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Safety razor vs cartridge razor.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Safety razor vs cartridge razor

MANSCAPED™ has been hard at work designing and crafting the perfect tools for every aspect of male grooming. As a result of our efforts, we now have two specialized razors in the ranks. Before, we could only offer The Plow® 2.0 safety razor. While it's an excellent razor, it is enhanced when you support it with our new option: The Crop Shaver™ groin razor. These razors are designed to work differently and complement each other to expand your grooming arsenal. Let's compare them and see.

Precision vs. versatility

Everyone talks about precision in their technology. Of course, you want a high-precision sports car, watch, and razor. There's value in that, but sometimes, precision comes at the cost of versatility. When you need an adaptable tool to more situations, you might sacrifice a little bit of precision to make that happen; this is the essence of any comparison between The Plow 2.0 safety razor and The Crop Shaver groin razor.

The Plow razor is made for a specific purpose. It shaves your face, and it does so to perfection. The blade head is tilted at the perfect angle to minimize razor burn on your face. Combined with a single blade, you can meticulously shave every inch of your cheeks and jaw with as little contact with a razor blade as possible. The results are magical.

The Crop Shaver razor is built for a fundamentally different purpose. While it was engineered with every bit as much precision as The Plow razor, the cartridge razor does not apply the same level of exactitude to any stroke you make with it, and that is very much on purpose. For example, shaving your balls requires a wide range of different strokes. If we perfected only one of those strokes, the rest of your grooming would suffer. So instead, The Crop Shaver razor is made with a pivoting blade head. That helps it accommodate the diverse topography it will see when you work on the hair downstairs. 

The pivoting head is one design element that highlights how each razor is specialized for its intended function.

the plow safety razor

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How does the grip compare on a cartridge razor vs. a safety razor?

The Plow razor has a weighted handle designed to balance the stroke of a two-edged safety razor. That balance is offset by the weight of the razor's head, and the result is ideal for shaving open spaces. In addition, the razor helps you make consistent strokes throughout the hair-removal process.

The Crop Shaver razor has an ergonomic handle. It's not designed to produce perfectly consistent strokes because that's not what you need below the waist. Instead, you want to appeal to versatility, and you need to use wildly different strokes for each part of your groin shave. When you can take the right stroke for each part of your body, the ergonomic handle does work. It is designed to give you the best grip and most control — especially when you have to shave at weird angles or get through awkward situations.

By these designs, The Plow razor is better suited for your face, and The Crop Shaver razor is the right choice for grooming the boys.

What's the difference between a safety razor and cartridge razor blades?

The most obvious difference between these razors can be found in the blades used. One is a two-edged safety razor; the other is a cartridge razor.

Two-edged safety razors are amazing. They allow you to shave with precision and reduce irritation because you aren't taking multiple swipes at your skin with every stroke of the razor. In addition, the double edge allows you to shave longer without switching blades. It's very convenient, but there's a pitfall that would arise if you used this in between your legs. Both sides are sharp. You can do the math yourself.

The Crop Shaver razor's cartridge has multiple blades; this allows you to get through the groin region easily, and by reducing the number of strokes you take, you lower the risk of slipping during the process. Additionally, the cartridges are very easy to switch, which empowers you to always have a fresh, sharp blade at the ready. That's the most important thing to consider when you want to reduce irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps.

the crop shaver cartridge razor

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Maintenance on a safety razor vs. a cartridge razor

Maintenance is where the razors are most similar. They were both designed by Manscaped, and as such, both are engineered for convenience.

The Plow razor is rust-resistant and has no moving parts. There are very few things that can ever go wrong with it, and it only requires two things from you in terms of maintenance. You need to keep it clean (which is about hygiene more than anything else), and you need to replace dull blades, which can be done through the Peak Hygiene Plan automatically. From here you can alter your future orders or even cancel at any time. That's it. Really.

The Crop Shaver razor has the same maintenance requirements, but it is designed for safe use in the shower. That means you can clean it in the shower after use. It's really that easy. It also requires that you swap blades as needed, which barely counts as a maintenance concern. The primary difference is that The Crop Shaver razor is more likely to be exposed to a lot of water. So keep it dry between shaving sessions. That's important for cleanliness.

Each of these razors is at its best when it can lean on the other. This provides you with more specialized tools, and it leads to better shaves above and below the waist.



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