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Should Men Shave Their Pubic Hair?

So, you’re thinking about getting into manscaping. Maybe you’ve dabbled. Maybe you’re hesitant. Either way, you’re still wondering, “Do I really have to shave my pubes?” The short answer is yes. But, we aren’t just going to throw a razor at you with so little information. Take a short journey with us. You’ll see why you want to shave your pubes, and you’ll learn the basics of how to do it the right way.

I Did it All for the . . .

Look. We’re big into our manscaping, and we’ll be the first to tell you that there are a lot of reasons to tame your bush. At the end of the day, there is one reason that stands supreme above the rest: sex. No matter how much you might tell yourself you care about hygiene or the benefits of a disciplined grooming routine, you’re also hoping that a bit of manscaping will be good for your sex life. You’re right.

Here’s the part you have considered. A manicured bush will improve oral sex. We get it. You know that one guy who found someone who’s really into pubic hair. It’s a myth. Well, maybe not, but it is super rare. For most of us, if we want the best a mouth has to offer, we have to get that hair out of the way. Obviously, it makes the experience more pleasant for the giver. That alone makes it more likely to get repeat attention. Beyond that, getting pubes off your junk improves the experience for you. They can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort throughout the day, and, believe it or not, that causes mild desensitization. Pubes can even get in the way of pleasure during the act.

should men shave their pubic hair

But, that’s just the beginning. You’ve probably contemplated how shaving your pubes might help keep your swampy regions cooler during the day. It’s absolutely true. Sweating less means smelling better. Do you see where this is going? Another component of making oral sex as enjoyable as possible for the person dispensing it is sparing them the rank odors of your ball sweat. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

Lastly, pubes interfere with friction. That’s right. Shaving won’t only improve oral sex. Even the classic deed goes better with less pubic hair. You get better motion, no random hairs pulled or caught in vigorous activity. And, even though it’s polite not to mention it, the mess is much less of a problem when you’re done.

A wise man once said, “In the dark, a mouth’s a mouth.” The inverse, it seems, is not true. Lights on or off, shaved pubes are superior to unmitigated bush.

A Better You

We talked about sex. We meant every word. But. It’s not the exhaustive list of reasons to invest a little time and effort into the condition of your crotch. We talk about this a lot, and a lot of guys scoff until they actually experience it first-hand. Manscaping can honestly improve your quality of life. We’ll go through some of the more significant ways.

Recent trends have shown that shaving your pubes can help with anxiety. That sounds crazy on the surface, but stay with us. When you start to get a little older, you’ll find that even subtle, minuscule physical problems can trigger surprisingly persistent anxiety. If you happen to have chronic issues with the condition in the first place, this is amplified profusely. A little indigestion can upset your heart rate and ruin a night of sleep. The regular discomfort of unmitigated pubic wilderness can have a similar impact. It’s such a small thing, but left unchecked, it can culminate in contributing to a potentially serious problem. Now, shaving your pubes alone won’t cure anxiety. But, it can reduce a consistent trigger and help you manage symptoms.

This only extends further when you consider how frequently men cite manscaping as a source of boosted confidence. Feeling better throughout the day is only step one. Improving your self-perception, feeling more attractive, and having your manhood look visibly bigger all carry psychological impact.

Again, we’re not claiming that manscaping will magically make you into a whole new person. Rather, this is a process of stacking a bunch of small wins into your day and allowing the cumulative effect to help you take on the world.

should men shave their pubic hair

Doing It Right

We’ve talked about the reasons to shave. Now, it’s time to talk about how to shave. Every boon we’ve mentioned quickly turns to a nightmare when you don’t do this correctly. Razor burn, ingrown hairs, infected cuts, and general misery are only the first few items on a long list of problems that can stem from sloppy shaving. If you do it right, though, then you’ll be well on your way to a happier, better you.

So, the first thing to learn about shaving is that it’s the second step in a proper manscaping routine. Step one is a good trim. A lot of guides out there would suggest starting with a shower, but we have a different approach, and we’ll get into it more a little later. When it comes to trimming, it’s easy. Set your Lawn Mower 3.0 to its longest setting, stand over your Magic Mat, and go to town on that bush. Unless you’re going for some extremely advanced aesthetics, there is not a single pube on your body that needs to be longer than this. Once you’ve leveled the forest, you can shorten the guard and get a closer trim on places you plan to shave. The less work the razor has to do, the happier your skin will be in the end.

Now that your pubes are a bit more manageable, you can grab your razor. There are a lot of viable styles you can choose -- too many for this guide. If you have something you like or want to try, go for it. We’re just going to give a little generic style advice here. If you don’t have a plan, you can apply the rules of your face (but not the same razor!) to your junk. No neckbeards. Aim for clean lines. Use a good, dedicated razor. There is one difference. Don’t go bald.

As for technique, the advice is as obvious as it is excellent. Take your time. Many a manhood in this world has been butchered for no greater reason than simple impatience. You don’t have to shave every day, so plan a little time into your routine. Small, controlled strokes will make it easy to get a safe, clean shave.

One other piece of advice. Find something to prop a mirror. When you’re moving your sack around to get a clean angle, you’re going to find it difficult to get a good vantage. A mirror on the ground with a simple prop can solve that problem quite easily.

When you’re done trimming and shaving, you can fold up and toss your Magic Mat. At this point, it’s time for a shower. We mentioned this earlier, so now we’ll explain. Shaving is literally the act of rubbing a sharp blade on your skin. You might see how this can cause a little damage. A post-shave shower is the most efficient way to begin restoration. That said, you need more than just a little warm water. Crop Cleanser can help hydrate damaged skin and get you on the path to a healthy undercarriage. The only other thing to remember about showering is to avoid scalding water. Warm, not hot, is your friend.

After you shower, there’s a short, two-step process that will fully revitalize your brutalized skin. Step one is applying some deodorant. No, not to your pits. Well, yes do that too. When you’re done, grab your Crop Preserver and rub some of that magic into your skin. You won’t be sorry. Crop Preserver does a few things for you. It manages moisture to keep you from getting swampy without giving you dry skin. It mitigates friction and sweating to minimize odor. And, it smells wonderful. If you want to improve your numbers on getting sexual favors, don’t skip this step.

Step two in the process is even easier. Throw a couple of spritzes of Crop Reviver down there and call it a day. Crop Reviver is the final piece of the formula that restores damaged skin and hair follicles. It’ll mitigate razor burn and keep the manscaping process from becoming a torturous process.

So, gents, that’s the story. You do in fact need to shave your pubes. We can supply the means and methods to do it. If you really want to maximize your success, you can find everything you need at



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