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The Best Way to Remove Pubic Hair to Get Soft and Smooth

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



The Best Way to Remove Pubic Hair to Get Soft and Smooth

Is it normal for guys to shave their pubes? The short answer is yes. Below-the-waist grooming is an art form that takes time to learn, and a lot of people have their own approach to keeping their nether regions well-maintained. In this guide, we're going to discuss why we believe that using an electric razor like The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 is the best way to remove your pubic hair.

Ease of Use

If you've wondered how to shave down there without shaving cream, you need to invest in a pube trimmer that was explicitly designed to do this job. One of the main advantages of an electric razor is that it is far easier to use when compared to other pubic hair removal methods. For example, a manual razor will require more practice and concentration to ensure that you don't accidentally cut yourself.

While an electric razor's controls may take a short time to get used to, they'll become second nature to you once you're accustomed to them. Most models feature a relatively simple set of buttons or switches, which will typically control the power and adjustable speed (if applicable).

An electric razor will also require less frequent blade replacements than a manual model, which will be sure to save you money in the long run. Some shavers even come included with self-sharpening blades that will dull at a very slow rate, even compared to other electric razors.

By the time the blade dulls, all you have to do is slot out the old one and insert a new one, a quick and relatively painless process. Another advantage is that many electric razors are waterproof, meaning that you can use them in the shower so that you don't get hair all over the place.


Another huge benefit to using an electric razor to shave your pubic hair is that it is one of the safest options on the market. Electric razors will typically come equipped with small blades that will greatly reduce the chance of skin getting snagged or nicked while you trim your pubic hair.

Since the skin around your pubic hair tends to be a little more elastic than the flesh on other parts of your body, it is more likely to get caught in a traditional multi-blade razor, causing a lot of pain. Beyond the pain, a razor cut or even a nick can end up getting infected, especially in a sweaty area like the crotch. The best designs will feature an ergonomic design that will fit naturally in the palm of your hand, reducing the likelihood of the electric razor slipping while you're trimming your pubic hair.

Ensuring that you stretch the skin taut while using an electric razor on your pubic hair will help reduce snags. As unlikely as an electric razor is to snag your skin, it pays to be on the safe side when your scrotum is on the line.

Shaving Speed

Speed is one of the crucial advantages of the electric razor, and it's what puts it in a class above its manual sibling. If you haven't shaved your pubic hair in a pretty long time, then you may have quite the lawn to mow through, and a lot of the time, using a manual razor can get tiring.

Non-electric models will typically require three or four passes over the same area to eliminate the pubic hair, resulting in irritation and even rashes. On the other hand, an electric razor will typically require a single first pass and a final touch-up pass to keep things uniform.

Even when compared to other options like waxing and laser hair removal, an electric razor will be easier to learn (compared to waxing) and won't require you to leave the comfort of your home. Keep in mind that the quality and condition of the blades in your electric razor will also determine its shaving speed.

If you want to ensure that your trimming session progresses as efficiently as possible, you'll have to use the right shaving technique. While holding the hair in place, preferably with a comb, run the electric razor over your pubic hair against the grain (the direction that it grows in).


An electric razor is also one of the most versatile tools that you can use to remove your pubic hair because most of them will come included with guide combs of different lengths. A guide comb is a piece that attaches to the head of an electric razor and ensures that it only cuts a specific length of hair.

If you're trying to get a uniformly short shave, it will be a lot easier to do so with an electric razor with a guide comb attached. While clippers are another option that allows you to control your trimming length, they'll require a little more practice and a bit of a steadier hand to get an even cut.

Using an electric razor either in or out of the shower is another factor that greatly enhances versatility, so you may want to invest in a waterproof model. While it may be possible, we don't recommend using the same electric razor for your pubic hair and other body hair for obvious reasons.

the lawn mower blade module


The final advantage of electric razors is that they are more affordable than many other pubic hair removal techniques. While the upfront cost for an electric razor will usually be pricier than for a manual model, you'll end up paying less for blade replacements over the time that you own it.

Compared to a waxing or laser hair removal session, an electric razor will typically cost a fraction of the price, though it may be a little less thorough and precise. If you're looking to purchase a battery-powered electric razor, then be sure to get one with rechargeable batteries so that you don't have to buy new ones.

An electric razor may be a bit of an investment, especially if it's a high-end model, but it will likely end up saving you more than its worth in replacement blades, hair removal creams, and more.

We hope that this guide has provided you with enough reasons why the electric razor is the best choice for removing pubic hair. The Perfect Package 4.0 comes included with an electric razor and everything else you need to groom properly.



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