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The Best Male Hygiene Wash and Much More

What is it with guys and hygiene? We all know what’s expected of us, but we all drop the ball at least once in a while. Even the most sophisticated, metrosexual man among us is caught with dirty underwear or un-plucked eyebrows at some point. It seems inevitable. While some of us like to embrace our masculine proclivity for grossness, society isn’t letting us get away with it anymore. You have to smell nice, and in order to do that, you need to be able to find a proper male hygiene wash. If you want to skip hours of research, you can take a few minutes here to learn everything you need to know. We’ll break it all down and help you get your hands on the best wash in the business. You’ll also understand exactly why it’s great.

What Makes a Great Body Wash

This is where the journey begins. You can’t pick out the best body wash for yourself until you understand the qualities of a great wash. We have them categorized below. Keep in mind that while some of these categories inevitably cross over, others are distinct. You can get a wash that is great in some areas and weak in others. Finding one that hits all of the marks is the key.


It might sound obvious that you need a hygiene wash that is good at cleanliness, but there’s so much variation that this isn’t always a given. Sure, any soap is better than no soap, but understanding what separates the men from the boys, so to speak, can help you monumentally.

In general, a body wash should have two ingredients that elevate it above your average soap: an agitating agent and a dissolving agent (or solvent). When you have both, they work together to dramatically improve the wash’s ability to clear dirt, oils, and other nastiness off of your body and down the drain forever. This is a one-two punch that helps you have that fresh feeling after a shower, and it makes it harder for microbes to get a foothold and wreak havoc on your body.

The most common agitating agent is some kind of salt. You’ll see sea salt and other minerals advertised in a lot of body washes. They’re all ultimately doing the same thing. You might also see beads or other particles on the label. In every case, the point is to help the soap physically scrub your skin. The agitating agent exfoliates your skin (and works even better with a washcloth, loofah, or other exfoliating devices). This clears pores and helps you get a deeper, better clean out of your shower.

best male hygiene wash

As for the solvent, every body wash will have this to at least some degree. It’s usually some kind of organic oil, and it literally dissolves the oils that naturally occur on your skin. What you really want to look for is something that is engineered to help your skin maintain healthy sebum content. Some soaps clear away too much oil. That leaves your skin dry and scratchy after a shower. Others go too far in the opposite direction and leave you feeling greasy. The sweet spot can be hard to find.

Aside from these primary ingredients, you might see a lot of other stuff in a body wash. Plenty of them can be useful, but as long as you’re exfoliating and have a good solvent, cleanliness is handled.

Healthier Skin

A big part of hygiene advertising is telling people how a product will make their skin healthier. It’s not just a gimmick. A good wash really will improve your skin health, and it will do it in a few important ways.

First, you need a hydrating formula. Getting the solvent right is part of that process, but it’s not the whole story. You can have hydrating elements in a wash that don’t leave an oily residue behind. This is why you’ll see things like shea butter on the ingredients list. Shea butter is not the only viable moisturizer. In fact, it’s often more expensive than it’s worth, but that’s beside the point. As long as your wash moisturizes, it’s checking the box, and that’s good.

Another element of keeping skin healthy is maintaining pH. This sounds made up if you don’t know much about skin science, but pH is actually extremely important. Your skin has an acidic outer layer to it. It’s called the acid mantle, and it’s the very first line of defense you have against microbes and infections. When you wash with an exfoliator and strong solvent, you wash away a significant portion of that acid mantle. Even worse, if you manscape, you might scrape it away with your grooming tools. It’ll bounce back, and moisturized skin recovers faster than dry skin. But, having a pH restorative in the body wash is even better. A pH balanced wash might not instantly restore your acid mantle, but it takes the edge off of the problem. And before you get any bad ideas, it’s definitely healthier to shower and damage the acid mantle than to not shower. Don’t even try.

Soothing the Skin 

best male hygiene wash

So far, the elements we’ve listed are all about body washes doing what we expect. Something you might not consider is how your wash can soothe your skin. As guys, we’re good at getting into trouble. Whether you have a few scrapes, got a sunburn, or shaved a little too close for comfort, a soothing agent is an amazing thing to have in the shower. Anti-inflammatories and aloe Vera are the most common ingredients for this. In either case, you’ll find that your wash makes your skin feel better after use. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be hooked. 


We’re busy modern guys. Convenience is invaluable. Every one of you reading this has overpaid to have something delivered, just so you wouldn’t have to fight traffic. We know this about ourselves, and there’s no reason to beat yourself up for wanting a body wash that has a little convenience.

Clearly, we’re talking about all-in-one formulas. You can have a single bottle that handles washing your entire body. Skin, hair, private parts and more are all included. That makes shopping and showering that much easier, and it’s ok to expect this from modern products. A lot of science goes into this stuff, and you can have a single formula that is great at washing all of the parts of your body (except maybe your eyeballs).

An Amazing Scent

As a modern man, this might be the most important component of your body wash. Yeah, being clean is great or whatever, but smelling sexy is vital to getting through the day. You absolutely should be shopping around for the right scent, and you should get a second opinion. The right scent on a body wash will be unmistakably masculine, but not so powerful that it leaves people in tears behind you. You’re not a seventh-grader discovering Axe body spray for the first time.

You need a sophisticated scent, and you can get it even while demanding performance in all of these other categories.

