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The Beard Hedger™ - MANSCAPED® review.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



the beard hedger review

How’s your face? 

Okay, maybe that’s not the most traditional greeting, but you know where you are and you know who you’re dealing with right now. This is MANSCAPED® and if you’ve never been around us before, then here’s the quick breakdown. We’re obsessed with all things related to male grooming. 

When we ask about your face, it’s because the latest manifestation of our obsession revolves around beards. Whether you grow a mountain man, keep things baby smooth, or exist somewhere between those extremes, you need tools in order to groom your face and a lot of those tools aren’t up to par. 

So we’ll ask again. How’s your face? Is it comfortable? Do you like the look of your beard? Do you ever dread grooming because you end up with razor burn or other problems? 

If your face is anything less than pristine, then consider spending a few minutes with us today to review The Beard Hedger™, our brand-new tool for beard management. 

Why should you buy our new beard trimmer?  

The Beard Hedger

MANSCAPED® has been in the business of grooming for years. We reinvented the body groomer. We produced the world’s most beloved ball deodorant. Our full line of products is extensive, growing, and always improving. 

The Beard Hedger™ is one of our latest and greatest additions. It’s a beard trimmer that’s intended to revolutionize yet another aspect of grooming. It’s designed to be the best in many respects and to achieve that, we packed it full of unique and powerful design elements. 

In this review, you’ll learn how the trimmer works, why those features matter, and what you can realistically expect from the trimmer if and when you start using it. This is a thorough review, so strap in. You’re going to learn everything you could possibly need to know and more about The Beard Hedger™. 

Key features and benefits 

Sure, everyone wants a great trimmer. The promise of a shiny new toy is always fun at first. But let’s be real. What do you actually get out of The Beard Hedger™? What is it doing that separates it from any other beard trimmer and why does any of it matter? 

We have a few answers to those questions, so bear with us for a minute. 

Zoom wheel 

The first feature that really distinguishes The Beard Hedger™ is the zoom wheel. This is a simple wheel on your trimmer that you can roll. When you do, it adjusts the cutting length. With most trimmers, you have to use a bunch of attachments to adjust cutting lengths. If you want to leave your beard a little longer, you’d better have the right attachment. 

The zoom wheel simplifies that. Built into the trimmer is a range from half a millimeter to 10mm of various cutting lengths, and it’s a continuous adjustment. You can trim your beard to any length in that range. No attachments are necessary. Trimming one part shorter and another part longer is just as easy. 

And in case it isn’t clear, 10mm is a lot of leeway in your beard trimming. If you like having some scruff on your face, The Beard Hedger™ makes it easy to clean everything up while maintaining a rugged look.  

The Beard Hedger waterproof

Single-stroke cutting 

Another way The Beard Hedger™ shines is in one-stroke cutting. It has a few features that combine to produce this effect. 

First, the cutting head is designed at a unique angle. This angle allows the built-in comb to lie flat on your face and that enables it to scoop up hairs and feed them into the blades smoothly and easily. You don’t have to go over the same spot again and again. 

Of course, that only works because the titanium blades are so effective. Titanium steel is one of the most robust alloys in the world and as such, it can hold an edge for a long time. We sharpen these blades to the point of a razor and then they hold that sharpness. The Beard Hedger™ can cut your facial hair with ease for a long time with virtually no maintenance. 

The other key feature bringing it all together is the 7200-RPM motor. With these high speeds, the blades churn through the thickest facial hair imaginable with absolute ease. The result is a comfortable trim that you can trust. 


So what are you really getting from all of these features? You get a great shave, that’s for sure. But more than anything else, you’re getting comfort and convenience. 

Do you ever travel? Is it annoying to take a whole extra toiletry bag just for your grooming attachments? The Beard Hedger™ solves that problem. 

Do you like to shave in the shower? The waterproof design and ergonomic grip make that process safe and easy. 

What if you forgot to charge your trimmer? The Beard Hedger™ has a 60-minute battery. It can handle quite a few grooms between charges and when it does need juice, the USB-C system charges rapidly. 

Best of all, this trimmer fits right into the MANSCAPED® ecosystem. It works great with other products you already trust (like our Body Wash and suite of beard products). 

This is the trimmer that allows you to have a better-looking beard with less effort and hassle on your end. 

Performance and Results 

A bunch of unique features that cut quickly and maximize convenience probably sounds good, but there’s more to discuss. How good is this trimmer? If we compare it to a bunch of other trimmers, is it really giving you better results? 

To answer that, let’s veer back into a more traditional review format. 

man using The Beard Hedger

How it cuts  

The sharp blade and fast motor really do make short work of facial hair. You won’t easily clog the cutting head and tugging is a problem for other trimmers. That makes trimming fast and comfortable. 

The other features help a lot when it comes to control. As mentioned before, the entire thing is ergonomically designed. This means that you can get a good grip on it to precisely control cutting and shape your beard exactly the way you want it. 

On top of that, the zoom wheel does exactly what you would expect. You can easily select cutting lengths and that only gives you more freedom in how your beard looks when you’re done. 

In all of these aspects, The Beard Hedger™ is a top-class trimmer. It works exceptionally well. 

But nothing is perfect and there are a couple of minor drawbacks that are worth noting. 

Unique challenges 

The unique cutting angle is the first thing that comes to mind. This is great for a fast, effortless trim, but it does pigeonhole your grooming a little bit. Some types of fade cuts are a bit harder to achieve because The Beard Hedger™ may not accommodate adjustable cutting angles as well as you might like. 

Additionally, the complicated blade adjustment mechanism makes maintenance a little trickier. The trimmer is waterproof, so you can run it under a faucet after every trim to keep it clean. But eventually, every blade needs love and dealing with The Beard Hedger™ is a little more challenging—especially when compared to other MANSCAPED® trimmers. 

Despite that, maintenance is hardly a full-time job, especially if you do rinse the trimmer after each use. 

With all of that said, there is one drawback that actually stands above the rest. 

This trimmer really gives you too many options. That might sound like a humble brag, but it’s a real challenge for some guys. The thing is, this trimmer gives you more precision over your beard length and trimming results than you’re used to having. The possibilities are limitless and some guys aren’t actually ready for that. 

Let’s put this gently and say that not all grooming ideas are good ideas. 

As the saying goes, with great trimming power comes great opportunity to look like a doofus. Well, it’s something like that, anyway. 

Being serious for a moment, the trimmer does give you more freedom and that freedom does include the ability to give yourself an odd new look. Our best word of friendly advice is to take it slow and don’t experiment too much unless you’re willing to completely shave to fix it. 

The Beard Hedger and attachments

You can try it today 

Okay. That was a lot. What’s the bottom line with this trimmer? 

It’s good. Really good. Amazing, in fact. 

The Beard Hedger™ is packed with unique design elements that make it easier to use and more capable than your average trimmer. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you survived with lesser technology. 

The wireless and waterproof designs are convenient. The zoom wheel is reinventing beard management. The blade is sharp and strong and the motor is frankly an exercise in overkill. The trimmer gets it done. 

It’s worth noting that the superior design does complicate some aspects of care, but when you get to enjoy faster, easier, cleaner trims and shaves, it’s worth it. 

Then again, why should you take someone else’s word for it? You can try the trimmer yourself. Journey to the MANSCAPED® website right now. You can order The Beard Hedger™ and anything else that looks good. You’ll find a 30-day money-back guarantee. We know this thing is great and we want you to prove that to yourself. Try it out and your grooming game will never be the same again. 



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