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Top 10 Habits of Well-Groomed Men Who Have Sex Appeal

Sex appeal: is it something you're born with or something you create?

At Manscaped, we contend, it's a little of both. 

You see, you can be the most manly man in the entire world, but if you've got bad grooming habits, you're going to scare off potential mates long before they even make eye contact with you. On the contrary, some men may not have a look that'll put them on the cover of GQ, but they know how to take care of themselves and women (or men) find that quality far more attractive than anything else—especially after the honeymoon phase wears out.

So, how do the sexiest men in the world pull off this insatiable appeal? Here are ten habits we're willing to bet you'll find in almost every confident man you encounter:

top 10 habits of well-groomed men who have sex appeal

1. He Dresses for Success

Skinny jeans and man buns aren't meant for the office. Successful men who have sex appeal ride in style, no matter where they're going. You don't have to invest in $2,000 three-piece suits for your everyday apparel, but you do need to look the part if you want to be taken seriously. 

  • Iron your clothes
  • Invest in high-quality fabrics
  • Shine your shoes
  • Make sure your belt, wallet, and shoes are made of the same color leather

You can avoid costly endeavors by hitting clearance sales at your favorite online stores or shop outlet malls to stock up on foundation pieces that can go the distance.

2. He Takes Care of His Skin

Beauty regimens, be damned. This is a man's world, and a guy who knows how to put his best face forward when he steps into a room starts with a routine in the bathroom.

Your skin is the foundation for your success. When you're shining right, everyone will pay attention to you. First of all, you need to make sure you're getting enough water because that's the building block for the hydration your skin needs to stay healthy. You also need the right skincare products. Make sure you're moisturizing daily, applying sunscreen regularly (even when you're not at the beach), and exfoliating every few days. 

3. He Loves His Hairstylist

Sure, bedhead can be sexy, but only if it's meant to look that way. Men who have sex appeal have a habit of being well-groomed from top to bottom, even if their hair is tussled and rough. Sexy men love their hairstylists and they make regular appointments to ensure their stuff stays on point.

Find a hairstylist or barber who gets you. It might take a few visits to several different places, but when you find someone who can transform your morning horns into "Hello, sexy!", your entire outlook on the world will different. Don't skimp on appointments. Schedule your next visit before you depart from your current trip to ensure you stay on track.

top 10 habits of well-groomed men who have sex appeal

4. He Prepares for the Day Ahead

Running around like a crazy person when the alarm goes off is no good for anybody. Sexy men don't do the morning shuffle. They've pressed their pants, ironed their shirts, and found a matching tie. It's all laid out and waiting when the buzzer announces a new day.

Get into the habit of laying your clothes out ahead of time. It only takes five or ten minutes before you go to bed, but it can save you thirty minutes of restful peace when morning comes.

5. He Knows How to Smell Good Without Bringing Down the House

Sexy scents are subtle. They make themselves known a little bit at a time and linger in the air for a while. Well-groomed men who have sex appeal know how to work whiffs of scents quite well.

It's not about being loud or obvious; it's about being just enough that other people tilt their heads in your direction when you walk past them. Find one or two scents that suit you best and stick to them. Be careful not to fall prey to olfactory oblivion, in which case you'll spray way too much because your nostrils are already used to the scent. Abide by the two-squirts-and-done rule to be sure you don't scare people away.

6. He Manscapes

That's right; rogue fluff below the surface is no longer acceptable. Confident men tame their down-there hair so they don't have to deal with intrusive obstacles when the lights go out. 

If you want to stop awkward circumstances before they occur, manscape your lower region properly, using the power of The Perfect Package 2.0. It's got everything you need to maintain a clean, well-groomed crop, no matter how low you want to go.

7. He Puts His Best Feet Forward

Gross feet are no good for anybody. Men who have sex appeal know the importance of a solid pedicure. They soak in the suds that soften their feet with abandon; they relish in the good vibrations vibrating chairs offer; and when all is said and done, they step into the world with utter confidence, knowing their toes and been procured and polished in a way that puts them a foot above their competition.

Don't be afraid to have your feet cared for. Sex appeal is a head-to-toe, inside-and-out experience. Neglecting your feet would be a catastrophe.

8. He Figures Out His Eyebrow Situation

For some men, uni-brows are situations they've dealt with since birth. For other men, unruly eyebrows don't appear until their 30s, 40s, or 50s. In any case, the time of life isn't relevant; what matters is how men deal with this hairy situation. 

If your eyebrows are meeting in the middle, you've got less of a George Clooney look and more of a Bert-and-Ernie aesthetic going on. Rest assured, rogue eyebrows are easy to cure, as long as you're mindful of the fact that they're not exactly classy. You can try to remove them yourself by plucking them, but it's really not the best idea because hairs grow on their own schedule and you'll be plucking every day for the rest of your life. Instead, opt for an appointment with a local esthetician who can put you on a schedule to ensure greater facial happiness. 

Your esthetician will also help you tame your wild skin (see #2 above).

 9. He Takes Care of His Fingernails

top 10 habits of well groomed men who have sex appeal

Sexy men know they could be shaking hands with movers and shakers anytime, anywhere. They take care of their hands and make sure no gross goo accumulates between the skin and the calcium layer that protects their fingertips.

You have the power to present clean fingernails, too. With Manscaped's The Shears, you can quickly file down jagged edges and get rid of rigged cuticles. Here's the thing: even if you're not planning on making a power play in the office any time soon, any women you meet will surely size up the presentation of your fingertips. After all, she doesn't want to be cut with jagged edges or infected by some sort of science experiment you're harboring beneath your nails.

Do yourself a favor—keep your cuticles trimmed and your fingernails clean. Your life will thank you for your efforts.

10. He Eats Well

Eating may not sound like it's related to grooming, but these two tasks are actually quite related. A man who eats healthy sleeps better and feels more refreshed in the morning. This means he wakes up without feeling groggy, gets in the shower without hitting the snooze button a hundred times, and leaves the house looking and feeling like a million bucks. Not only that, but the right foods keep men's skin, bodies, and minds at their best.

Before you leave the house, soak up a healthy smoothie, and be sure to keep the momentum going by eating right throughout the day.

Manscaped is your starting point for confidence. When you feel good below the belt, everything you show the world shines brighter. Order your Perfect Package 2.0 today to see what it's like to step out of your house feeling like a million bucks. If we missed one of your favorite habits, please add to the list by commenting below!



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