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Should Men Shave Their Chests?

Should men shave their chests? It’s a common question, and you’ve probably asked it yourself at some point. A lot of people assume that the answer is yes, and a lot of guys skip shaving their chest despite that assumption. Here’s the thing. This isn’t as cut and dried as you might think it is. Shaving chest hair, while a simple thing to do, is a nuanced and complicated topic. Why would you shave your hair? What is expected of you? As you take this journey and explore the ideas, you’ll be surprised to learn that a smooth chest isn't necessarily the pinnacle of attractive masculinity. 

The Dark Side of Shaving Your Chest

You might expect experts in manscaping to unilaterally suggest every man shave his chest. The truth is that everyone is different, and there are no universal rules. So, consider these cons before you grab a razor.

should men shave their chests

It’s Not Always Sexy

Not all chests look better shaved. Some guys have a misconception that a smooth chest is the way to go. That’s only true if you’re sculpted and don’t slack off on fitness. Plenty of guys are healthy but don’t have a large, rippling chest, and that might not look great if it’s shaved. Worse, if you’ve got some flab on your pecs, the lack of chest hair will draw attention to said flab. A shaved chest has to be tight and overtly muscular. If you’re not that devoted to the gym, some chest hair goes a long way.

Your Nipples Won’t Like It

This fact is glossed over a lot, especially by “style gurus.” If you’re going to shave your chest, you can’t ignore the nipples and areolas. Imagine a guy with a smooth chest and long, wiry hairs sticking out from the pepperonis. It’s gross, right? You have to make them match the rest of the chest.

Now, think about shaving your nipples. Are you still excited? This is a top-tier reason not to shave.

Women Don’t Actually Love It

Every super sexy guy you see on TV or in the movies has a shaved chest. That leads to a common misconception. You’ve been led to believe that all women prefer a shaved chest. It turns out that only one in five women actively dislikes chest hair. Most women don’t like a bear rug on their men, but shaving isn’t a requirement.

The Pros of Male Grooming

Even with those cons, there are good reasons to include the chest in manscaping. You might notice how we’re cheating. Shaving isn’t the only way to groom, so let’s talk about the pros of managing chest hair — whether you're doing it with a razor or another tool.

should men shave their chests

It Makes Your Muscles Pop

It’s a pretty obvious pro. If you’ve done the work, getting the hair out of the way helps to show off your gains. A nice converse pro is that if you haven’t done the work, partial grooming can hide some of your laziness. Cleanly trimmed chest hair can still cover some of the soft edges.

It’s Comfortable

Long, unruly chest hair is a nuisance. Not all of you can relate to this, but it gets caught in shirts. It pokes around. It catches wet and smells bad. There are a lot of things to dislike about chest hair. If you tame it, those problems mostly go away.

It’s Attractive

Women may not hate chest hair, but virtually no one likes to get a face full of fur when they get intimate. So, even if you aren’t fully shaving, grooming chest hair is vital for anyone who doesn’t have the body hair of a 12-year-old. It looks better to everyone, and being attractive is one of the primary reasons we do any self-care. It’s ok to be honest about it.

So, Should Men Shave Their Chests?

If we’re being pedantic, then no. You don’t need to shave your chest (unless you’re entering a competition where it helps you win). If we’re being less literal, then the vast majority of guys should learn how to groom their chests. 

The best part of this is that you don’t need a razor to play the game. With The Lawn Mower 3.0, you can easily and painlessly manage your chest hair. You can adjust settings to get a length you like, and you can stay on top of it with almost no effort at all. You can also keep the hair and skin healthy by washing with Crop Cleanser. It’s an all-in-one formula, so it’s as good for healthy chest hair as it is for your skin.

With these tools, you never have to worry about chest hairstyles again. And, with the rest of the lineup of MANSCAPED products, you can take great care of your whole body.



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