripping, tearing, or any other words you don't want to be associated with your nether region. The ceramic blade is designed in a horizontal structure, so it simply glides over your skin and removes the hair as it goes. It also features SkinSafe™ technology, which provides a safe barrier between your skin and the blade that's doing all the dirty work.

Pro Tip - Why Horizontal Blades Are Crucial

Your hair won't grow back immediately, so you can plan and trim a day or two before a big event to ensure your crotch is well-kept.

Adjustable Guards

Every guy likes choices, right? Thanks to The Lawn Mower 4.0's SkinSafe™ blade system, which comes with two adjustable guards, you can take a little off the top or get super close to your skin, depending on how the mood suits you that day. Because the entire tool was designed with ease in mind, you can quickly snap out the guards and blades to clean your device or change up the tools, so you get a different trim that you tried before. 

Pro Tip- How Adjustable Guards Help You

Suppose you're pressed for time, heading to the beach, or have a big event coming up that you weren't quite ready for. In that case, you might want to leave the settings such that your hair stays a little bit longer than the lowest setting to ensure you don't experience any irritation or sensitivity before your moment in the sun.

Cordless and Rechargeable

If you've ever gotten halfway through the job, only to hear the motor sputtering and the batteries dying, you know how frustrating semi-shaven balls can be. With The Lawn Mower 4.0, you don't have to worry about this mess. Your pubic hair will be evenly shaved from beginning to end, thanks to its ability to be plugged in if needed. A full charge should give you about 60 minutes of positive performance, which is usually more than enough time to put your unwanted hair in its place.

Pro Tip - What Makes A Cordless Trimmer The Superior Option

Make grooming a regular part of your health-and-wellness regimen, so you don't have to worry about your cordless pubic hair trimmer pooping out on you just as you get going. Once your hair is well-maintained, and under control, it'll take less time to accomplish the task of getting good with your goods.

How to Make Male Grooming Work for You

Getting the right pubic hair trimmer is just the beginning. Once you've trimmed your body, you'll want to make sure you've got an arsenal of products available at your fingertips to soothe your skin and make sure you make the most of your efforts. Once you've got your hair right where you want it, step into the shower and wash off with a body wash that's formulated with skin-soothing aloe vera. Having aloe vera is important because skin that's recently encountered a trimmer or razor blade—no matter how well-designed the tools may be—might become more sensitive and need the extra hydration and comfort provided by aloe. 

After your clean and toweled-off, pay a little attention to your balls by applying Crop Preserver™. This liquid talcum-like gel absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any gross goo or residue in your shorts. Its entire purpose is to battle smelly, sweaty balls with anti-bacterial protection that leads to all-day freshness. As a final step, spray on Crop Reviver™, our anti-inflammatory toner, and spritz further reduces irritation, inflammation, and uncomfortable situations.

You'll find The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer and plenty of other tools and products at MANSCAPED.COM. Order online today and get ready to be incredibly happy with your southern hemisphere!



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