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Should you use special exfoliating cream for down there?

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Should You Use Special Exfoliating Cream for Down There?

As guys worldwide continue to learn more about advanced hygiene, some old lessons come back into the conversation. On average, women have understood the value of exfoliation for a long time, but many guys are only just recently catching on. The truth is that exfoliation is an invaluable part of skincare, and without it, you're hurting yourself; this includes taking care of your lower body parts. They need exfoliation too, and as you learn about that, you might wonder: do you need a special cream for that part of the deal? 

Any (safe) exfoliation is good exfoliation

Before we get into the specifics, we should generalize a little bit. Exfoliating is good for your skin. That's true for your face as well as your groin. So, if you're in a position where you're going to use some generic exfoliator or nothing at all, use the generic option. It is certainly better than nothing at all.

If you never exfoliate down there, you run a higher risk of ingrown hairs when you shave. You might increase your propensity for genital acne. You'll have rougher and drier skin, your skin turnover will be lower, and in general, your skin won't be as healthy or attractive. Exfoliating about once a week is great, and exfoliating before you shave is essential.

Those are the general perks, but with all of that said, we can consider the option of using a specialized exfoliator to see if there are real benefits.

crop exfoliator

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Why special cream can help

Once you're on board with exfoliating, having a special exfoliating agent is worth a considerable amount. It's a pretty simple concept. You're a lot more sensitive in the groin area than most of your body. You want an exfoliator that won't cause irritation or discomfort. You also want something primed to appropriately deal with the unique biology, chemistry, and ecology that's around your genitals. Such tools help you to have the healthiest possible skin. A specialized exfoliator can help to reduce the risk of infections, especially when you shave.

What do you want from your special exfoliator?

Those sound like great benefits. What allows an exfoliator to do all of that? To explore this idea, we can look at Crop Exfoliator™. It's designed specifically for groin use, and the ingredients packed into the formula are ideal for several reasons. We'll break down the most important.

Dual exfoliation

There are two ways for an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells from your body. The first is with a physical agitator. If you've ever seen scrubbing beads in a body wash, they are physical agitators. They help you gently scrub away loose cells and other things that don't need to hang around on the surface of your skin.

Crop Exfoliator has many natural agitators, each designed to provide an extremely gentle but effective experience. Witch hazel, willow bark, and volcanic rock are the three of these ingredients. They have varying degrees of coarseness, but all of them are fine enough that they won't cause irritation to your skin, and they won't leave you feeling roughed up around the tender parts. The volcanic rock, in particular, is a very fine agitator that essentially polishes your skin. It will leave you feeling fresh in a way you've never experienced before.

The second type of exfoliation is chemical. Chemical exfoliators can penetrate deeper than the physical scrubbers, and that penetration helps to stimulate cell turnover and fully clear your pores. When you stimulate cell turnover, you get softer, healthier skin as a result.

Ingredients in Crop Exfoliator

Crop Exfoliator uses pineapple and papaya enzymes along with glycolic and lactic acid to this effect. The enzymes help to break down and dissolve dead skin cells. They are all-natural ingredients and have a gentle touch. The two acids are also natural ingredients and are great at getting deeper into the skin to get that cell turnover going. These four ingredients leave you with the smoothest skin (which is ideal for shaving) and offer pretty much nothing in terms of chemical harshness.

crop exfoliator sample

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While your exfoliator should not be your primary moisturizer, you don't want a formula that leaves your skin dry. That's an easy way to undo all of the exfoliating work and negate the value of cell turnover.

Crop Exfoliator has Aloe leaf juice that soothes and hydrates skin even as you exfoliate. It also has vitamins A and C, which help fortify your skin; this prevents your exfoliation from causing negative side effects.


What truly distinguishes Crop Exfoliator is that its part of the Manscaped™ lineup (we even offer discounts). That means that it's designed to work well with a whole line of products — each offering a unique advantage that is ultimately good for your skin. When Crop Exfoliator is just one piece of the larger puzzle, you get the best possible results. You can trim and shave without worry, and your skin will feel better than it ever has before.


The last thing (but vitally important) you want out of your exfoliator is safety. A generic exfoliating body wash is going to be fine on most of your body. But, when it comes to delicate areas, it can cause reactions that you don't want.

Dermatologists have thoroughly tested Crop Exfoliator. It has a seal of approval, so you know it's dermatologist tested and approved.

It's also designed specifically to exclude chemical compounds such as dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 

You'll also be glad to know that it is cruelty-free and 100-percent vegan. It's safe for you, and it's safe for innocent animals.

Hopefully, you understand the impact of exfoliating, and you're ready to try it down there. With Crop Exfoliator, you can have the best possible experience and focus on benefits without any fallout.



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