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Top ball deodorant for groin and balls

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Top Ball Deodorant for Groin and Balls

The smelliness of his balls plagues every man in the world. It's a simple fact of nature, and without powerful intervention tools and techniques, this plague will ruin your social life. Nobody likes it, but that's how it is. You need ways to manage your sweaty, disgusting balls, and you need them sooner than later. You're in luck because MANSCAPED™ has been aware of this problem for years, and we essentially solved it. It's pretty obvious. If sweaty, smelly balls are the problem, then we just need ball deodorant. Guess what. We've made a ball deodorant, and we call it Crop Preserver® ball deodorant.

What is ball deodorant?

Ball deodorant is what you're imagining. It's a deodorant designed especially for your balls. Deodorants can come in different shapes, sizes, and applications, but they all aim to keep you from smelling abysmal below the waist. Some deodorants focus on fighting perspiration. Others use scents to mitigate the stink. 

The top ball deodorant is the one we make, and it does a combination of the two. By controlling causes of bad smells and overcoming them with pleasant smells, you get a two-pronged attack that produces the best possible results.

How should you use it?

If you don't want to smell, you need to understand how this works. The application is pretty simple. If you shower to start your day, then after your shower, pat yourself dry. If you aren't dripping, you can rub a little Crop Preserver ball deodorant into your skin. You want to get the groin, upper thighs, and under the balls sack. Those are the parts that stink the most. Give it a minute to dry, and then you can move on with your day. It will protect you for hours.

If you don't shower first, simply apply the deodorant when you get dressed. Still, give it a moment to dry before you cover-up. The protection doesn't require your shower to be effective, but you still need to shower regularly. Ball deodorant or not, abandoning showers is gross.

How is Crop Preserver unique?

Crop Preserver ball deodorant brings a few interesting elements to the equation. It is made from a talc-like base. That means you get the dryness and smoothness of talc without the potential medical drawbacks. You'll feel great, and you won't have to worry that you're using something that can be dangerous.

Crop Preserver empowers your natural defenses that fight the bacteria that cause bad smells in the first place. It also helps your skin stay as fresh and healthy as possible, which is important for the groin region.

It also has our signature scent. So while it makes your balls feel great, it will also make you smell amazing. You aren't just going to stink less. You are actively going to smell pleasant — all-around your balls. Amazeballs, if you will.

What did guys do before ball deodorant to keep from stinking?

History tells us a lot about being sweaty and smelly. Every culture has taken its approach. The Greeks wore togas to try to keep everything ventilated. They hoped fresh air would solve the problem. It had mixed results.

Victorian nobility had a different idea. By this time, humanity understood the value of bathing, but it was still an ordeal. They fought the smells with lots of extra clothing. It was fairly effective, but it was a hot solution, and when the layers finally came off, things got unpleasant pretty fast.

In more modern times, guys have tried a lot of solutions. Baby powder, talc powder, and similar sweat control agents have come and gone in popularity. Collectively, men eventually learned that precision-engineered ball deodorant was going to be necessary.

Still, if you're in a tough spot, you have a few options. You can use a few extra layers to try to cover the smell for a short duration. You can also consider a few natural deodorant alternatives. Baking soda, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar are agents that can either combat sweating or reduce the stench. They aren't as effective as a good deodorant, but they can certainly help.

The MANSCAPED Crop Care Kit

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Here are our best ball deodorants

We have put considerable effort into permanently solving the issue of sweaty and smelly balls. The result is four separate products, and each is capable of handling your balls. Together, they are unstoppable. One is a specific ball deodorant, which we already talked about. And the others have deodorizing properties.

Crop Preserver® is our cult-favorite ball deodorant. It is designed to help reduce friction and keep you cool. It has moisture-controlling elements. That means it keeps you from sweating a ton without drying out your skin. 

And it, of course, smells great.

Crop Reviver® is the third part of the formula. It is our restorative crotch spray. The technical term is ball toner. It has Aloe Vera to help your skin recover from shaving or other adverse experiences. It also complements Crop Preserver ball deodorant with its hydrating formula. Perhaps most importantly, the gentle spray can be applied throughout the day (or whenever you need it), and it matches the scent of the other two formulas.

Crop Cleanser™ is our special groin wash. It has ingredients that help maintain the protective acid layer on your delicate groin skin. It's hydrating, and it fights off microbes. It's essential for every guy's shower.

Crop Mop® ball wipe completes the puzzle. If babies can have wipes for their butts, why can't men have wipes for their balls? If you're ever getting gross and can't shower, this is the alternative, and it works great for reals.

Tips for keeping your balls fresh

Nobody wants to walk around with a swamp crotch, so it's important to have a strong prevention plan. These are the most useful tips we've found for controlling ball odors.

Trimming the pubes is your first step. Lower-body hair catches and traps sweat, bacteria, and other sources of odor. Anthropologists believe that one of the primary functions of pubic hair is to trap odors. Supposedly, it's a pheromone thing. Left unkempt, your bush devastates any other attempts you might have to beat the stink. Trim regularly, and the smell trap loses its power.

Naturally, you also need to shower. It doesn't matter what your hair situation is like. If you skip showers, you will smell terrible. If you shower regularly, you'll keep the worst of it at bay. The important thing to remember is that showering alone isn't enough. Surely, you've experienced this for yourself. You can shower and work hard on your hygiene, but if you have a sweaty or intense day, you'll smell bad regardless.

That's why you need the third step. You need ball deodorizers. Ball deodorant or refreshers are essential in overcoming crotch stench on the hard days. Your regular showers and trimming go a long way, but you need an immediate response when the situation spirals out of your control. Crop Reviver ball toner or a Crop Mop ball wipe can save you from those emergencies.

Package deals

Since your balls need so much care and attention to overcome their propensity for smelling awful, we thought we could make the whole process a lot easier. We have two packages designed for controlling below-the-waist odors.

The first is the Crop Care Kit; this is our premium hygiene bundle. It includes everything that keeps you fresh: Crop Cleanser body wash, Crop Reviver toner, Crop Preserver deodorant, a pack of Crop Mops wipes, and Foot Duster foot spray. When you use all of these tools regularly and effectively, you'll never have to worry about releasing a cloud of odor again.

The second package is even more inclusive. The Perfect Package 4.0 is the ultimate in men's care products. It has the top ball deodorant and toner, Crop Preserver, and Crop Reviver, but that's only the beginning. It includes our legendary trimmer, The Lawn Mower® 4.0, so you can keep those pubes in line. It also has MANSCAPED Boxers that are great for moisture-wicking and reducing friction. That's an extra element of odor control that you won't find in any other hygiene packages.

With all of these resources, you don't have any more excuses. You can keep your balls in line and smelling great. It doesn't even require that much effort since we made everything so easy for you. Take advantage of all we've done. You can smell great and reap the benefits. Most importantly, the rest of us won't have to smell your rank crotch anymore.



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