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The Complete Guide to Shaving Kits for Men

When you take up a new job, sport or hobby, there’s always a burden of knowledge. Hell, even fixing your own toilet for the first time feels like a bigger job than it ends up being. Manscaping is no different. A lot of guys feel intimidated, stressed, or turned off by how much you have to learn. The good news is that there’s an easy shortcut to alleviate a lot of that burden. When you get a good shaving kit, you don’t have to do as much research into various tools and what to pair with them. The kit does this work for you. So, we made a quick, easy guide to help you analyze shaving kits and find the best one for your manscaping needs. 

The Nuts and Bolts 2.0

The first kit we need to discuss is the ideal starter kit. The Nuts and Bolts 2.0 comes with three items. That’s a simple list, but each item is a core component of manscaping. With this kit, you can keep yourself clean, manicured, and sexy. Let’s look at each of the items and how they work.

The Trimmer 

Can you even call it manscaping if you don’t trim some hair? We don’t think so either. The first item in the kit is The Lawn Mower 2.0. It’s our pride and joy. We designed it from the ground up to be the ultimate male grooming trimmer, and it has a lot of features that make it amazing. We rave on this all the time, so we won’t rehash everything. Instead, we’ll focus on just one feature today.

The Complete Guide to Shaving Kits for Men

The 2.0 is quiet. We mean, really quiet. You don’t realize how loud your trimmer is, but as soon as you turn on the 2.0, you’ll be shocked. All of that trimming noise is disconcerting when you’re working around the balls, but with the 2.0, you’ll have more confidence to trim aggressively. More importantly, the technology that makes this powerful trimmer so quiet literally reduces the vibrations and excess heat that plague other trimmers. As soon as you try it, you’ll appreciate the quiet trim.

The Deodorant 

It’s a simple concept. Your balls sweat, and when they do, they smell terrible. We’re willing to bet that there have been hot or stressful days where you can smell a little bit of your own stank seeping into your nostrils despite wearing a few layers of clothing. You pretend you don’t notice. You pray no one else does.  

Here’s the bad news. People do notice; they’re just too polite to call you out for smelling like sweaty balls in a public or professional setting. 

Here’s the good news. Crop Preserver solves this problem — especially when you pair it with a little grooming work. This is a ball deodorant that is designed to help you manage moisture downstairs and combat odor. It smells great, feels great and is even good for your skin. Try it once and you’ll be on our team.

The Newspaper

As men, we have a reputation for being messy and lazy. Even if that doesn’t apply to you personally, no one minds when cleanup is made into an easy affair. That’s all the Magic Mat is. It’s a newspaper that you spread on the floor to catch your mess when you groom. It’s completely disposable, and we fill it with amusing articles that take some of the seriousness out of your manscaping routine. Enjoy it. 

That’s all you need to get started manscaping and have great success. Technically, you could replace the Magic Mat with an actual newspaper, but who has those anymore? 

Keep It Clean

The next kit in today’s discussion is the Keep it Clean Kit. This is a perfect complement to the Nuts and Bolts 2.0. While the latter gets you started on grooming, Keep It Clean has everything you need to elevate your manscaping game. It focuses on skin care and hygiene, so when you do get on top of your grooming, you aren’t revealing pubic dandruff or unsightly skin. If you want some free advice from people who have been doing this a long time, start the skin care before you groom. You’ll feel better about the whole thing.

The Complete Guide to Shaving Kits for Men

Body Wash

The first item in Keep It Clean is soap. Crop Cleanser is an all-in-one. You can use it on every part of your body — hair included — and it even conditions. This isn’t just about making showering easy. Crop Cleanser is filled with formulas that are designed to restore and invigorate your skin and hair (even body hair). To avoid going all science nerd on you, our special Active pH Control is a secret ingredient that will help you feel vibrant and fresh all day. 


If you’ve ever used aftershave, you don’t want that stuff anywhere near your balls (or your anus). Ouch. That’s why we developed Crop Reviver. It serves a similar function but without the intense burning. It turns out that you can have gain without any pain at all. Crop Reviver is extremely gentle, and it works to prevent razor burn. In general, you can use it as liberally as you like. It smells great and works very well with our other formulas.

The Razor

When you get the Keep It Clean Kit, we throw in a couple of freebies, just to say thanks. Those freebies are a pack of Magic Mats and a Plow. The Plow is our specially designed razor that is intended to go where no other blade has gone before. Well, that might be melodramatic. We really mean that it’s a manscaping razor. You can use it safely on your balls and ass. The safety design is perfect for the careful strokes you need to safely navigate the wrinkly, unforgiving skin covering the most sensitive parts of your body. 

The last item in the Keep It Clean Kit is a bottle of Crop Preserver. We’ve already gone over that, so we won’t get redundant on you. Instead, we’ll let you know that this kit has an available subscription service. You can set up automatic renewals to make sure your stock never runs low.

The Complete Guide to Shaving Kits for Men

The Perfect Package 2.0

The last kit to discuss is the daddy of them all. The Perfect Package 2.0 combines the goodies from each of the other kits. It’s the ultimate kit that provides everything you need to manscape like a pro. We brag about it a lot. If you’ve read any of our other stuff, we probably raved on this bad boy.

Since we’ve already explained the items in this kit, we’ll keep this short. The Perfect Package 2.0 is ideal for consistent manscaping. It comes with a vegan leather carrying case (so you can manscape on the go), and it makes an amazing gift. If this is all you had to use for manscaping, you could hang with the best.

A Few Pro Tips 

Once you have the right kit(s) for manscaping, you need to learn how to use them. We have some pretty advanced tutorials available for any technical things you want to get into. Right now, the focus of the discussion is to emphasize a few key tips that will help you manscape better.

Our first tip is to stop grooming in the shower. Hopefully, you understand how hair can clog a drain. You probably also know that shaving requires lubricant, and water is inferior for this purpose. The one other reason you shouldn’t groom in the shower is because it’s bad for your skin. You need to clean after grooming (especially shaving) to minimize irritation, risks of infection, and potential skin damage. Since you’re going to shave after you groom anyway, just make use of your Magic Mat and make that step one.

Our second tip is to shower better. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re an adult. You’ve been showering your whole life. Who are we to tell you how to shower better? Well, do you actually wash behind your ears? Every time?

Here’s a better question. Do you exfoliate? It’s embarrassing how many men don’t understand this concept. You don’t need to scrub yourself in the shower. That’s really hard on skin, and doubly so right after a shave. You need to gently exfoliate with a moderate or mild agitator. This is why loofahs exist, and they’re amazing for helping you reduce razor burn — especially when you also use Crop Cleanser.

The third tip is to calm your ass down when you towel off. Maybe you’re in a hurry. Maybe you’re just assertive. Either way, the exfoliating should be done in the shower, not after. When you dry off, gently pat yourself dry instead of scrubbing your skin dry with a towel. That way, you aren’t undoing all of the good you just did in the shower.

The Complete Guide to Shaving Kits for Men

Lastly, don’t forget your formulas. Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver are pretty easy to use, but if you’re aiming for that optimal game, you want to apply these after the shower. Once you’re dry, rub in some deodorant. Follow it up with a friendly spritz or two of Reviver and you’re all set.

There you go, fellas. When you have the right kit and you know how to use it, you can be a manscaping pro. You’ll find yourself sexier and more confident than ever before, and that’s a great way to live. Be sure to check back in with We regularly update with new insights and opportunities to manscape better.



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