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Say hello to The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit.

Posted by Preston S.



Say hello to The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit.

You love your beard. We get it. We love our beards too. There’s just something about the feel of a thick bit of hair on your face that’s satisfying.

Now, we can love your beard too.

Yeah, we made it weird, but when you see what we’re unveiling today, you’ll get it.

Today, MANSCAPED® is proud to present The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit. It’s a single kit that has everything you need for excellent beard care and maintenance. 

lush beard

A new standard in beard maintenance

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. While we started from humble beginnings, trying to innovate a body hair groomer that could live up to the highest standards, we’ve spent the last several years developing everything a man could need for total body care.

The beard is the trickiest in terms of hair care, but we’ve finally tackled facial hair. We’re giving you the means to groom with ease, to keep your beard healthy, and to take care of the face underneath the hair that too many guys neglect.

As always, our goal is to make things easy, accessible, and reliable, and you’ll find all of that in this kit.

Your total beard kit

The kit is simple enough. We’re including a brand-new beard trimmer and everything you need to support it. That includes a comb, brush, scissors, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm. 

Take a quick journey with us, and we’ll show you each item in the kit and why it’s so special.

The Beard Hedger™

We took our time designing this one, and that’s why you can trust it to have every convenience and powerful feature that you need for top-tier beard care. Take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Titanium steel blade that holds an edge and shrugs off water
  • Wireless use for ease around the bathroom
  • Waterproofing so you can use it without worry (even in the shower)
  • 60-minute runtime so you can do all of your grooming easily
  • 7,200 RPM motor that cuts through thick beards without struggling
  • Length-setting Zoom Wheel that allows you to choose from 20 different cutting lengths

That’s just a taste. This thing is packed with features, and once you use it, you’ll realize that beard grooming can be even easier and more accessible than you ever realized.

The Beard Hedger

Beard Shampoo

Trimming your beard is important, but so is washing it. We made our special Beard Shampoo specifically to take care of facial hair. After all, the hair on your face isn’t like any other hair on your body, so the shampoo you use should probably have some special characteristics that take great care of your beard and face: 

  • Dermatologist-tested to work with sensitive skin
  • Infusion of key nutrients, like glycerin and vitamin B5
  • Hydrating and cleansing formula
  • A great scent

Additionally, this shampoo is completely vegan and it’s free of parabens. It’s a safe choice that will bring out the luster in your beard.

Beard Conditioner

You already know that hair needs shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes, you can get away with mixing the two in a bottle, but your beard is super coarse, potentially massively thick, and prominent. People see and notice your beard.

Because of that, you need a great conditioner, and we made one with some awesome ingredients and advantages:

  • Hydration via coconut oil and shea butter
  • Vitamin infusion
  • Sensitive-skin safe, confirmed by dermatologists
  • Leave-in softener for softer, more approachable facial hair
  • Amazing scent

Simply enough, your beard conditioner can keep your beard looking great, feeling soft, and as healthy as possible.

Beard Oil

Outside of the shower, you want something to help you style your beard. While you’re at it, it would be nice if your styling formula also helped with beard health and maintenance. Check out some features and benefits of our Beard Oil:

  • Sweet almond and jojoba seed oil infusion
  • Moisturizing serum
  • Exquisite beard shine
  • Dryness protection that prevents your beard from embrittling
  • Skincare
  • Safe for sensitive skin

Use a small amount of beard oil one to two times a week. It will keep your beard shiny, hydrated, and healthy. It will also help your face deal with any irritation that might pop up when you grow your beard out.

Beard Balm


If you’re not into beard oil, or if your face demands a different touch, we also provide Beard Balm. It’s a stronger styling agent that gives you more control over the look of your beard. At the same time, it’s a perfect complement to oil as a means to keep your beard and face hydrated and healthy. Check out some of the things we got right with this one:

  • Beeswax, sweet almond oil, and shea butter infusion
  • Flexible balm finish that doesn't get crunchy
  • Amazing scent with eucalyptus and rosemary
  • Completely vegan and safe for sensitive skin

Beard balm works similarly to beard oil. Get a little bit of balm and rub it into your beard as you style it. Once you’re done, the balm will set and hold your beard in place. You can switch between beard balm and oil, or you can stick to whichever product you like best.

Some nice extras

That covers the essentials, but The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit comes with a few extra goodies to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to take care of your beard. You’ll find a travel bag, a beard brush, a beard comb, and beard scissors. Let’s look at each of these a little more closely to see just how much you’re getting:

  • A Travel Bag that conveniently keeps the whole kit together for beard maintenance on the go
  • Beard Scissors that can easily trim your beard and keep it under control
  • A Beard Brush for regular styling, keeping your beard clean, and managing extra-thick beards
  • A Beard Comb for more intricate styling and to help you with precision grooming

Put it all together, and you have the perfect beard kit. And the perfect beard.



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