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The Top 5 Grooming Habits Women Look for in Men

Fellas, listen up. If you're trying to attract a lovely lady after a night of wining and dining, the due diligence to seal the deal is up to you. The same thing goes if you're falling freestyle at a bar with some of your buddies, hoping to find the perfect chick to complete your evening. We all know that women and men think differently, but what you need to know as a guy who's trying to attract the fairer sex is that today's women pay attention to detail. That means they're assessing your dress, sniffing your smells, and analyzing your existence so they can figure out if this interaction could end up in the bedroom.

It sounds pretty superficial, but we're human beings, and humans love integrating sights, sounds, smells, and tastes into their everyday interactions. What does this mean for you as a male who's trying to attract the female species? You might need to up your game.

Women pay attention to grooming habits. In fact, that's really the first impression they'll have of you before they really get to know your true self. If you've got grime under the nails or sport a scruffy beard that's crying for help, quality ladies are likely to stray long before you can invite them to stay.

Here's a look at the top five grooming habits women look for in men:

1. Short, Clean Fingernails

top five grooming habits women look for in men

Women love a man who works hard for his money, especially if you look good with your shirt off while you're getting a little grimy. Don't bring that dirt in the house, however, because the fantasy of being thrown against the hood of the car you're working on instantly dissipates when she sees caked-up grossness packed beneath your fingernails. 

Dirty fingernails signify a couple of things when women are assessing your standards. For starters, she'll instinctively think you don't care enough about the way you present yourself to other people to get rid of the grime. This will naturally lend itself to an evolution of dirty thoughts, but not the kind you're hoping for. If you've got grime in places she can see, what's lurking beneath the surface? Dirty fingernails are a surefire way to turn off a classy woman who might otherwise be your perfect fit.

Long fingernails present another problem. For starters, they're simply unattractive and unnecessary, but beyond that, most women aren't going to let you investigate certain orifices of their bodies if there's a potential you'll cause bleeding during the journey. Women want to know they're protected from embarrassing hospital visits if they hop into bed with you.

Manly men are manicured, even if they never step into a nail salon.

While we're on the subject, keep your toenails in order, too. While they're not likely to go exploring sexy spots on a woman's body (unless that's your thing because, hey, we don't judge!), they're still a spot women are going to assess when they're sizing up your sleep-with worthiness.

To Keep'em Clean and Trimmed

Invest in a nail-grooming kit that's made especially for men. The Shears is a collection of tools that'll combat those calcium-rich nails in style so you don't send her running before you even finish the first handshake.

2. Sexy Hairstyles

Here's the thing: you don't have to have a GQ cut; in fact, you don't have to have any hair at all. Freshly shaven, smooth, soft bald heads are just as sexy as gently tousled bed head, but you have to do it right. No matter what style you choose, keep up with it. If you've opted to go ultra-bald, make sure you've got a great razor on hand, and touch base with it at least twice a week to keep the fuzz away. If you're going for a style that actually involves hair, use appropriate products diligently to keep it looking like you just stepped out of the salon. 

Disheveled hair is certainly not a deal-breaker. In fact, that might be the detail that wins her over. The key is keeping it looking the way it's supposed to so you don't wind up portraying yourself as a 1990's troll doll that's down on its luck.

To Get Your Tresses in Tip-Top Shape

Invest in a visit to a professional hairstylist or barber. These people are trained at the art of examining your face shape and delivering a style that'll work best for you.

3. Manscaped Man Parts

The Top 5 Grooming Habits Women Look for in MenYou may think you've got the perfect package, but if you've got rogue hairs roaming your nether region, she may disagree. After all, we all know it's never good when you can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Manscaping should be part of your regular regimen. You can get rid of as much or as little as you want, but you need to tame the hairs that reside down there

To Keep Your Parts Properly Primped

Arm yourself with an arsenal of manscaping products that will take care of your most prized possession. Manscaped's The Perfect Package 2.0 is designed to give you, well, the perfect package. With everything from the right trimmer and razor to ball deodorizers and pH-balanced cleansers, Manscaped's got the balls to keep your balls safe, sound, and smelling great.

4. A Scent That's Sexy

There are two ways you can really foul up something that could otherwise be a natural advantage to you: soaking your skin in scents that are unpleasant or overwhelming or bathing your body in a natural scent that begs for soap and deodorant.

Both of these situations can easily be avoided.

For starters, shower regularly and use deodorant. Yes, natural pheromones are attractive to the right woman, but you don't want to overpower your manly self by portraying a scent that even forced cavewomen to run in the opposite direction. Secondly, find a scent that compliments your natural state of being, but don't go crazy. One extra spray can take you from 'Sexiest Man in the Room' to 'Man Everyone Wants to Avoid'. A single squirt can make a world of difference. Be mindful that your olfactory receptors may wear out after a while, causing you to 

Rule #1: Take Showers and Cleanse Your Stinky Body

Yes, we all get dirty, sweaty, and smelly, but men who acknowledge their stench and cure their situations in the shower are far more likely to find a suitable mate than those who walk around like they were born in the wilderness, sharing their stink with everyone they come into contact with. If your first name isn't Harry and your last name Henderson, do right by your potential mates and un-stink yourself before your next date session.

Rule #2: Don't Overdo the Spray

Women love a man who smells good, but if you get trigger happy with your favorite scent, you'll make her run away. You know those people who make you cough when you're stuck in the elevator as you're going up ten floors? Don't be that guy. If you've been wearing the same scent for a long time, switch it up. You may be over-pumping your bottle without even realizing it.

5. Fresh Breath

If this sounds like a given to you, you've got a leg up on the competition. As people age, they tend to get a little lazy in the oral hygiene part of life, but rest assured, your lady-in-waiting is paying attention to your brushing and flossing habits. Yes, you always need to brush your teeth when you wake up, but don't forget about the particles of food that can get stuck in your oral crevices throughout the day. You never know when the next kiss is waiting around the corner, and you need to be ready with fresh breath that'll blow her socks off.

Prep Your Oral Cavity

Brush your teeth when you wake up and before you go to bed. To prep for unexpected kisses, keep disposable toothbrushes, mouthwash, and floss within your reach so you can be fresh, pressed, and dressed like a million dollars when a big-money moment makes its way to you.

Are you a lady who's got certain grooming requirements for your man? We'd love to know what you're looking for in the comments field below! Are you a guy who's got a grooming story to share? We're all ears!



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