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The Top 10 Habits of Impeccably-Groomed Men

Some men exude a bit of magic as soon as they step into a room. Heads turn, people talk, sales are made. Life just seems easier for guys that have that "it" factor. 

Where does the "it" come from?

Sure, there's a certain suaveness and charisma that's naturally built into some men from the moment they're born, but that confidence usually comes from somewhere. It's not just about being graced with great looks and a body that could do stunt-double-duty for David Beckham; it's about building habits that serve as the foundation for success throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. After all, the more you do something, the quicker it moves from being a task to a habit. Habits, in turn, can help you fulfill a better lifestyle (as long as they're healthy habits, of course). 

Here, we'll explore the top ten habits of impeccably-groomed men.

1. They've Got Standing Appointment with Their Barbers

You'll never see an impeccably groomed guy with a scruffy neck or out-of-control tresses (unless, of course, he's going for a planned bed-style 'do). What you will see are men who have perfectly cut hair that never looks out of place. A well-groomed guy never lets the nape of his neck grow fuzz, and his facial hair is always on-point, whether that means he's sporting a full beard that's neatly trimmed, or he's rocking a baby face that's never seen a 5 o'clock shadow.

Impeccably-groomed men have standing appointments with their barbers to ensure the calendar never slides by without a cleanup.

top ten habits of impeccably groomed men

2. They Get Regular Manis and Pedis

Speaking of standing appointments, impeccably groomed men do outstanding hygiene from head to toe—literally.

Think guys' guys don't do manicures and pedicures? Think again!

Well-groomed dudes embrace the power of a great pedicure. There's something pretty awesome about being able to put one's best feet forward, and a regular soak and scrub does the trick nicely. Of course, people encounter a person's hands long before they ever see their toes, so it's important to ensure fingernails and cuticles are up to the task of making awesome impressions during daily handshakes.

3. They Pay Attention to Their Privates

We don't mean it the way it sounds, but manscaping is a pivotal part of proper male grooming. Impeccably groomed men know how to be manscaped, and they have the tools in their arsenal to get the job done right.

It all starts with a trim. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the first step to any man's manscaping journey. This body-hair trimmer tackles the landscape with ease, using its 6,000 RPM motor and SkinSafe™ technology to ensure no painful pulling occurs along the way. From there, The Plow will remove the remaining hair, leaving a smooth surface in its wake.

You don't have to be a ball-buster to be the kind of man people pay attention to; you just have to pay attention to your privates so rogue hairs don't interfere with your daily duties.

4. They Put the Right Scents in the Right Places

A person's scent can attract—or scare away—people throughout the day. 

Poorly-groomed men may bring with them a blanket of body odor that's unacceptable in tight places like elevators. On the other hand, men who think they've got the scent thing down may be missing a mark if they pour too much of their favorite colognes all over their bodies.

It's a balancing act, really.

An impeccably-groomed man knows how to spritz on just enough scent to make an impact in a room without leaving a trail of tears when he leaves. He wears deodorant on all parts of his body that may produce bad smells as the hours wane by. Below-the-belt hygiene is just as important for men who make statements as any other part of the body. Guys who want to avoid smelly-crotch syndrome abide by a daily dose of Crop Cleanser before work or after the gym. Then, they lather on a bit of Crop Preserver to keep their guys from accumulating bacteria and finish off with a spritz of Crop Reviver for good measure.

The Top 10 Habits of Impeccably-Groomed Men

5. They Moisturize Regularly

Dry skin can creep up on anyone, but an impeccably-groomed man isn't afraid of fragile epidermis because he moisturizes throughout the day. Specifically, he lotions up in the morning, before bed, and after he washes his hands. 

Impeccably-groomed men pay attention to their skin. They don't let it get dry and weathered; they take measures to ensure it's moisturized before it even has a chance to look less-than-desireable.

6. They Trim or Shave Every Morning

Men who know how to make a statement know their faces mean everything. Maybe they're GQ material, maybe not, but they keep their stuff tight when it comes to their faces. 

A huge beard deserves just as much attention as clean-shaven skin. Men who know how to embrace the opportunities the world gives them start every morning with a good trim or shave. It starts the day off on the right foot.

The Top 10 Habits of Impeccably-Groomed Men

7. They Pluck or Wax Their Eyebrows (and Other Places)

Listen, if there's one theme that's resounding in the world of proper mancaping, it's hair.

Hair is everywhere, and it can get out of control pretty quickly. Men who have never embarked on the journey to tame their brows or put nose hair in its place will be met with a bit of a painful surprise when they begin their endeavors, but all is not lost!

Men who keep up with their plucking or waxing regimens risk far less pain as time goes by. As an added bonus, the immediate effects of partaking in this grooming ritual can be quite gratifying. People who are used to seeing a strangely hairy man every day will be pleasantly surprised to find they can look him in the eyes without staring at his overwhelming nose hairs.

8. They Fold or Hang Their Clothes as Soon as They're Dry

Habits don't necessarily have to be performed daily; they just have to be done regularly. Surely, impeccably-groomed dudes don't do their laundry every day, but when they do have encounters with their washers and dryers, they set the standard for clean, organized clothes immediately after they dry.

Guys who care about how they look don't let their laundry hang out in the corner while wrinkles settle in. Nope! They diligently hang the stuff that belongs on hangers and fold the items that belong in drawers. Outstanding grooming habits extend far beyond the bathroom.

9. They Exfoliate

Micro-bead scrubbers have kept women's faces looking fresh and bright for generations. Only recently have guys started to catch onto the magic of exfoliation.

Be aware—when it comes to exfoliating your skin, you really can get too much of a good thing. Exfoliators are abrasive by nature. That's how they're able to lift away dead skin cells and make way for the vibrant layers beneath the top surface. That means you shouldn't be exfoliating every day; you'll scrub your skin away. Instead, impeccably groomed guys have a set day of the week in which they get their exfoliation on. The rest of the week, they still maintain a strict facial cleansing schedule; they just use a gentle cleanser that's made of high-quality ingredients.

The Top 10 Habits of Impeccably-Groomed Men10. They Wear Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen is an essential part of beach time and afternoons at the pool, but it shouldn't stop there. Exposure to the sun's UV rays ages people prematurely. Men who want to look their best and keep their youthful exuberance make sure to layer their skin with SPF protection every morning before they leave the house. 

UV rays have a sneaky way of creeping into a person's day even when the sun doesn't appear to be shining at all. Impeccably-groomed men know it's important to protect their delicate skin.

Do you consider yourself an impeccably-groomed guy? Tell us how you set your daily schedule up every day to achieve optimum success! The Perfect Package 2.0 has everything you need to get started on your manscaping journey. Get yours today!



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