Crop Cleanser Does It All

We’re not playing the mystery card today. We want you to have the best male hygiene wash, and we firmly believe that it’s Crop Cleanser. Let’s walk you through how it fits the bill. We’re not just rehashing the above list and promising that Crop Cleanser does these things. We’re going to show you how it meets the criteria, so you’ll be left with no doubt that you’ve found the solution to all of your hygienic problems.

All in One

For starters, this is an all-in-one formula. The single bottle will take great care of your skin and your scalp. It can get the oil out of your greasy hair. It can even fluff your pubic hair (although you should probably consider grooming that). Crop Cleanser isn’t just convenient (although it is); it’s exceptional in everything it does. You would be hard-pressed to find a better body wash or shampoo. Getting them together is just proof that we’re great at what we do. best male hygiene wash


We mentioned agitating agents before. Crop Cleanser uses sea salt. It’s a common choice among body washes, but sometimes you can’t beat the classics. The sea salt is great for breaking up dirt and oil on your skin and in your hair. If you combine it with a little gentle scrubbing, you will experience new levels of cleanliness. You might even find that you like it.

Healthy Skin

You need hydration and pH balance for healthy skin. Of course, Crop Cleanser has both. Active pH Control is our special formula that is designed specifically to help you restore your acid mantle after it takes a little punishment. This isn’t just about undoing the effects of a shower. Our formula is designed to combat the after-effects of a full-body shave. You shouldn’t shave your whole body, but you could if you wanted. Crop Cleanser is that good. 

As for hydration, we use a sophisticated formula. You can get a deep clean with Crop Cleanser, but the gentle moisturizer won’t leave you dry and cracked when you’re done. It will counter the effects of your hard water, and it will even save you from shaving mishaps. Most of all, Crop Cleanser is particularly gentle on the nether regions.

Sebum Regulation

Admit it. You learned about sebum for the first time just now, didn’t you? Considering we were the ones to teach you about it, do you really think we overlooked it when we designed our formula? We don’t just have a solvent-moisturizer combo that keeps the wash from messing up your natural oils. We designed the entire formula around this concept. Crop Cleanser helps your body optimize sebum regulation. If you were too greasy or too dry before, this product can help you find the sweet spot.

The Magical Scent

We saved the best for last. Crop Cleanser tightropes the line between masculine scent and gentle power. People will be delighted to be near you, but they won’t have to hide from your commanding odor. Most importantly, Crop Cleanser is part of an entire line of masculine products. All of our stuff is built from the same signature scent. Your body wash, deodorant, Crop Mops, and more will have complementary fragrances. That prevents any weird combinations of scents, and it ensures that you can smell your best without overpowering any noses. best male hygiene wash

It Takes More Than a Shower

If you’re taking the time to learn about what makes a great body wash, then that suggests you care about hygiene. While showering is at the center of hygiene, it’s not the whole story. There’s a lot you need to do to take proper care of your body, and if you want to maximize your sexiness while you’re at it, then you should consider fully subscribing to the concept of manscaping. It’s simpler than you might think. Let us show you.

Grooming Is Easy

The first step to manscaping is learning to groom. It’s not rocket science. As long as you have a good trimmer (like The Lawn Mower 2.0), you have nothing to worry about. Simply grab the longest cutting guard and give any bushy patches of body hair a once over. If you think some areas would look good shorter, make it happen. You’re going to have a hard time cutting yourself with the 2.0, so feel free to go after that hair with reckless abandon. If you end up taking something a little too close to the skin, it’ll grow back quickly enough.

The true pro tip for grooming is to use the razor sparingly and always remember your Magic Mat. It’s the simple solution to cleaning up your grooming mess, and it makes the whole process feel a lot easier.

Showering Comes Second 

After all of that talk about what makes Crop Cleanser so amazing, we should discuss how to use it. First, showering is at its best when it comes after grooming. If you go for a close crop of the hair, it’s going to create micro-fissures on your skin. Those fissures increase your risk of getting a skin infection. So, shower after you groom to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Additionally, showering will help your skin recover from the ravages of grooming. Cutting hair isn’t entirely easy on your skin (although trimming is about as gentle as you can get for hair removal). All of those formulas packed into Crop Cleanser will help you bounce back and not have to deal with itchiness and irritation. The aloe is a particularly nice touch at this point.

Wear Deodorant best male hygiene wash

You already apply deodorant after a shower, right? Do you apply deodorant to the boys too? If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, it’s time. Crop Preserver is a specially designed ball deodorant. Its purpose is to help your nether regions stay cool, hydrated (but not swampy) and smelling pleasant. Crop Preserver is part of that complement of scents we mentioned earlier. It’ll tackle your worst body odors. It’ll also make you feel light and wonderful downtown. It’s a twofer.

Crop Preserver doesn’t like to work alone. It’s actually part of a dynamic duo, and its partner in crime is Crop Reviver. As the name suggests, this formula is designed to stimulate your skin and hair after an intense manscaping session. Like the other formulas we offer, it’s designed to promote healthy skin, and it keeps with that signature scent tradition. When you use all of these resources together, you find that you can keep your body groomed, your skin healthy, and your unpleasant manly aromas at bay.

Having the right tools makes all the difference. With The Perfect Package 2.0, you get them all in a single, convenient location. It has everything you need to manscape, and it comes at a bargain price. You can have a travel manscaping toolkit to match your travel body wash. Now that you understand the true value of a great body wash, you can get the best wash in the business and its host of accompanying products. Never again will you have to struggle to maintain modern demands on male hygiene. You’ll be among the best, and it will be easier than ever. Check out to see all of the latest offers and advice on manly living.



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