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The Perfect Package With Lawn Mower 3.0 Is Even More Perfect

The Perfect Package 3.0 is out. We’re very excited about it, so we’re going to spend a few minutes hyping it up to get you excited too. We’ve made some pretty radical changes to the lineup. Old items were replaced with newer, better items. Obsolete concepts have been abandoned, all while the unbeatable classics have remained as core components of your favorite manscaping kit. Come with us on a quick journey while we show you how we made The Perfect Package even perfecter. 

Newer and Better!

This is the third edition of The Perfect Package. That forces us to answer an important question. How do you improve on perfection? Obviously, we do it by being awesome. But if you want a real breakdown of what we’re doing even better, we’re happy to oblige you.

The Perfect Package With Lawn Mower 3.0 Is Even More Perfect

The Lawn Mower 3.0

This is the third edition of The Lawn Mower, and it’s the backbone of The Perfect Package 3.0. We packed this trimmer with as many features and upgrades as we possibly could, and the result is a trimmer that cuts better and safer while making the manscaping process as convenient as possible.

Let’s put this claim in perspective. Previously, The Perfect Package 2.0 came with our special razor, The Plow 2.0. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is now so amazing that we don’t think you need a body razor anymore. It can get that supremely close shave, and it can do it without exposing your boys to the horrors of a razor blade. When you take out the most dangerous part of the package without losing what it could do for your manscaping, you know something important is happening.


Since we took the razor out of the package, we felt it needed a little something extra to still feel like the ultimate manscaping toolkit. There were no grooming tools that could improve what you were getting, so we took a different path. The Perfect Package 3.0 comes with a set of MANSCAPED boxers. They’re designed to reduce chafing and make you feel better downstairs than you ever knew possible. Think about this for a moment. Our perfect package just upgraded a razor blade into the most comfortable boxers you can find.

The Returning Classics

Even we can’t improve on perfection in some areas. A few of the staples in The Perfect Package 3.0 are exactly the same as what we’ve been offering all along. What can we say? We got it right the first time.

Crop Preserver

Our favorite ball deodorant is exactly the same as what you have come to know and love over the years. It keeps you from smelling like sweaty balls. In fact, with the cooling sensation and reduced friction, it helps you from getting sweaty balls in the first place. It’s also still great for your skin.

Crop Reviver

On the surface, it might seem like Crop Reviver is less necessary than it used to be. You’re not using a razor, so you won’t get nearly as much irritation and inflammation on your balls. That makes the soothing magic of Crop Reviver a little less important, but it hardly impacts the overall purpose behind the formula. Crop Reviver helps to moisturize your skin, and giving up the razor doesn’t change that. It also smells great and serves as a little pick me up for your balls whenever they need it. You won’t stop loving Reviver when you get The Perfect Package 3.0.

The kit comes with two other things you might love: a pack of Magic Mats and The Shed, our beautiful PU leather carrying case.

Before we let you go, here’s your quick reminder. The perfect manscaping session starts with trimming (and now no longer requires shaving). After you trim, a quick, efficient shower gets you clean and itch-free. Pat dry, and apply your Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. They’ll keep you fresh all day. Once they’re dry, you can get into your MANSCAPED boxers. We’ve streamlined this to the point that there really aren’t any excuses not to manscape. But, if you think you still need more help, you’ll always find it at



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